100 thoughts on “Redefining Car Goals: How a 335i Changed my Life

  1. Tbh watching this made me realize I don’t want a 335i… my original goal was to get a 350z or a 370z and if i get a different car I won’t be satisfied thanks for making this video 🙂

  2. I always wondered what your backstory was. I went through something similar but the 335 was the compromise and the E46 M3 was the goal. Now I've got my dream car as well and a long list of mods. You could always get an E46 M3 just for a fun car. They aren't FAST but they are quick and a blast to drive. I'm glad you made it to where you are though.

  3. When I first watched this I had no feeling. But after u single turboed it, I loved it a lot and it actually became my dream car but it was unrealistic for me. So I aim for a decent manual e39 with an in-line 6. Ure my idol, glad I subbed when u still had an E46, I watched u as I was growing up. I'm not into bikes anymore. Hey BTW, ur 335 made me sub, way way back when u still do bmw and before u had ur current house. Now that I've grown older, and this video popped up just right, I'm going to work towards what I want now. Tq Adam, I love you (no homo)

  4. Thank you for making this video because my life will change after this . It restores my belief in possibility to live my dream whatever it takes . You rock .

  5. I've watched this 3 times now n it still inspires me, I also have a 335i n this video pushed me too go n get it, and whenever I'm feeling the need to be inspired i go back to this. It's crazy how long ago this video was uploaded and how so much has changed. Always rooting for Adam! He is the dude who inspired me to start my channel recently and even if it doesnt blow up, seeing his enjoyment pushes me to keep striving! Thanks for the content and keep it up! Good luck with fd man!

  6. I just bought a 335i too! Soo hyped. Almost the same spec. 2012 white with red interior. I’m 19 and I can relate to working hard. I can definitely say I’ve missed a lot of high school and college experiences because I had to work a part time job, but I can say it payed off now.

  7. 335i faster than an M3? I aint never heard of that, when I heard of that I died laughing like Bernie Mac

  8. Thanks for the great advice, i know the feeling just got myself a beemer too… Great msg. Hook it up with a shirt…

  9. This is my attainable dream car also. I am only at 13% towards my savings goal. I am paying cash. Like Im showing up with a briefcase. I want a black one, black interior, black wheels. Murdered out 😉 Also a stick shift. Good video thanks heaps! I am doing the 9-5 but going to start something on the side, something I can conceal most my earnings hehe. Thanks so much for info 😀

  10. I came across your channel because of this car a few years ago. Crazy to see how far you've gotten! Great example of dedication and staying focused on your goals

  11. I saw this video when it came out three years ago.. looking at it now while knowing this guy is atm giving away his 700 hp 2019 supra is like Well that shit escalated quickly ^^

    But that really was the most beauty time of the E92 till now.. The BBS LM's and the clean look were awesome!

  12. Cool story dude reminds me of me back in high school when I bought my first car except you raised the bar with you car! High standard! Keep it going, wish you luck on your business endeavor.

  13. If you got your 20k, you should have kept it and used the banks money not yours. It’s not wise to have 20, 30k and spend it on a car just to not have a car payment now you have zero money. You could have had your car payment then used your 20 to make 40 and so on then pay off the car. Throwing every dollar in your account on something is not the smartest

  14. Bro almost same! Just got mine bout a week ago, I still work a regular job as a manager at MCDONALDS. Everyone thinks I own the place but I always say to everyone that you have to know how to manage your money. If I want to keep it for a while I know I’m not going to stay there for awhile but it’s still fun pulling up into Mcds with a loud 335i 😂 if you want something in life it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you become strict with yourself you’ll get there , sooner or later 👌🏽 loving the experience in mine. Fbo and MHD time for now.. we’ll see what the future has in store for me! Even though I have mine now your story is always gonna be inspirational 🤘🏽

  15. Caught this video on my time light at the right time. Currently trying to find a 335i at 18 and supposed to be going to a dealership to talk numbers about a monthly payment but this inspired me to work hard and get the satisfaction of buying it outright and struggle for the money and save save save. Thank you Adam.. also my name.. but I too have been obsessed with the 335i for some time now and you’re really a great inspiration. I too am the same way being obsessed with things all in or not at all and I will get the car of my dreams too. Thank you Adam

  16. so i am confused …. have a 2017 330i and I thought my model was the F-30 but I hear that the 335I is a f-30 too??? whats what?

  17. bmws are shit man!! after 8 years all that plastic crap under the bonnet begins falling apart they become endlesss money pits

  18. First i got a E60 M5 and i was fu**ed up and wasted my 20k and now i bought E92 M3 2010 and i love it it's not super reliable but way way better than e60!

  19. Dude,i have no idea who you are, i have never seen a video of yours and probably never will. But i saw that one and this comment is to tell you how much happy i became for you!I mean it dude! Honestly! Perhaps my comment may appear super wierd. But its true. I felt very happy for you for making your dream reall, without even knowing you at all. Congratulations my man!

  20. You know what man…I was looking at videos of 335's cause I want one myself. I thought the video was gonna be more about the car but I wasn't disappointed whatsoever. This was actually a great video. I loved it man, and congratulations on our financial freedom. I came for BMW's and left with inspiration. Thank you for the great video

  21. Wow nice Story! 🙂 actually im on the same pilgramage myself right now. I want that 335i! My 325i (but e90) isnt going to cut it.
    All my Family members are like smiling and laughing at me, but they did that before with the 325i (Cost me 11k€). Im gonna Show em!
    Its 2019 and in germany These things in good condition are still 25-35k but in €Euros..
    So i guess its still "nine to five" + sidejob for the next 1 – 2 years. But i dont care, i want that!

  22. I'm 42 and have owned my own business for years. This video took me back to when I was 20 and my first goals. Very cool to see you inspire others.

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