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Racing Seats: How to Pick Out the Best Seats for your Car

Racing Seats: How to Pick Out the Best Seats for your Car

hey guys chrisfix here and today I’m going to show you everything that you need to know on how to pick out a proper racing seat for your car we’ll be taking a trip to the local shop that sells racing seats and I’m removing the passenger seat so we can test fit different racing seats to make sure the one I want fit man that is a mess but check it out 20 bucks not bad looks like today is going to be a good day now I’m looking for racing seats because these seats have no side support and they’ve seen better days check this out watch how much I moved in my stock seat since I started drifting I noticed how much I was getting flung back and forth because there’s no side support in the stock seat and I was fighting to stay planted so much that it was making it difficult for me to focus on learning how to drift so switching out these seats with racing seats is a priority to help me excel in drifting all right we’re on the road to stable energy a motorsport shop that has a huge selection of racing seat I called them up and they said I could take video at their store and even offered to help make sure that I cover the most important questions people have when buying racing seats just so you know you can’t buy any racing seats there are some very important aspects when picking out the correct seat which I’m going to cover so after watching this video you’ll be able to get your own racing seat and before you know it we have arrived this is pretty exciting I can’t wait to check out all these racing seats hey how’s it going guys I’m Chris I spoke with you on the phone call oh hey I’m Joe nice to meet you so I’m looking for bucket seats for my Mustang which I drift yes we have plenty of a selection over there for you to check out and series link perfect thank you very much let us know if you got any questions all right it is awesome to see all these seats here and to be able to sit in them see them all next to each other and we’re going to go onto the other side I want to show you these halo seats to start all these seats in this back row are called halo seats they have this protection up top here where your head goes and if we sit in the seat the halo is right at head level and provides side to side protection but if you look sideways you have a serious blind spot this is what it looks like when you look left and when you look right and that halo blocks a good amount of your side view so see what the halo is a great choice for a dedicated track car but since I’ll be driving mine on the street to get to the track it’s not good for me so instead we’re going to come around this side and we’re going to be looking at regular bucket seats next we want to pick out what our seats are going to be made out of so we have two different materials we have aluminum and composite base seats aluminum is good because it’s usually more inexpensive compared to the composite seats and I’ll include pricing in the description for you to check out these seats could also be pretty light at around 12 pounds and they fit 4.5 point and six-point harnesses the downside is you’re going to need a back brace to connect the seat directly to the cage because in an accident these aluminum seats can bend they’re also not FIA certified now composite seats are typically made of fiberglass but you could get more expensive seats made of carbon fiber or Kevlar and composite seats in general are usually more expensive than aluminum seat they’re also a little heavier but still way lighter than the factory seat the good thing is you only need to mount these seats to the floor you don’t need a back brace and they fit 4.5 point and six-point harnesses and a lot of composite seats are FIA certified and that brings me to my next point what is an FIA certification the FIA is an organization that regulates safety aspects of Motorsports they test the seats so you know when you buy one it’s safe and it’s important to note not every seat gets tested and is FIA certified and it doesn’t mean that they’re bad seats it just means that you don’t know if they meet a certain safety standards so if there is a holographic FIA sticker it’s been approved and meets their safety standard and since seats are an important part to safety I personally want an FIA rated seat and you want to make sure to check the requirements for your particular motorsport because sometimes FIA rated seats are required and finally if you are getting an FIA rated C you want to check the date most racing seats are good for five years and in this case it’s not valid after 2021 its 2017 now so this seat has four years left which makes sense because it’s a display seat so when you buy your racing seats you want to make sure they’re good for five years and if not you should get a discount and now for the fun part one of the main reasons I came to the store is because I could actually physically sit in these seats and see how they feel now it’s not just a comfort thing it’s also a safety thing so let me show you why first you want to sit in all the different seats to get a feel for what’s comfortable you want the seat to be tight but not too tight where it’s uncomfortable for example this Riccar on the left is just not comfortable to sit in for me and the Riccar on the right is comfortable but it’s way too wide and there’s too much side-to-side wiggle room and finally this own PC in the middle fits me pretty snug and is actually really comfortable so I’m liking this a lot so once you find a seat that fits you now you need to find a seat that has the proper height for the harness pass-through that’s very important for safety when you sit in the seat you want to make sure that the harness pass-through is at the height of your shoulder like this you want the harness to sit on your shoulder and not against the seat also remember if you’re using a head and neck restraint it’s going to add a little bit of height to your shoulder so take that into account so with and without the head and neck restraint this harness it’s nicely on my shoulder and the seat fits me perfect one thing to keep in mind is that large pass throughs like this are nice because it gives you more room to work with now an example of a seat that I’m too tall for is this Recaro my shoulders are above the harness pass throughs and the harness sits on my shoulder at an angle greater than 20 degrees which is not good because in an accident there’s going to be way too much downward force that could compress your spine and that’s not