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RC Car Tires Drive On Water Adventure!!

RC Car Tires Drive On Water Adventure!!

– Welcome to the Carl &
Jinger family channel, we have an awesome day planned. We’re here at Sand Hollow. Look at all these awesome
sand dunes and everything. And the kids are here and we’ve got – The RC cars.
– All these RC cars, yeah. This one is the one that goes on the water – Yeah!
– with the boat bottom. And there’s the new one that makes the engine noises, and
then we have the big finale the Xmaxx with our super awesome modified custom tires,
because every day’s a new day. – [All] Lets make it an awesome one! (cheers) (cheers) – Oh no, oh no. – [Jinger] Save it, save it. – [Carl] Look at these
awesome Traxas Xmaxx tires we have custom designed and painted with the blue rim, it’s got the gold stud in here and then the white tires. It’s gonna look amazing
flying across the sand. – I wanna know what you guys think. Do you like the white wheels
better or the black ones? Tell me down in the comments below. – [Carl] And if you think
we should get different colored paddle tires or wheels, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We have a lot of really awesome options. There’s so much open sand here. We can drag race, we can
do wheelie competitions, there’s jumping and
everything that we can do. Back flips, front flips,
but the big finale is we want to see if can get this Xmaxx to hydroplane across the lake. How many cars did we bring
today, how many RC cars? – Three! We’ve got three!
– One, two, three. – [Carl] Three? This is the new one. Where’s the cover for this one? I think it’s the– – I have it. – [Carl] Oh yeah, the black one. This is the one that has the speakers. – Three! – [Carl] See look we turn this one on and it actually has speakers
and makes engine sounds so we’re gonna have to try that out. And then we got this one. – Yep. – [Carl] Tell them about that one, Luke. – This one has a boat
bottom on the bottom, so it can float and hydroplane. – [Carl] Yeah, we’ve
modified this one custom so we’re gonna try and
drive this one across the lake as well and then we’ve got the big Xmaxx that Jackson’s working on. He’s the one that actually designed these tires and came up with them. I think they turned out awesome
dude, they look way cool. – Yeah, they’re sweet. – [Carl] Time to put the covers on, hook the batteries up and lets start doing some testing here. Yeah this is our new one,
what, I don’t even know, tell us down in the comments
what should we call this one? This one is black and red and it has the speakers in it and it sounds like it’s actually rumbling so we’re gonna have to turn that on and give it a try. Maybe should we try this one out first on the sand and see how it goes? – Yeah. – [Carl] We’re gonna go ahead and hook up this one as well, this
one is our classic one, we’ve done the most
experiments with this one and it has the boat
bottom on it, so we’re– – This has been an awesome car, I actually really love this car, it’s done so many awesome things for us. – [Carl] It’s the first one that we got and we have crashed it
and wrecked it so much and somehow we just keep fixing it and it keeps going strong
and it has been awesome. The coolest this that we’re
going to do today by far is we’re gonna be trying
to drive this thing across the water, we’re
gonna compare our classic one with the boat bottom to our new Xmaxx with the big awesome white paddle tires and we’re gonna see which one can drive across the lake the farthest. Before we do all that,
we’ve got to try out all these paddle tires on the sand cause we’ve got some awesome jumps and places to drive out here, so we’ve got to give it a chance, huh? – Yeah. – [Carl] Lets see how these
things do on the sand first. We’re all set up to try our paddle tires with our new Traxxas
slash, are you guys ready? – [All] Yeah! (engine revs) – RC car is ready, lets
get a countdown going, and we’ll do a big jump right here. – Three, two, one, go. (cheers) – [Jinger] Oh no you guys,
the RC car is not working the turning isn’t working. – Well its turning now
but the sand is so soft, it just keeps getting stuck in the sand. Here Luke’s gonna flip it around here and we’re gonna try and hit this jump. – [Luke] Ready? – Here we go. (cheers) – That was awesome! – [Carl] Here he comes!
He’s coming back here. (cheers) (upbeat music) – That was awesome! It goes so fast! – This sand is so soft,
it doesn’t dry very good. It’s kinda crazy, I’m excited
to see how the Xmaxx does. – [Jinger] Are you guys
read for jump number two? – Yeah! – [Jinger] Alright, let’s do it! – Watch this burn-out. Here it comes for the jump! (cheers) – Whoa, did you see that? That was awesome! – [Carl] That thing is going so fast! – Yeah, full speed! (cheers) – [Jinger] It’s crazy it has enough power to get up that big sand dune! – I know, look at him burn out. Burn out! No, it’s still going! – [Jinger] That is amazing! – One more jump and then
let’s try the Xmaxx. Here it comes. (cheers) that is so much fun, let’s
get the big Xmaxx out and let’s see how it does in the sand. – I’m so excited! – Me too. Hang on guys, one more second because this jump down here is like,
perfectly made out of sand and we gotta try this
one out with this car and see if we can do it, you ready? – [All] Yeah! – Let’s do it. – Three, two, one, go! – This is gonna be so cool! Let me get a bunch of speed,
