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oh yeah check this out shares this is
this awesome new RC car we got and the coolest thing is it came with paddle
tires how tires are so awesome because they help cars drive on sand in this
case on water okay cars charge let’s go test it out on the pond will upon me
pros enough for will the car thing I don’t know I’m kind of scared to find
out but let’s do it whoa this car is fast a pond is somehow still frozen
I haven’t well it’s not like it’s gonna crack at any moment RC car versus this
frozen pond whoops what will it sink will it work I don’t even know this car
has been through a lot today and it survived all that but the real question
is will it survive driving on this half frozen pond or will it sink all the way
down to the very bottom well there’s only one way to find out let’s put it on
and let’s give it a go all right mr. RC car are you ready for this let’s turn
you on let’s get you going will it even go and float on this pond will it sink
right away do I have to drive full speed right away or can I just like creep onto
the ice I have no idea shares this could sink right away okay let’s do this I’m
gonna start by going nice and slow and let’s just get it on the ice and see
what happens if it starts sinking then I’m gonna floor it here we go in three
two one oh yeah it’s working on this part of the ice this is sick whoa come here honor let’s go outside come on
come on come on let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go all the way down to
the pond let’s go uh-oh let’s see oh my goodness what is going
on chairs welcome to the vlog welcome to another awesome day if you’re new here
I’m Steven sure and check it out the pond is somehow still frozen I haven’t
oh well it sounds like it’s gonna crack at any moment but somehow it is still
decently frozen if you didn’t see the other vlog the pond was so frozen I was
ice-skating on an X like a box fort smack-dab in the middle of a pond it was
totally awesome yeah and then it started cracking and then had to get off the ice
oh but it was frozen enough that I was able to walk on however it’s actually
been pretty warm the past couple days so I’m not sure how promising I don’t think
I’m fully gonna step on the ice today because I’ve been feeling I would just
fall right through oh but one way to test the ice is to walk on this water
man this water mat actually floats so there’s the answer share as the pond is
not frozen anymore oh I almost just sunk all the way to the bottom well that gave
me a pretty clear answer the pond is not 100 percent frozen anymore however we do
have this new RC card that I think would be the perfect candidate to test just
how frozen or how unfrozen the pond is I got it charging right now come on let’s
go inside I’ll show you oh yeah check this out shares this is this awesome new
RC car we got and the coolest thing is it came with paddle tires how tires are
so awesome because they help cars drive on sand in this case on water this cars got a huge electric motor
right there it’s even got a computer processor with a fan on it got the
battery charging right there here is the cover for it so it’s an awesome red
color oh yeah check that out I actually haven’t really tested the car much I
actually took it out of the box I drove it for like five minutes and then the
battery died but it got pretty muddy just from that little tiny run that I
did across the yard oh and has a leaf caught in it huh that’s not good battery
is almost done charging and shares let me show you the project that I started
last vlog that we’ve got to finish check it out here it is the rocket-powered
sled it’s a giant six-foot sled with one two three four five six
rocket cartridges on the back check this out it is ready to take off we just need
Carter’s final approval for this sled to make sure we’re doing all the rocket
stuff right because he is the master at explosives yeah sure is that particular
explosive we did came from the power of this awesome
rocket-powered nerf gun we still have it it looks fresh check this thing out yeah
this is wonderful we haven’t used in a while but it sure does come right now
have Second Earth if we should whip this thing out in an upcoming vlog okay
battery’s almost done charging oh that reminds me shares we got something even
more special for this rocket parts but I got to show you
oh yeah I’m not really sure what these things are but they’re meant to go on
the rocket powered slide and who knows maybe we can light these up and drive
the RC car through them – what are they I’m not really sure but you do have to
use a lighter for them how did these things work there’s no instructions on
them so I’m assuming we just opened them somehow oh there we go all right it
looks like a big I don’t even know all right it looks like a big piece of like
dried soap or something like check this thing out I have no idea what is I think
you light it off so let’s light it and let’s stand back all right here we go
place it in the grass and light it what’s gonna happen nothing what is this
thing sure is I don’t know what I Bob but this might not be what I thought it
was let’s try that again on light light light oh I think it’s working
yes it’s working check this out oh yeah it’s smoking check it out oh this looks
so awesome we can stick these in the Jets of the rocket-powered sled to give
it some extra smoke power whoa check it out
that is so cool like a big smoke container whoo it does smell bad though
it is going to be one intense rocket-powered sled but like I said
shares we got a word for car to get home and his flight got delayed he’s been in
Hawaii way too long okay cars charged let’s go test it out on the pond will
upon be frozen off or will the car sting I don’t know I’m kind of scared to find
out but let’s do it let’s unplug the battery oh yeah let’s
get this strapped into the car just like this it’s connected for power turn it on
oh yeah whoa the cover on it turn the remote control on let’s test to make
sure it works oh yeah here we go full speed Wow well this is one fast car here
it goes full speed ahead oh that was a hard hit but you know what I think these
rubber tires protected oh they stick out in front of the bumpers so that’s why
it’s completely okay oh yeah let’s take the leaves out of the wheels again this
cars pretty durable I’m thinking let’s take it off on the jumps that Carter’s
car broke off of I have it feeling this cars gonna survive so shares this is the jump that Carter
took his giant Traxxas x-maxx RC car and drove it off and it completely broke it within
the first two minutes of owning the brand-new RC car so today I’m thinking
