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Reasons to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car | The Car Man of New York

Reasons to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car | The Car Man of New York

I’m Richard Cerami They call me The Car Man of New York and for good reason. I’ve retailed over 50,000 vehicles in my career. And today I’m going to give you an education about this industry that you’ve always wanted to know. Let’s talk about certified cars. You know at North Shore Honda it’s like coming to the greatest candy store in the world. We’ve got 200 cars outside that are all certified. What does that mean? When a car comes in trade, or a car comes off lease that we run through our shop, we do 182 point inspection. So we go through that car and we take it back to the standards as if it was a new automobile. When you look at it cosmetically, mechanically, after it’s gone through this whole process, it looks exactly as it was on the showroom floor two or three or four years ago. The reason you want to buy a certified car is because you have a manufacturer now behind you, telling you that that vehicle has met and passes all the standards that they’ve set in motion. Not only that, but a bank is going to give you a much better deal on a certified car. They’re going to give you a much cheaper interest rate. And you’re going to have a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty that’s going to cover everything. And today it’s a technology rolling machine! There are two, three and four computers in some vehicles today, So you really want to buy a certified car for many more reasons than buying a car that’s not certified. You’ll get an off-brand warranty in a non-certified car which means there are deductibles, which means that there are pre-approvals, which means that you’ve got to go to someone who’s going to accept that warranty. If you buy a certified car at North Shore Honda, You’re going to come back here to our service department. You’re going to be treated as if it was a brand new automobile. Why? Because the manufacturer is behind the car, and the manufacturer is paying that dealer to make sure that that car stays exactly as it’s supposed to be. Certified cars are really are the way to go. It gives you peace of mind. it gives you a better opportunity to buy a vehicle that’s had one owner, documented service history and everything is gone through and everything works. That’s the reason why certified cars are much more in demand than anything else. You can say it looks as good as the car that’s on the showroom floor with a window sticker that’s $20,000 more. So thanks for watching. I’d like to invite you to come down to North Shore Honda. You’re going to see 200 pre-owned vehicles outside. You’re going to be around great people, And you know most people have been here for 25 years! So come on down Test drive a car. If you’re looking for a certified car or you’re looking for a new Honda, North Shore Honda is the place to come to.

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