15 thoughts on “Rebuild Project START To FINISH | Building Car In 10 Minutes |YOUTUBE’S MOST HATED| Toyota Prius

  1. No talk just pointing bud wish ya would have gave lil more info on it bud but I know your busy and wanted to pile it in one vid witch is understandable .so what was this car it wasn't the one you built a while ago right ?is it a new build ?anyways till next vid bud godbless

  2. He must rebuild my ¤%"%&#¤#¤% Fiat Scudo 🙂 Dam mess just because I did get it sold 3 months ago and I had 500€ in my pocket… Dam buyer comes afternoon with truck where car is and takes money back and leave car what did not even start to yeard… I did say to driver that fan don't work so do not heat it up… And of course dam fk did get most of it in highway… ANd of course motor boil up… Then they did check if it's alright, rip some rust parts, and so on… It did even start after that… %¤¤%#%¤#

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