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Randy Tart – Ultra-Lube Auto Sales

Randy Tart – Ultra-Lube Auto Sales

I’m a one man show, small shop, I do the buying, the selling, sometimes the cleanup’s, minor repairs at times. So, if I spend two or three days a week trying to get two or three cars a week. Those are days that I’m not at the shop, I possibly missing customers, which is something that is not good for business. I feel like I get a better eyeball on a car through ACV auctions. I’m actually more comfortable, the last time I went to a physical auction, there’s one about 30 miles from here, I found myself walking around my phone in my hand looking at what was running on ACV. With ACV auctions I feel like I Am getting it straight from the source without all the middleman. And I truly like buying cars before they are all sauced up and tire shined and really get to see what you’re getting and buying out of new cars stores, that’s you know, that’s like fresh from the farm. That’s right at the source. I’ve bought numerous cars off ACV done by their condition report writers. I feel like I’m standing right next to the vehicle myself. They go over a vehicle probably more so than I would, you know under carriage pictures, pictures of the good, pictures of the bad. They plugged the scanners in, readiness monitors. I think they got a hot set up. I’m not a techie I’m not a techie at all. I think it’s super easy to use. It’s something that if you’re three years old 103 years old it’s nothing to figure out. It’s totally straightforward. I bought a car on Halloween night while I was walking with my family trick or treating on ACV Auctions and it was a treat. There’s no crowds there’s no, you just you can stay at the shop and buy cars. I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to buy cars this way it makes no sense not to really.

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