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REBECCA ZAMOLO Missing after RZ Twin Finds GAME MASTER Top Secret Laboratory! (24 hour Event Date)

REBECCA ZAMOLO Missing after RZ Twin Finds GAME MASTER Top Secret Laboratory! (24 hour Event Date)

– Hey, ZamFam. It’s Rebecca, and right
now, we are heading to the Game Master’s top secret laboratory, so we can make the lie detector potion that we need for the event. But there’s a white van following us, and we think it’s a member
of the Quadrant driving it. – [Daniel] It’s right behind us guys. – Oh my gosh. We gotta go. – We’re gonna lose ’em,
we’re gonna lose ’em. Gonna lose ’em!
– Go, go, go, go, go! – Nice, nice, he went the other way, he went to the other way. He did not expect us to turn. – Okay, I think we lost them. – No, he’s right back there. – What?
– He’s behind the bus. – He’s back?
– He’s behind the bus. Yeah, two cars back. – Maybe, maybe, maybe go right up here. How is he following us? – Do you think the car has
a tracking device on it? – I have no idea, but he cannot know where the Game Master’s laboratory is. So we have to lose them
before we can get there. – Okay, okay.
– Okay. Oh my gosh. Here, go left here!
– Okay, okay, okay. – Go left here, we’ll lose ’em. Wait, wait. – Everybody hang on! – Go!
– Whoa! – What if it’s different members of the Quadrant following us? They’re all trying to track us, so they can find out where we’re going. – I’m gonna turn right here. We need to get to the
Game Master Escape Room Laboratory right now.
– Okay. – [Man] Hey, I just got a
message from the Game Master. He’s saying he’s unlocking the door to his laboratory in five minutes. – Okay, so we need to
make sure we lose them before we park there. The event date is coming up right now. And you guys know when I
dropped the giant Hatchimals from 45 feet, we broke
the lie detector potion which the Game Master
said we are going to need to defeat the Quadrant on the event date, which is February 23rd. It’s coming up.
– So close. – I think we’re almost here. – I’m gonna pull over right here. – Alright.
– Alright, pull over. I think we’re safe, for now. – There’s a, hold on. – Stop, stop, stop, stop.
– Get down, get down get down. – You guys remember in my last video, I spent 24 hours in a
tiny space because we know that the Quadrant is trying to trap me. – Also, somehow the RZ Twin got in. Hold on, is there a Tesla right behind us? – I don’t think that’s a Tesla, Matt. I think we’re okay. – White van, white van.
– White van, again. – Get down. I think we’re good to go in now though. – Okay, we good?
– Okay. – Yeah.
– Alright, leaving. – Cool, got it. – Matt, there’s a lot of
white vans around here. – I know, there’s a lot of ’em. – Okay, we don’t know who to
trust, so we have to play it very cool and just act
like we’re walking around. We don’t want them knowing
that we’re going into the lab. – [Daniel] Guys, two vans right there. – I know.
– My gosh. – They’re everywhere. – It’s like they’re all spying on us. – I’m putting on my hood
like a disguise, kind of. – [Daniel] Oh, perfect. – They can’t see me. – Okay, right here. This is it. – [Daniel] Here we are. – ZamFam, you remember
when we were here before and made the lie detector potion. Look. Look, at the G. – [Matt] I never noticed that before. – Matt, G for Game Master. Let’s go inside. Daniel, it, it’s locked. – [Daniel] He, he sent me the message. He said it’d be unlocked in five minutes. – Five minutes? – [Daniel] Whoa, all right. – Okay.
– Alright. – [Daniel] Let’s head inside. – Oh my gosh. This looks just like I remembered it. Whoa. – You know what? That is actually okay. So now that we are in a secure location, it’s time for the big
announcement, you guys. – Yes. – This lockbox we have been solving and unlocking different locks, and thanks to you guys with your help we are now unlocking the final lock. There are five emojis that
the Game Master gave you, and you used the coder to decipher that the five digit number is… – 48529. – [Daniel] Nice. – So, right now, we’re gonna see what is inside this lockbox. I really hope it works. Smash the thumbs up button right now if you think this code is going to work and we’re finally gonna figure
out what is in the lockbox. – Okay, I think I have it in correctly. This is a big moment here. – [Rebecca] Four-eight-five-two-nine. I hoped you smashed the thumbs up button ’cause we really need this to work. Are you ready? – I hope we got this right. – Okay, three, – [Group] Two, One. – It worked! It worked! Oh my gosh. This is amazing. – [Matt] What is in here? – So, the Game Master said whatever is inside of here we need for the event, and we have been protecting this throughout all of the stuff we’ve done. – What is it? – Look. – [Daniel] Is that a button? – [Matt] It’s just a button. – This?
