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yo welcome to kpop RC, the channel where I
make sick videos of scale models pretty much anything that’s got a remote so
don’t forget to sub up for giveaways and sick-ass rc content, and sometimes
there’s fire on this week’s episode of kpop RC we
try to climb some trees, we’re gonna send it into the clouds if we can hopefully we
can chase it with the drone as well which is super cool, first of all let’s get
one thing straight the 8th scale racing four-wheel drive buggy was the
unattainable dream RC for most kids that have any idea of what hobby grade was, a
little tyke like me at the time had perused three years of back catalogue
hobby magazines at the public library from the era, you could say that kpop RC
wouldn’t exist hadn’t it been for those early nerd out sessions I promised my twelve-year-old self that
one day I’d own one of these racing rockets, flash forward of few races
some lap days and about nine years and you get and you get a forgotten RC collecting dust in some
closet, We got to put a battery in it, if it moves then we go the most I’ve got it is like four or
five feet the goal is to go as high as we can just shoot it straight out the
trunk hopefully kicking off of the trunk on
the way down to land on its wheels if we break it to fail hopefully we can get a
few trees in before I break an A arm look this thing is approaching 15 years old
now it might not hold up who knows but at least it works
oh, Tip, how many of you guys have been forced to buy one of these at IKEA
if it gets muddy on the inside it’s all right so I don’t know let’s ride
some trees with RC cars I’m gonna go right here look like right there. okay it’s a testament you’re just saying
it’s a testament how strong these things are because I’ve been just like
hammering this into a tree like 30 miles an hour constantly how many times how
many times like a hundred times? how many times have i hit it with a dull thud and it cracked the housing so the steering doesn’t work. but we’re ok now. I think it unplugged again. it sees so many g’s yeah, that had to be like 20 feet.
like my god we almost made it to the crack of the tree like we almost made it
to the I don’t know if you guys ever want to do
this you just got to find a root that comes off the tree kind of makes it
an even transition and then when you get to your highest point slam on the brakes
and the car will usually even out and then you try to land there on four
wheels so that like minimize all of the damage but it’s hold up man I’m
actually super surprised I’m sure the trees fine the tree we’re
not hurting the trees feelings we have to call it, I’m going to tear my battery apart That was pretty good. I
smooshed my battery quite a bit do you think we have enough don’t write off your our old RC’s go
climb some trees and then just like

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23 thoughts on “RC CAR CLIMBING TREES. wait, what?

  1. stay safe everyone! Ill do my best to pump out what i can. Im very much terrible at this. It's really hard to maintain consistent content. burnout is real. Just one man band on this channel. Hope you all understand.

  2. I remember asking you this question many years ago… long before k-pop (korean pop) got even more popular.
    I wonder if your channel name alone brought you more possible subs???

    It is your quality content that brought more subscribers!

    Don't you hate it when you drive over goose poops or dog poop which @(*$%)(* owners didn't properly picked up?

    Stay safe! Toronto!

  3. The rc I really wanted was a Slash 4×4 Ultimate. My brother got me it for my birthday. I am never selling it, my arrma granite. Was my first hobby grade rc.

  4. Haha dude that thing was bombproof, tell us your secret! I'm happy you are still uploading and hopefully in good health, but I get that sometimes people need a break from whatever they've been doing for so long. P.S. throw me that sensored combo plz! It would be right at home in my new YD2S

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