you know what let’s test this RC car it seems like it could be a little more
durable I mean check it out it’s got some great suspension all and you can
adjust the shocks to make them stiffer and whatnot
so I might just do that but it’s pretty stiff already I feel like it’s ready to
land pretty good it’s got some solid tires on it which will take a lot of the
absorption of the jump and shock out of it and it’s not that heavy of a car it’s
pretty light so you know what I’ve been feeling it’s gonna survive but also
don’t want to brake you because if we break it then we’ll never get to test it
on the frozen pond and I think it’s better that we test it on the frozen
pond sooner than later because check this out it is complete water on top of
this ice right here oh I don’t think this is very strong any more shares
weight the higher the chance we have of losing the car forever and having it
sink to the bottom of the pond unless we have a bunch of other jumps to test RC
car off if it all goes well and doesn’t break like the other one and if that’s
not big enough for you shares check this out we have this jump that’s basically
taller than me it is absolutely huge this is the share the love jump it’s got
the share the love logo on it it’s covered up right now with carpet the car
D uses this to do back flips off of insane tricks if an RC car went off this
the RC car would fly so high in the sky it would be crazy but we gotta find a
car that’s strong enough for it will this RC car be the one I don’t know
let’s test it on the first job all right RC car you ready for this let’s turn you
on oh yeah controllers on RC car you ready sure is this could be bad let’s
give it a little test let’s do this here we go in three two it went off the jump in twisted it
turned it flips like crazy is it still alive oh my goodness did it actually
survive Oh No what happened it’s the cover-up let’s
see the dish survived it hit survive come on mr. car are you okay
internal look okay the antenna got stuck underneath the wheel um it’s still
running it looks okay oh no the cover cracks a little bit but
hey it’s gone one piece let’s see let’s test it wheels turn goes forward goes
backwards I cannot believe this RC car survived 100% when we took Carter’s huge
giant xmax often it broke like right away
chairs that jump was absolutely huge so sure I think this car is ready for the
next step let’s take it on the frozen ice or maybe it’s not really that frozen
anymore it might be floating on water let’s try it here we go in three two one
oh yeah it’s what northern part of the ice this is sick whoa that was so cool
it’s sliding everywhere no way whoa I can’t even stop it just slides this is
so awesome ready full speed ahead towards us in
three two one go oh this is so cool I didn’t think the car would do this this
is so cool ready and floor it I’m thinking let’s do a complete lap around
the pond let’s this is so much fun let’s do it oh yeah here we go three two one
go oh my gosh this is so cool I’m so hard to steer oh my gosh this is so cool
it’s just sliding like crazy whoa this is so hard to steer whoa all right come
back here let’s go bring it home come on full speed whoa there we go oh yeah oh
yeah oh yeah it just spin down circles whoa this is awesome whoa just slides that is so epic whoa RC
cars covered in water it’s taking a couple Slams but it’s still in one piece
this car rocks oh I think it died and not only did it die it’s stuck on the
ice and I can’t reach it it’s like right there – it’s not even that far come on
work work work work work work it turns it has some juice left but not enough to
get home oh no shares it’s stuck and I can’t even
reach out to grab it come on this is as far as I can go and I can’t step on the
ice either come on come back home we gotta work fast because as the ice
starts leaking the car will sing and I won’t lose it forever and actually maybe
it’s not dead because I can still hear that it’s on me being broke because it
got wet or something I don’t know but all I know is we got to find like a big
stick or something we got to get it off the pond we’re running out of time will
this work please be long enough oh no this is not long enough oh come on
yes yes yes come on come on come on come on come on come here mr. RC car what’s
going on are you alive I can hear it running let’s diagnose this problem come
on car cover off what’s going on the fans definitely start running it sounds
fine I don’t know why it’s not moving let’s hope it’s just a low battery and
that it’ll actually work once it’s charged again to show you how quickly
the ponds melting check this out oh it’s cracking do you see that oh my goodness
if I stepped on the pond right now it would completely crash all the ice is
completely cracking look at that Oh No yeah there’s definitely no ice skating
on the pond today so let’s hope the car just has a low battery needs to be
recharged otherwise by the time we bring it out next the pond might be completely
water and don’t get me wrong this RC car is totally epic but the color shares
they’re just not cutting it I want you to design your own custom color
combination in graphic design I mean come on how cool would that be to have
your own custom RC car so head on over to my Instagram I’ll post a picture
right now of the body of this car download the picture create your own
custom colors your own custom designs drawling it send it back to me and i’ll
be picking one awesome design and we’ll get it printed out and we’ll put it on
this RC car so it’ll be to share the love RC car and you know what the winner
of this contest will get an RC car so if you haven’t already added me on
instagram what are you doing at me right now it’s at Stephen Sher get creative
get coloring I can’t wait to give away an RC car you’re gonna submit to the
contest coming right now hashtag #RCcar so we know to keep an eye out for your
epic draw and shares get ready for the rocket-powered sled vlog it’s taken a
while to plan everything out and get it just right but when it ignites share is
that rocket-powered sled it’s gonna go flying subscribe to this YouTube channel
what are you doing hit that subscribe button turn on post notifications hit
that Bell and join the most epic family on YouTube the sharafan we post the most
epic content almost every single day so there’s never gonna be a day that goes
by or you’re bored remember if you have any crazy awesome video ideas comment
them down below we pick your idea will give you a shout out right shirts go go
go get your designs for this RC car we’ll see you tomorrow and until then
you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace woo!

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