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Rent Cost In Toronto | Cost of Living in Canada

Rent Cost In Toronto | Cost of Living in Canada

Hiii!! My name is Igor… Welcome back to my Youtube channel… Today I want to talk to you guys about rental prices in Canada and cost of living in Toronto.. Before we go anywhere… I would like to start by… letting you know.. the renting options in Canada.. First rental option is a house Second one I would say is a condo Third one Its.. a part of first and second So third one would be a basement Fourth would be.. A room.. Now.. Let’s look at every single one of them.. What is a house in Canada? Now you can see.. those small house there.. that’s a house.. House is something like that behind me.. one entrance…one separate building.. see there a space in between.. There is a space behind… There is also a backyard.. It’s a separated building..of your own That’s a house in Canada.. And mostly Canadians prefer living in their own houses.. Now.. a cheaper option… for rent..would be a duplex.. It’s a something.. something like that.. you see thats.. that’s a duplex there’s one entrance one side.. there’s one entrance on the other side each family has their own entrance.. to the building.. and its cheaper… the only thing in between of those people what own that house.. .. is the wall.. so its basically… like a condo… like an apartment building.. so that’s a duplex.. now.. This is a house… again.. for example this house as you can see.. it has a basement as well.. that’s another renting option… and its way cheaper.. you see there’s a small entrance down… when you go down… that’s an entrance to the basement.. Upstairs is where… the other people live… so you a basement If you rent upstairs part.. its more expensive.. basement is cheaper.. what is the range of rent in house in Toronto?? its anywhere from $1600 to $3000 and higher… that’s how much is rent… for a basement.. like that… you see it has windows there also… bottom windows are basement windows… so basically what it means is… if you rent that part its way cheaper… its way cheaper to rent a basement its going to be anywhere from $600 in Toronto to $1200 for a basement.. and basement in Canada is basically a unit.. like you see those windows?? That’s also a basement there..its a unit… that that people stay that’s like an apartment what’s the down side of a basement? Well… there are people who are upstairs.. that’s the downside of being in a basement.. because basements are usually not insulated well… meaning that the sound of people walking upstairs can be high.. and also the furnace… the heat in the house… in the winter.. when they turn it goes up all the cold air goes down.. so if a person upstairs is going to be boiling from the heat person downstairs.. is going to be freezing to death.. it is cold I’ve rented I’ve been there and I know.. it is COLD..! and when you try to heat it up, the person upstairs.. for them its like a sauna.. so these are the options for renting… and for example.. ah..that’s also a house… that’s not a… I’m going to show you a condo right now just got this Amazon parcel… from Canada Post person.. because he delivers in this neighborhood and he knows me and I also.. live in a condo..right now.. that’s the place I purchased.. with my wife.. you see that’s another condo unit… an older building there.. let’s walk a little bit…further I will show you where I live I live on the top floor… of THIS building… behind me.. right up there on the other side of this building for sure.. not on this one.. and.. there’s also.. a newer condo building.. right…somewhere there… that’s a newer condo… that’s what they do… so what they do in Canada is.. instead of building another building like this one.. they take this old building and they renovate it to look make it look like that one behind.. more fancier… and then of course the price goes up of every unit and.. you can charge a higher rent for that one so basically… I can assume by looking at these buildings.. there’s one more condo… I think… it would be cheaper to rent in that place.. or in THAT place rather than renting in that fancier place over there.. I don’t want to comment on my building… no..hehe because I purchased that place that’s finally my own place.. and its awesome!! what’s the rent for apartment in Canada?? It all depends on your preferences.. its anywhere from.. $950 for one bedroom to.. about… $2000 for I don’t know.. 4 bedroom or something Let me explain to you now.. let me draw it on my.. on my car… let me show you.. what is a bedroom? alright…so this is a unit where you live.. that’s a house.. what means one bedroom? okay let’s start with studio… that’s an apartment…right? A studio.. be like this studio would be there’s one room there will be a kitchen here… there will be a separate washroom somewhere here… and that’s it… your bedroom is here… you..your bed is here nothing is separated..its one piece.. One bedroom apartment is… you would have a bedroom here.. and there you would have your bed.. that’s the living room… is kitchen… for example there would be an entrance here… right? what is a 2 bedroom apartment?? there would be… basically let’s say.. 2 bedrooms… with entrances… living… and let’s say… entrance somewhere here … now that’s 2 bedroom… same thing…with 3 bedroom 3 bedroom would be basically… be one more bedroom here… with an entrance… 3 beds.. that’s how you count everything in Canada… Bedroom bedroom bedroom living room one bedroom means one bedroom, living room 2 bedroom means 2 bedrooms, living room 3 bedrooms means 3 bedrooms, living room In Ukraine..we just count the number