what you want with the other Recaro I’m too short and my shoulder sits below the harness pass-through the harness is pressed down against the pass-through and isn’t tight against the top of my shoulder so I’m not properly secured in the case of a rollover so out of all the seats here the one that fits me the best is this one right here the WRC AR but what if you can’t get to a shop and actually sit in a seat well all these seat companies have different measurements that you can look up online and you can measure your own body from your butt to your shoulders and get your height you can see I measured myself and I’m 610 millimeters and the harness hole for the seat is at 600 millimeters which is why I fit perfect same thing with your with my hip width is 390 millimeters and this seat the width is 390 millimeters so just in case you can’t come in and sit in the seat yourself you can measure yourself and get a good idea of what seat will fit you and I really like this seat because it fits me well so do you think we’ll be able to test fit this in my car yeah you got your car here today it’s always a good idea to make sure it fits the car before you buy it so yeah let’s let’s do that as you guys know I already took out the passenger seat at home so I can make sure the seats I want to get will fit and that’s definitely a benefit of going to a shot because they can help you just like this moment of truth does it fit alright it fits but man it is closed you would think with a Mustang you have plenty of room back here yeah with the you know with the wide door cards on this car it takes up a lot of room but you’re not touching and you got plenty of room on the inside there it looks like it’s going to fit just fun awesome but what happens if you can’t go to a store like this and fit the seat well I’m going to show you a few key measurements that you could take at home with your stock seat to ensure that you can find a seat that fit so the first and probably most important measurement is at the top of the seat near the shoulders because the side bolsters on racing seats are significantly wider than the side bolsters on a stock seat so get your tape measure and measure from the edge of the center console to the door card which on this car is about six hundred and thirty millimeters and the next important measurement is going to be the width of the base of the seat so you’re going to measure from the edge of the center console all the way to the door card and that is five hundred and forty millimeters so those are the two main measurements that you want to take and then you could just compare it to all the different measurements that the manufacturer gives you and that’s how you measure your seats to make sure any racing seats you pick out will fit so let’s get the test seat out and head back into the store so we started off narrowing down our choices by looking at composite bucket seats then we found a seat that is safely fit in and to seat that fit in my car so I’m pretty sure this is the seat I want to get what do you think I think it fits the car falling you fit in it pretty well for sure I think it’s a good choice and now you’re going to need some mounting hardware let’s come take a look at that so one thing that’s important to note is when you buy a seat you’re getting just to see it doesn’t come with anything else so we need mounting hardware to install the seat in the car we’re going to need a floor mount a pair of side mounts and our hardware kit with nuts bolts and washers so first let’s cover the floor bracket these brackets are specific to your make and model so I’m going to have to get a Mustang floor bracket then we have side maps which bolt to the floor mount you can see the side mount and floor mount bracket have different holes in them so you can mount up the seat where you feel comfortable in the car this seat here already has side mounts on it so you can see how it’s set up they’re bolted right into the side of the seat and then this flat piece sits on top of the floor bracket just like that so this is your basic set up you have the floor mount connected to the side mount the side mount connected to the seat and everything is all held together with some fasteners it’s that simple one of the only choices you’ll have to make are the side mount materials this is aluminum and this is steel I wish you guys could feel the difference in weight the aluminum is about half the weight but there is same strength they’ll do the same job so if you’re worried about the weight of your car definitely go with the aluminum it’s only a few bucks extra that’s what I’m going to do and the last option you could get are the sliders which allows you to move the seat backwards and forwards the sliders get bolted to the top of the floor mount and then the seat with the side mount attached gets bolted on top of the sliders like that now I won’t be running sliders because they add a little bit over an inch to the overall height of the seat and I’ll have a helmet on which puts my head pretty close to the roof already I’m also going to be running a harness and your harness has to be at a certain angle so if your seat slides forwards and backwards the angles going to change and might move out aspect but sliders are always an option especially if you’re running stock seat belt all right so after testing out all these different seats here is what I picked I’m getting these om PWRs CDR seats for each seat that you get you need one floor mount and a pair of side mounts so that’s just about do it Chris should be everything you need so let’s go get these in your car oh man this is exciting finally I got some racing seats I cannot wait to get these installed in the car and if you’re curious there’s plenty of room in a two-door car to transport a pair of new racing seats alright and that is everything that you need to know on how to buy racing seats I want to thank these guys at stable energies thank you very much Joe and Carlos I really appreciate it you guys helped me so much with all the information helping me test fit everything putting the seat in the car so I really appreciate it yeah I can’t wait to see what you think of them when they’re in the car I’ll be sure to link their website in the description so you guys could check out all the seats they have and all the other racing equipment they have so definitely check them out and hopefully the video was helpful if it was remember to give it a thumbs up and also if you’re not subscribed consider subscribing because we’re going to be installing the racing seats soon stay tuned

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