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Renting cars are a must to see the natural scenery! [Battle Trip / 2017.04.09]

Renting cars are a must to see the natural scenery! [Battle Trip / 2017.04.09]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Yikyung, Lee Kiwoo) (Soyou, Dasom of Sistar) Travelling is a war! Battle Trip! We’re with the trip planners for the bucket list trips. Hello there. And welcome back to the 100 judges in the audience. Please be fair. Last episode, the Full Full Tour got 77 votes. Kiwoo looked confident that he could beat that score. Las Vegas… They got 77. Lucky 7… Lucky 7… Sorry, but… We’re sorry. I’m sorry. This guy’s a lot more complicated than you’d think. With this goofy pronunciation… 77 is not a low score. But I’d say it’s a score that makes us determined to beat it. You think it’s possible? – You think you can win. / – Right. – But 77 is not a low score at all. / – Right. You can’t just show us nature. You have to show us something we’ve never seen before. Something jaw-dropping. Unless it’s super ultra atomic nature… – You can’t win. / – It’s straight up nature. That was so childish. Super ultra atomic? Even if they had that, I’d still go to Las Vegas. What surprised me was that you two had a long flight. But you two looked so pretty as soon as you got out of the airport. – It’s not like there’s a shower out there. / – Right. And you didn’t get ready in there. How do you stay looking good… – For long flights? / – Your skin looked so good too. Here are some great tips for flights. Yes, tell us. Just wear basic makeup then cleanse at the airport. – Remove the makeup. / – Then you apply… Extra strength moisturizer before boarding. In the cabin, you continue to spray mist. She’s a beauty master. Yikyung, any tips for long flights? I just try to be comfortable. Bring your favorite pair of slippers. And since we live in an advanced age, I load up my smart phone with dramas and movies I haven’t watched yet to watch on the flight. You’ll be there in no time. – Really? / – Yes. I hear you two were photographed at the airport before leaving for your trip. – Yes. / – Oh, yes. You guys had the boyfriend look. – Really? / – It made headlines. Dressing nice at the airport is for the fans too. I’m not famous enough to have fans waiting for me at the airport so I haven’t experienced that much. But sometimes a really famous person travels on the same day I do. So I show up and see a bunch of fans and I’m pretty sure they’re not there to see me. Just when I get my hopes up, they go screaming and running to the actual star. And that’s when I go in unnoticed. I had the opposite happen before. This was back in 1993… That’s so far back, Hwijae. Hold on. What year were you born in? 1993. She was born in 1993. Born in 1993. When Dasom was born… It was very brief but it was when I was wildly popular. I went to a shoot in Hong Kong and got on the plane. These Korean ladies rushed me to get my autograph. The guy sitting in front of me rushed to the bathroom. He thought the ladies were rushing towards him and ran away. It was Stephen Chow. But they wanted to see me. Stephen Chow… Now, tell us what to look out for in your trip to Canada. Las Vegas is so fancy but we won’t show you artificial stuff. – Not artificial stuff. / – Nice. – Not the artificial. / – Nature. This isn’t just nature. It’s Mother Nature. Mother Nature. This is what’s important. Mother Nature. So let’s see on the map where this is. – I’ve never been to Canada. / – Show us the map. Where is it? It’s really far from Vancouver. It’s a 1.5 hour flight from Vancouver to Calgary. You’re right. I bet it was really cold. You will be affected by the climate there so I suggest bringing a warm winter coat. Looks like you two struggled out there in nature. And because there’s a lot of sunshine there you absolutely have to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. It’s a must. The price definitely have to be cheaper than Vegas. It’s definitely cheaper. It’s the countryside. The U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar… – Have different exchange rates. / – Right. Canada usually charges 7% each for liquor tax and federal tax for a total of 14%. But in Calgary… It’s cheaper? – No tax? / – No federal tax. Tax free. So it’s 7% cheaper? You only get charged 7%. Even people in Canada go to Calgary to shop. What’s important… Las Vegas was nice and all but we’ve seen stuff like that before. However I’ve never even heard of Banff National Park in Calgary before. Me neither. – Who’s been there? / – Nobody. Banff National Park is so famous that it’s the first designated national park in Canada and the third designated national park in the world. – Nature. / – Yes. The movie “The Revenant” was filmed there. “Brokeback Mountain” was filmed there. “Brokeback Mountain.” So “The Revenant” was really filmed there. – Yes. / – I bet it was super cold. – Leonardo DiCaprio… / – For real. – Was awarded for that movie. / – Yes. So anyway… Let’s all become enchanted by Mother Nature. – I’m so curious. / – I am too. The Pop Pop Tour! Let’s go to Banff! A nice day. A not so nice day. Good reaction from the crowd so far. – They’re wavering. / – Now, this is relaxing. (The radiant country of maple leaves) (And) Wow, in 2017… Voted by “National Geographic.” I have to go now. What is this? You guys really went to places like this? – Of course. / – Sure. For real. It all looks like that. The problem is, it’s like that everywhere. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Pop, pop! Calgary, Calgary! Banff, Banff! Sled! Waterfall! Waterfall! The colors look so different… – Since it’s a different country. / – For real. – The light looks different. / – It’s reflected. (Pop Pop Tour in Canada 10 days before departure) (Frozen) (This isn’t on pause) Hello, I’m actor Lee Yikyung. And… Hello. I’m actor Lee Kiwoo. Nice to meet you. Wow, it’s Lee Kiwoo! Nice to meet you, Yikyung! It’s Lee Kiwoo… – So awkward. / – You were here? I didn’t see you come in. You’re even tall sitting down. I love to travel. I can confirm that he really does love travelling. He just… He’s very free spirited. He’s very carefree. He’s like a roughneck. Hello, everyone. The Rocky, Rocky, Rocky Mountains. (He’s one with nature) He’s really like a mountain man. The sun is up. Sunrise to the right. (And the one to stand by Yikyung’s side) You seek happiness. I’ll bring the gear. You can bring… Right. Brains and brawn. Wait… Brawn… Brains and brawn? – Brains and brawn. / – Oh, brains and brawn. We’ll become a couple that’s brains and brawn. Sure. Know how to eat fondue? Fondue it. – Fondue it. / – It’s abbreviated. This is what the taller person uses. (He can even communicate with animals!) Wow, look at the sky. Kiwoo is so tall. I thought the camera was on a jimmy-jib. I’ll be the CPU of this trip. Great. – You be… / – The hardware. – The hardware. / – I’ll be the hardware. Yeah, good. And for Battle Trip… We’re supposed to go on a trip that the client requests and experience that stuff on their behalf. Right. The theme for this episode is… A bucket list trip. Bucket list… – Everything is so competitive. / – Right. We need free time. We need to relax. So… Where Mother Nature lives and breathes… Canada. – Alberta. / – Canada. I want to be in nature because if you’re not there that moment, you can never see the same thing again. (Pop) – For real. / – What was that? – Your talking made my ear pop. / – It’s a talent. The viewers’ ears will pop. Not just once. They’ll pop twice. – Pop, pop. / – Pop, pop. How did you do that? Show them. It’s not that hard… How can you do that? The Pop Pop Tour. Your chest pops! And our eyes will pop! We’re going to Alberta, Canada! – Pop, pop! / – Pop, pop! Pop Pop Tour! – Let’s go! / – What kind of talent is that? (They depart on February 15, 5:55 p.m.) (Ugh…) (He looks like a corpse already) You look tired, Kiwoo. Gosh… I finished shooting a drama this morning. – This morning? / – Yeah. But I don’t feel tired. You’re okay? I’ve been exciting since yesterday… While shooting. I’ve never been to Canada before. – Really? / – Yeah. So that’s exciting too. (Oh) (Oh) – Steak. / – Steak. – Skiing. / – Ski! Ski! Are you good at skiing or snowboarding? He skis and I snowboard. Did you hit the slopes? Sure. The biggest in the world. The best place for skiing and snowboarding. I’m curious about the snow. It’s amazing. We’ll get to ski on the Rocky Mountains. Right. (Rummaging) So… This is our first time travelling together. Right. So I brought something. What is it? – Did you buy matching hats? / – Yes. Put it on. How does it look? Pretty good. – You got them made. / – Wow. That’s a lot of effort. The Pop Pop Tour. Kiwoo and I are going on a trip that will make your chest pop… And your eyes pop… The Pop Pop Tour! I’m nervous. They’re off to a good start. This is Vancouver. We’re going to transfer to a flight to Calgary. Shall we go to Calgary now? – You transferred. / – Yes. (They can see the snow on the plane to Alberta) I want to go. For real. – Once in my life. / – I have to go. It’s all snow. (Vancouver International Airport) (Calgary International Airport) (They arrive in Calgary where it’s covered in snow) Finally. It’s Calgary. We’ve… Arrived! I’m exhausted. – I just woke up. / – I can’t open my eyes. I can’t see in front of me. For now… Director… We got our luggage. We have to rent a car. Rent… – Yes, I got a budget rental. / – Budget? Kiwoo, Canada is really big. It’s huge. How will we get around? You’re driving. We are? No, not we. You are. I’ll drive then. For the entire trip. – Yeah? / – Yeah. I’ll read the maps and be the navigator. A human GPS. Yikyung was a driver in the army. Yes, a specialist army driver. Do you have a class 1 license? I have a class 1 license and a tow truck license.

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  1. Banff, my fav spot. Proud to be in Alberta. They should come back in summer, that place is unbeatable during summer time 😁😄

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