– It’s a button? – [Matt] Are we supposed to press it? – I don’t know. maybe. – No, don’t, don’t, don’t! – Okay, okay. So, this is supposed
to help stop the event. Comment below if you know what we’re supposed to do with this. I don’t want to press it right now. It must be a clue of some sort. – Yeah, Daniel, do you know what this is? – [Daniel] No, do you remember when I was able to hack into
the Quadrant’s network? – Yeah. – [Daniel] I found an image
that looked similar to a button. I think the button is a part
of the Quadrant, somehow. – That’s probably why
they’ve been following us with drones and spying on
us because they need this to put the event into effect. – We know that this is actually important because they put this with
like a 12-lock lockbox. I mean, probably one of two people that knew all of the combinations to get this open, so it’s really important that we keep this thing safe. – Let’s put it back in, okay? – Okay. – Thanks to all of you guys in the ZamFam that have helped solve the clues, so that we could get into the lockbox. – [Computer] 15 minutes
remaining until full lockdown. – 15 minutes remaining? Look, look, there’s a timer right here. The thing it’s gonna
activate if we don’t get out. Do you remember last
time, the smoke came in when we didn’t get out in time. That means we need to make the
potion and get out in time. Wait. Game Master. – [Game Master] The location
is key to your salvation. Enter here. – Location…
– Salvation? The key and then there’s glasses. – And a code. – Your location is your
salvation, so location… – [Daniel] This location? – I don’t know. So, it looks like there’s
like some type of passcode. – Glasses, glasses, glasses. Where are the… – Wait. – Oh, let me try glasses. Maybe that’s the code. G-L-A-S-S-E-S, oh. I think it’s five.
– Too long. So glasses, glasses. Where are there glasses? – Right here. – Here?
– Yes. – [Daniel] VR glasses. – Do you want to look at one? – Yeah. – Let’s see if there’s something in ’em. – Okay. – Do you see anything? I see something. – It’s coming in and out. – [Daniel] What do you guys see? – [Rebecca] Okay, I see Matt. I see when we did the
escape room challenge. You know when we made escape rooms in real life for each other? – [Matt] Yeah, yeah. – [Rebecca] In like different rooms? – Okay, I see, it looks
like it’s our pool. Like the 24-hour challenge. Remember when you did that? – [Rebecca] Oh, am I on a floatie? – [Matt] You’re on a floatie. – Okay, so we have
different, different ones. What does that mean? Are there any more? This one is showing Matt, when we found the hidden underground
tunnel in our closet. This is the first time I went exploring. The first time that we found
out who the Game Master was. – [Daniel] Is there anything in the videos that you’re seeing that is like related? – Maybe a tunnel in mine. – [Matt] I’m in the
Last to Leave Ball Pit. Remember when we did the
ball pit outside in the snow? – [Daniel] There’s some in summer. There’s some in snow. That’s not really like related. – So seasons. – [Daniel] Maybe seasons, maybe. – There’s another. Let me look at this next one here. – Okay, here, I’ll look at this one. This one doesn’t show anything. – I, I have you in the bounce
house back in the snow. – [Rebecca] Oh, you have something? – [Matt] Yeah, you’re in the
snow at our house up in Bigger. – Oh, yeah, when you went to
the Game Master’s safe house. You left me.
– Yes. – This is nothing either. So it looks like only
five of these have it. Do you think the word is five? F-I-V-E. We need one more letter. – It has to be five. – So comment below a five digit letter that you think we would use. – Comment quick though because
we’re running out of time. – What if it’s house, house. H-O-U-S-E. – No, yeah?
– No. – [Daniel] I think you’re
on the right track though. – Oh, okay. – Something ZamFam that is
related with all of those videos. Oh, escape. – That’s too long. It’s six letters. – [Daniel] Wait, think about, think about the clue that he gave you. What did it say again?
– Which one was it? 24 hours– – The location will be your salvation. – [Daniel] Yeah, so the location. What does that–
– 24 hours in the pool, okay? – Okay. – And I was up at our cabin. – Yeah? Where was this one at? Yours was… – We did it at the cabin. What if cabin is the five-digit word? Comment cabin is the word. – Too easy. – [Rebecca] C-A-B-I-N. It didn’t do anything.
