100 thoughts on “RAW | Letecia Stauch has first Colorado court hearing

  1. She’s acting different here, guess the women at the back are making her feel this way lol! She was desperate to talk tho, I could tell by her looking at the solicitor every time she spoke. Wanted to do a me me me me.

  2. Wtf is she cheesing for? She keeps on grinning when talking to the judge. She literally does not have all her marbles.

  3. when all the cameras go away them bruises wont just be on her arm they are just waiting and she up there thinking she is popular cause of the cameras dw monster all those inmates watch tv

  4. On her way to Colorado she broke free of her handcuffs and assaulted a deputy. He was taken to the hospital and she was jailed overnight in Kansas.

  5. I'm sorry this shit not funny at all but the dude behind her is totally tweaked tf outπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ shit half of them in there is fucking high wtf is the people on in Colorado including Teice Stauche because I believe that bitch is a meth head as well

  6. Aaaannddd…….. she beat the shit out of a deputy while being transported to Colorado after slipping her cuffs & had to be held in a Kansas jail so the deputy could go to the hospital.

  7. My goodness, all the people in the background look like zombies. The girl in the back right looks downright diabolical.

  8. She was so ready to get out of that court room. She kept thinking they were done and would turn to walk off and then realize she wasn't finished yet.

  9. The guy behind her is definitely coming off something. Or idk…. he is making some weird faces!! Lol

  10. I understand the assistant public defender has a job to do, but did she have to touch Stauch? See the 2:00 mark. It is clearly an attempt to humanize the Defendant which is not necessary to do in order to protect her Constitutional rights. Looks like this APD is a β€œtrue believer”, as in if the Defendant said they didn’t do it, then they must not be guilty πŸ™„

  11. Did you hear the recording of that Child Murder telling Gannon he better lie or they would get kicked out the house they were at.. She blackmailed the poor child.. its on YT for everyone to hear..

  12. Some of the psychics on YouTube say that they feel that Gannon was poisoned. I remember vividly that on Saturday Jan 25th, Lifetime aired a movie about a woman who attempted to kill her own daughter (and killed her husband) by putting antifreeze in their drinks. This movie would have aired 2 days before Gannon went missing. I wonder if that crazy bitch watched that movie that night too.

  13. She don't look so confident now & any of those gals in back don't resemble a welcoming committee!! Get ready for another Arias-type victimizer, she will not lead them to that little boy's body. They will have to prove this case!!

  14. So, is everybody over there a killer? I dont know what this mean, why she and her lawyer standing there. Why they do that for? Im from the Netherland. Can somebody please explain?

  15. To be blunt, I think the police really fucked this case up from the start. There was no doubt in anyone's mind but theirs this woman did this. Why did it take so long for her arrest?

  16. The guy behind her probably has no clue who tecia stauch is…hes making those faces because he is tweekin out his mind. They didnt even read her charges out loud. So the guy behind her has no clue who she is or what she did. Not all criminals fallow the news….

  17. That girl in the back has eyes that say β€œLetecia, I’m waiting.” πŸ‘€πŸ˜³ her and Letecia look soulless. Hellhole housewives would be a great name for a female penitentiary show.

  18. Alright, I read she slip out of handcuffs stepmom and attacked an officer wow. Go stepmom show how your able to freak out.

  19. Is it me or do all the people in the backround including Leticia look possesed!

    God said there would be affliction on the earth.

  20. The WAY she says her OWN name…
    Is she serious? Does she think she is on The Price is Right?
    …I mean she can spin that wheel-
    And get Life with No Parole!

  21. Why allways such a poor audio quality? In the most developed country seems like the sund is still a problem. What about editing the sound before posting the vid?!

  22. She's in a baby doll, suicide watch wear. Wouldn't care what she did to herself, except she needs to tell where she left this poor child's remains.

  23. Look at all the people behind her in the jumpsuits!they all look clueless,denial,oh shit what have I done or oh shit I got caught?!?!Why don't they all ever freaken think about their actions first..they could of done so much more than this! is she available?!?!Umm ya,all she's got is time

  24. The guy in the back looks shocked to hear that it is Leticia there. It looks like (maybe not?) that he says OMG several times after hearing it was her there. I could absolutely be wrong, but he most likely heard of her and this case before hand. Or he could just be nervous

  25. That wanna be tough moll should have been straight jacketed with a head and mouth guard; strapped down and wheeled in on a furniture dolly. She is clearly mean and dangerous. And just ugly…..

  26. Dude in front of girl in blue looks like he is trying to get free of cuffs, and wants to throw a punch at stepmonster!!! Serious side eyeing😳 and the girl behind stepmonster hasn't moved a bit, stone faced frozen…just staring down stepmonster, wonder what she is thinking? JMO

  27. Oh boy the american justice system of today.. Just remove her limbs with a saw and rip her voicebox out. Mild torture is a good start…

  28. I wonder if she wore that shirt on purpose so people might feel sorry the child killer was bruised up a tad

  29. How can she smirk. Total POS. She thinks she has people snowed. Can't wait till she's knocked off that high horse she rides on.

  30. Why not read the charges… To protect her??lol. You'd have to be living under a rock or be the spun out individual behind her to not know what she's being charged with.

  31. Imagine the guy behind Leticia standing next to Winona rider in the Stranger Things award acceptance speech.

  32. This witch needs to give it up and let gannon come home to his family,they have suffered enough.rip gannon πŸ˜₯

  33. That guy behind her. Most of them all have to know who she is. It looks to me like she heard him say something because she turned her head enough to see who was behind her.

  34. Is anyone still searching for GANNON STAUCH ?????πŸ‘¦πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ‘¦

  35. Why is it so disturbing to me that people are chained up like the people in the background…like I know they are criminals but it still feels so…wrong to see…makes me sad for society that we have criminals and psychos and felons that will hurt us without a second thought and we still feel sorrow for their chains

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