I’m gonna go top speed and not stop, here it comes! (cheers) look at the rows, that was so crazy! Here we go, let’s try again! Smash that like button, let’s see if we can get a good jump here. Full speed! (cheering) that’s so cool! Look at that, the sand is so
soft, it just gets stuck, look. Total burnout right now. (upbeat music) You guys wanna see something crazy? Look at all this. – There’s so much sand. – It’s totally full of sand
in there, that’s so funny. But so far so good, it survived, let’s get the Xmaxx and go for it. Here we go guys, we’ve got the big Xmaxx with our new giant paddle tires on, this is gonna be so crazy. We’re gonna give this a
shot and see how it goes. You guys, let’s do a countdown,
I’m so pumped for this, I’ve been waiting for
like a week, you ready? – [All] Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] It has no problem whatsoever, we’ve even got the
lights on, check it out. Here we go, for our first jump, you ready? – Yeah! – [Carl] Here we go! (cheering) that was so cool, it went
like 10 feet in the air, that was awesome! Check this out, I’m
gonna go around the hole. (cheering) that was so cool! It has no problem at all, look at this thing just tear it up. (cheering) This is amazing you guys,
come and look at this, come over here and check this out kids. The sand is so powerful from
the wheels turning so quick, it’s like sand blasting the
paints off of the tires. – [Jinger] And it’s like flaking off now. – Yeah, so you can see the
regular rubber underneath. But that’s okay, we can always repaint it, it still looks amazing, let’s
do some more jumps guys. – Yeah, let’s do it. – You ready for some more cool jumps? – Yeah! – Here we go. (upbeat music) oh man, that went so
awesome, I can’t believe it. Let’s go down to the smaller jump and see if we can catch even more air. – Let’s go! – Here we go, three, two, one. (upbeat music) (cheering) wow, I barely even was going on that one. We can go way bigger next time. We’re going to try this again! Wow! (cheering) oh man, it’s still going! Let me see if I can make it
all the way along this ridge on this big bowl run,
it’s gonna be awesome, here we go, you guys ready? – [All] Yeah! – Here we go! (cheering) (upbeat music) That was so awesome you
guys, the Traxxas Xmaxx with these custom paddle
tires did amazing. I don’t care if the paint’s flaking off, it’s time to go down to the lake and see if this thing could
drive across the water. – Let’s do it! – Let’s go. We’ve got our Triton Tru Taxxas
Slash with the boat bottom, this is all custom with foam
flotations and everything, and look at this, this is
like the perfect runway. We have a perfectly smooth, wet sand ramp or entrance that goes all the way across the lake right there and then back over by where the kids
are, so it’s a great place to test our system to see if this could drive across the water. – Dad, are you ready? – [Carl] I’m ready! – Okay, three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) (cheering) – It worked! – [Jinger] Oh… – [Carl] Oh no! – [Jinger] It’s still going! – It’s a bummer. I just need a little bit more traction! Come on! Come on! Oh no, I’m gonna have to get wet. Oh no, my shoes are soaking wet now! Oh, look at that! – [Jinger] That’s what’s gonna
come out of your shoes later. – Oh, it’s alright, I’ll
dry them out, it’ll be okay. (upbeat music) here we go again, we’re
gonna try this one more time. Ready? Three, two, one, go! Oh no, I didn’t mean to go that way! – [Jinger] Save it, save it! – Yeah! Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – That was so cool! Now we just have to compare if the Xmaxx can go way faster and way farther. – Tell us down in the comments below, which one you think is gonna do better. The Traxxas Slash or the Xmaxx? – I think the Xmaxx is gonna do it. – Me too. – Yeah, I definitely. – Comment down below! – This RC car has got to be the best one that we’ve ever had, it is unbelievable, it is unstoppable, it has
so much speed and power, I honestly think if I have the ability to turn better on the
water, that I could just drive around out on this lake,
it’ll hydroplane so good. But let’s stop talking
about it, let’s just do it. (uplifting music) (cheering) That’s like no problem at all, it just flies across the
lake, that is amazing! (uplifting music) Let’s go for an even
longer stretch this time. – Are you guys ready for the big finale of the Xmaxx going across the water? Let’s do it! – Ready? – [Jinger] Ready! Three, two, one, go! (cheering) – That was crazy! – So far! (uplifting music) – It was so fast! – Wow! – That is so amazing! – [Jinger] That has no problem
going across the water. – That’s crazy! – It went right through the water! – [Jinger] Yeah! – You guys wanna go one more time? Let’s do it one more
time, this is so awesome! – [Jinger] Should we
go one more time, guys? – Yeah! – [Jinger] Let’s do it! We’re ready, three, two, one, go! (cheering) (inspiring music) – It just goes right through the water. – [Jinger] So you guys,
Tommy, did the Traxxas Slash or the Xmaxx win that one? – Xmaxx, totally. – [Jinger] If you guessed
the Xmaxx, you were right! That was amazing! – Guys, we had such an awesome time today, click anywhere on the
screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos,
if you guys thought that the Xmaxx did better, you were right cause that thing just
flew across the lake, it was so awesome! There’s bigger sand dunes,
there’s rock crawling and a lot more to come,
so make sure and subscribe and turn on notifications and
we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!

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