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Relationship Selling, Think Small to Go Big

Relationship Selling, Think Small to Go Big

We’ve all been told to think big and I’m here to tell you it’s time to think small Let me tell you how thinking small is going to help you hit the big time. I’m here in Alexandria, Virginia, a small town out of Washington, D.C. And chances are, I’m a lot like you guys. I grew up in a small town outside of St. Louis. I live in a small town now. Some of you may
used to live in a small town, now you live in a big city. Maybe some of you guys live
in a big city, never lived in a small town but you saw one on TV. The point is when you walk around small towns, what you really learn is how friendly people are how it’s all about relationships. They use each other’s first names. They shake hands. And everybody
is friendly with each other. And isn’t that- isn’t that important in sales? If you really want to hit the big time in sales, isn’t it about building relationships with our customers? Look, I don’t care if you sell cars, RVs, motorcycles, boats, jewelry, houses. Doesn’t matter what you sell. It’s all
about building those relationships. You know, it’s that old saying, “customer’s don’t care how much you know, until the know how much you care.”
And you know think back when you were new. When you were new, that’s what you did.
You built relationships with the customers. You got to know the customers. And after a while though, the grinds going on. The daily grind and the pressure from outside sources. Our managers are pushing us. Bill collectors are calling us. And then it becomes a transaction. We are chasing the deal instead of focusing on people. Look sales isn’t about the deal. It isn’t about the transaction. Sales is about the people. We’re in the people business when we’re selling. And, you know, it’s
easy to leak into that bad habit of being transactional, being about the deal. But you have to be able to take that check-up from the neck up, before you take that next up. Make sure your head is right. When you go out there and talk to your next customer, make it about finding out about the customer. Make it about the customer, not about you, not about the deal. Chase the customer. Take care of
the customer and the money will follow. Transactional salespeople are always boom or bust. Always trying to get good CSI score.
And they focus all about, it’s all about the money. Look becoming that relational salesperson is taking responsibility for the customers. When that customer comes in, I’m helping them with one of the biggest purchases of their life. I need to make them feel good about their decisions. I’m there to validate the decision. And then I have to take it on myself to take care of that customer for the next two, three, four, five years ownership. We need to start thinking that way. That’s when you really see you business boom. That’s when you see it thrive. That’s when you start getting repeats and referral business back in. That’s when you become a business within a business. You become that dealership within a dealership. When you look at them, not as a customer.
You look at them as a friend. You don’t have customers in your database. You have friends in your database. It’s turning that one time customer into a lifetime friend. And not selling them just one car. It’s about selling them every car they ever get. Along with their friends and family and any relatives that you can sell. But, it starts with taking care of the customers, building those relationships. When you
get the urge to think about the deal or it becomes just about the transaction, I
want you to think about that small town. Think about those relationships.
Think small so you can go big.

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