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Rent a Wrangler in Mexico?! – NCL EPIC Cruise Ship VLOG

Rent a Wrangler in Mexico?! – NCL EPIC Cruise Ship VLOG

What’s up everybody today we are in Cozumel Mexico and on the agenda for today Let’s see if we can find some Jeeps. We have finally made it into Cozumel We are in port and we walk through that little strip mall just downstairs in the strip mall There’s an Alamo Car Rental which you probably know from the US you can rent any vehicle there, but including a nice Jeep Wrangler So I love Jeeps. I had a jeep wrangler 2017 just like this one behind me. So we went ahead and rented this Jeep Wrangler for the day We’re gonna go out to the beach. Grab some real Mexican food over on the other side of the island So you could either do something like this or you could take a tour It really is up to your preference, but let’s go on in to venture and let’s get GP We just got a little lost just a little lost in town too late our Nice little Mexican Frank, they played. Oh, yeah. They said take seven rights. So seven rights, don’t make a loan Oh diamonds, okay jeeps and diamonds always an international diamonds We are at Paradise Beach in Mexico, this is Cosmo and if you look around beautiful water See out about Fun in the Sun in Cosmo and now going back to the cruise ship now Alright guys, we just got back onto the ship it was a great day out in Cozumel truthfully Gorgeous weather couldn’t have asked for a better day I am glad that we chose the option to take a jeep out instead of doing some of the Possible excursions here. It kind of did the math on the way back. They get about it in my head The excursions could have cost us roughly about a hundred ten dollars just to get out to the same area but the Jeep ended up working out for about $120 it was going our leisure. We got lost three times So we got to see a little bit of a different area of the town as well But it all worked out. We’ve ended up in a nice place And truthfully Cosmo feels overall relatively safe And quite like, you know a nice place that you want to visit. So I hope you guys enjoyed We’ll see you soon You

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