– I told you. It’s not it. – [Daniel] That has to be right, though. They were all at your guys’ cabin. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – But did it say?
– What was the last part? Is it…
– The clue said– – Location is your salvation. – Yes.
– Enter here. – Enter here. – Press enter! – Oh! – It’s a key. – Oh my gosh, it’s a key. It has to be a key to one of these, right? – Okay so this is a letter lock. Here’s a key lock.
– There, a key. Look, you guys remember we
needed the white powder. That was part of the mixture. – [Daniel] Oh, yeah. Let’s see, is it working? – Okay, it went in, it went in. Okay, it’s not working. – No.
– Look. We needed your help to figure out how to make the lie detector
potion, and you guys commented on my videos what the ingredients were, and yellow was one of them. Hopefully, you guys are right. It worked! – It opened.
– Nice. – Yes, one more try.
– Oh my gosh. Okay, this is the yellow
part of the mixture that we have to do. – [Daniel] What else is in there? – Whoa, it looks like a blue light. I think it could be a black light. Like a spy gadget black light. – Bring it up here. – [Daniel] What’s the black light for? – I have no idea. – [Rebecca] What is going on? It’s like flashing. It’s strobing. Hold on, hold on. What if I, what if I turn this on? Whoa, everything just turned blue. Alright, imma just leave this on then. – [Daniel] That’s a good idea. Whoa. The Game Master. – [Game Master] In darkness
you will see the light. Time is on your side. – This must be the second clue to get the next ingredient
for the mixture. Time is on your side. In darkness you will see the light. So I have the light on, and,
and the lights went off. It’s dark in here. – [Daniel] So he’s talking about using the black light probably. – The black light, right?
– Okay. – Time is on your side. – Maybe it’s the countdown. – [Daniel] Maybe, but– – It’s counting with us or something. – Do you see anything– – [Daniel] I feel like it’s against us. – I know, exactly. – Clock. It’s like 10, 10:11. What if that’s the code?
– Four-digit code. – Yeah.
– Okay, there’s one right here. – All right. – 10:11, you said? – The clear liquid. That’s another ingredient we needed. – [Daniel] Oh, perfect. – I’m going quick. – 10:11, right you guys? That’s what the clock said. No? There’s another clear liquid. Try it there.
– I’m coming. Nope. – Okay, this is the only clock that I see. Did you see that? It has two hands that aren’t these. Those are decoys. – [Daniel] Let me turn this
camera light off real quick. – Look, it’s very faint,
but there’s a line to the 11 and a line to the 12. What if it’s 11, one-one-one-two? ZamFam smash the thumbs
up button right now if you think the code is one-one-one-two. – [Matt] One– – [Rebecca] Okay, it has to be. We’re running out of time.
– One, one, two. I think that’s it. Hold on. Let me see it. Okay, three. – [Group] two, one. – Oh! – It worked. The lights came back on. That’s a clear.
– It’s a clear. – Okay, so right now, we
have the yellow, the clear, and let’s get our… We have the mixture. – [Matt] It’s in your backpack. – You guys, this is the mixture from the 24 hour challenge that I did. I put it in the slime container. – [Matt] So smart, Bec. – We switched it. We didn’t even realize what we were doing. Also, ZamFam, you guys told us that the Game Master gave us this potion, which is supposed to give
the shelf life 24 hours. So we shouldn’t put
this in, I don’t think, ’til the end, right? Because as soon as we put it in, we have 24 hours to use
the lie detector potion. – [Matt] We need it to
last as long as possible. – We need it to last for the event. – [Daniel] Okay. – Okay, so I think we
have almost everything for the lie detector potion. You guys told us that it
was 50 milliliters of blue, 50 of yellow. – 1 milliliter of clear, and then… – Scoop of a white powder. We still need to unlock one more lock and find the white powder. Where’s the white powder?
– Have you guys seen the white powder anywhere?