of rooms… but in Canada… they count the number of bedrooms… that’s the main difference… now… what is the cheapest option to rent?? The cheapest option to rent in Canada is.. a room what I did with my friends…is.. this… we rented… an apartment.. it was this.. let’s get back to my car… that was our apartment 3 guys.. there was one bedroom here… one here… one here.. corridor… there was an extra washroom here… and there also was a washroom here… living room with the kitchen.. entrance what we did is this.. 3 of us… we decided to rent one apartment.. and the apartment price (rent) was… $1240 or something…like that.. so we divided in 3 parts… and each of us was paying equally.. it was very cheap to rent that apartment… because we paid $450…each of us for our own room.. I paid… about $550 or something…like that.. because my room was the biggest… and I had my own private bathroom (ensuite) there too… we shared a kitchen… we shared the living room… but we had our own bedrooms.. that’s one of the cheapest options to rent in Canada.. is to rent a room… or…if you are coming here with a family… the best option for you…I would say Look at that basement… that basement is actually very high! best option is the basement… like those windows…you can see.. its a very good option because… you get it very cheap.. so once again.. let’s get back…to rooms.. rooms… rooms can..the price of room can be… anywhere from $200.. if you have 2 people in 1 room… if you are ok to share with someone… $200 and $200 you just split the $400 price into 2 and.. you pay $200 each.. I have seen 3 people in 1 beedroom… people who were… really tight on money… I would never do that myself.. so.. if you want your own room…its going to be.. anywhere from $400 to $700 can find places with $800 but those are very very very good rooms! If its a higher price.. make sure the internet is included… make sure electricity is included.. and make sure all the utilities are included if you are paying more.. if its cheaper.. sometimes you might have to pay.. part of the utilities.. just as you agree with other people… so.. the cheapest option is… a room.. the second cheapest option is the basement… basements are excellent type of staying.. because its a unit.. that is cheaper.. and most of the time… search for your own entrance so you don’t have to share the entrance.. so you have your own key… you have your own entrance to the basement.. that’s a very good…very good option too… if you are ok with spending more money… good option would be.. a duplex like that building over there… its split into half… you have your own entrance… the neighbor has their own entrance… that is… a duplex and.. it is way cheaper… the reason is.. ofcourse again.. because you have the between… and.. another cheap option.. would be I think.. let’s rank everything… the cheapest option would be a room… anywhere… second cheapest would be a basement.. third cheapest would be an apartment or a condo.. fourth cheapest… now its getting more expensive now… would be… I would say…you know…its getting more expensive now… part of the building… in a condo.. Fifth place.. is renting the entire house.. now you also have to consider that the.. prices can go up depending on the community.. where you are planning to stay.. depending on the neighborhood… accessibility to the bus.. and of course a view…if you want to see.. something…nice.. like downtown from your window.. now that’s going to cost you a little bit extra.. because… from here you can see the downtown of Calgary… really well… meaning that these units are going to be little bit more expensive… just because of the (view)..coz you can see the Tower.. let’s zoom in a little bit… that’s basically it…its going to be more expensive..if it is.. located in a good neighborhood.. its closer to downtown… has a nice view.. and includes all the utilities… I hope this video was helpful guys.. Thank you so much for watching.. Please hit that like button..if you did like this video.. and you want to see more…you also support my channel by clicking that like button.. share it with your friends and.. yeah.. ask me questions in the comments below.. I’ll answer them gladly and more question you ask…the better because.. I’ll be able to answer them faster… thank you so much…and have a good one guys!

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  15. My first place in Calgary was a basement and it is true winter time it was cold, I had to call the owner few times at night to turn on the heat..after few days I realized he wants to save money by freezing my ass I just turn on the stove and leave it open for half hour then turn it off..hopefully will teach him a lesson when electrical bill comes.

  16. Great video. Are these the options we have when we first set foot in Canada? What about motels or something temporary until we figure out the best option for ourselves?

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    brain damaged or something??

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  23. Hi Igor, That's a piece of very useful information. Could you help me someone out if you have to till the person coming to Canada gets his own rented house. Can u also find him or her for a better job, I am only asking you because you could help someone newer to this place……Awaiting revert Igor. Thanks.

  24. Thanks for the video! Could you please tell me what’s the roughly monthly cost of living in Toronto – just the rent and utilities? Since central heating would require much money to keep the house warm, in general, to what extent it goes up to?

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