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Renting a Car on Vacation

Renting a Car on Vacation

Imagine this, you’ve been planning an exciting
vacation for months and the big day is finally here. You go to the rental
counter to pick up your car, they ask if you need to purchase insurance and
you’re not really sure. Are you already covered through your auto insurance
policy? And how much protection does that provide? These are good questions and
we’re here to help. The rental company will typically offer a few coverage
options which provide coverage for liability, your belongings, medical bills
and damage to the rental car. The good news is that if your auto
policy has collision or other than collision (which is also known as
comprehensive), you may have that coverage on your rental car too. And in many cases
your liability coverage will also apply. It’s important to know that every
situation is different and there are a lot of factors that go into determining
whether coverage will extend to your rental car. To make sure you’re covered you
should consider your own policy, the coverages offered by the rental company and any
other sources of coverage, like those provided by some credit card companies.
That’s why it’s best to give your insurance company a call before you go.
We can work with you and the rental company to review coverages and help you
understand your options. That way you’ll understand the coverage you already have
and can decide if you need to purchase more. You can have peace of mind while
you’re away knowing you have the right protection. Amica is always here to help you
find the coverage that best meets your needs. Give us a call or visit our website, and
we’ll be happy to assist you. Have a great vacation!

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