– Wait! – [Matt] Those are the same glasses. – [Daniel] Whoa. – You guys remember when we
dropped Hatchimals from 45 feet? One of the spy gadgets were these glasses. This must be the Game Master’s pair, and he gave us our pair. – [Matt] There’s a note, there’s a note. – [Daniel] Let me see what the note says. It has a drawing of those glasses, and then it says, red will
reveal what’s not real. – What’s not real. Maybe that’s a clue for the event, and we’re supposed to use the glasses at some point
– Careful. – During the event. If you guys know what that clue means, red will reveal what’s not real, comment below any of your guys’ guesses, and make sure you remember that phrase. Red will reveal what’s not real. Because it doesn’t look like
we can get into this right now. Okay, white powder.
– Oh, a message. – [Game Master] Your hands can’t feel what your eyes can see. – Hands can’t feel what your eyes can see. – What if we… – First off, let’s see
where the white powder is. That’ll give us a clue. – There it is right there. – There. It looks like we need a key.
– We need a key. – [Daniel] A key lock. – Maybe we look for a key. – Something about the glasses maybe? – Seen, right? – Yep your eyes can see
it, but you can’t feel it. That makes a lot of sense. Hold on. This one’s not working. – Nothing?
– Nope. – [Rebecca] We didn’t use this one. – Nothing.
– Nothing man? – What about over here? – This one we didn’t use at all. There’s nothing in this either. – [Matt] Nothing in here. – Matt, is there anything?
– No, nothing. – [Computer] Three minutes
remain until full lockdown. – We’re running out of time. We need to make the lie detector potion. We need to figure out what this clue is, so we can get the white powder
and finalize the mixture. – [Daniel] Where haven’t we looked? – We used this last time. – [Rebecca] Oh, yeah. – Look it, we had our gloves in here. There’s a key, right over there. – Wait. Matt, that makes sense.
– There it is, there it is. – Your eyes can see what
your hands can’t feel. – How do we get it out of here? – If your hands are in
gloves, you can’t feel it. – Is there anything? There’s a vent right here. I have an idea. – [Daniel] You’re gonna
get it all the way across? – I’m gonna get it, yeah. I’m gonna pass it to you. – Do you think I should
put my hands in this? – Yeah, we’ve gotta pass it all the way through this right now. – Hurry, Matt.
– I know, I know. – Smash the thumbs up button
and give us good luck, so we can get out of here in time. – [Daniel] That’s it. – [Matt] We got it, all right. – We’re doing so good.
– I got it through. It’s almost through. – Go, go, go. Yes, yes, you got it. – [Rebecca] Okay, okay. – [Matt] Up to the top, lift to the top. – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Matt] Go, go, go. – Grab it. You got it? – So close, so close. – Okay.
– Almost there. – I got it, I got it, I got it. – [Rebecca] Yes! – Yes, it worked. – [Daniel] Great. – Perfect. It looks like we have
all the ingredients now to make the lie detector potion. So let’s start doing this because we are running out of time. – 50 milliliters. – 50 milliliters. – Right up to that line,
right up to that line. – Yep.
– Got it? – Nice.
– Right there. Okay, now we have to add
this to make it to 100 ’cause it’s 50 milliliters you guys said. Right there.
– Careful. Thank you guys so much
for helping us get– – Oh, oh wait.
– What? – I’m getting a message
from the Game Master. – It says the RZ Twin
is approaching the area. – We can’t let her know that we’re here. We can’t let her know
that we’re making this. – We need to finish this. We’re on a timer right now. – Okay. – [Daniel] I think that Matt
can finish this up in here, and we should go out there and spy and make sure that she
doesn’t get in here. – That actually sounds like a great plan. So we’re gonna be spying to make sure she doesn’t get in here. Finish this.
– I can finish this. – It’s really important for the event. Daniel, come with me. – [Daniel] Matt, you got the blog? – Yeah, I got the blog. – [Daniel] Okay, cool. Good luck, Matt.
– Thank you guys. – [Rebecca] I don’t see her. – [Daniel] You see her, anywhere? Man, it’s getting cold. – Burr. She can’t see us. – [Daniel] Okay. – We got to stay low. I think we’re good. I don’t see anything. She would be coming like right over there to get into the front, right? – [Daniel] Is that somebody over there? – Rebecca and Daniel have
been taken by RZ Twin for the event to happen in February 23rd. I’m doing my best to hack into the Quadrant’s security cameras to see where they are being taken, and if I can successfully do this, I’ll be posting on
Rebecca’s Instagram Stories to keep you updated. I believe the RZ Twin is
trying to replace Rebecca, so if you see what looks like Rebecca but she has red eyes,
it is not really her. It is the RZ Twin. The event is real. I repeat, it is real.

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