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Racing Remote Control Cars : Maintaining an RC Car Engine

Racing Remote Control Cars : Maintaining an RC Car Engine

Robbie speaking for expert village. We talk
a little bit about the maintenance on your electric motor. Brush motors considerably
more maintenance there that’s required with them after each run. If you have been running
in a dusty environment you need to stop by your local hobby store and get something like
this electric motor cleaner has a little straw in it like a WD-40 can. You spray it inside
the motor; flush it out real good, all the dust and everything will come out of it. Most
of the time you can get away with doing that. Brushes on these motors do wear so from time
to time the brushes will get worn down. You have to actually physically pull them out
of there, put new brushes in solder them in place, replace the springs to get the motor
to come back to life. Also, if you want the motor to last you’ll have to pull the engine
apart. You can take it to a hobby store or someone at a race track and actually have
a put it on a lath and have a calm turn with the lath on it, then you install your new
brushes, your new springs. For the most part you’ve got you a brand new electric engine.
You can turn the engines quite a few times. It’s not expensive to do its just kind of
a pain in the neck to have to pull them apart. Brush motors. On the case, in the case of
a brush less motor, like this one we’ve been looking at, there is zero maintenance. Brush-less
motors are stay together you run them, run them, run them, and run them till they don’t
work anymore. That’s one of the beauties of the brush-less motor, so very little maintenance.
One of the other things that you got to be real careful of also to get the proper life
out of them is making sure that you don’t generate too much heat, in other wards you
got to gear them properly. There’s numerous different sizes of pinions that you can buy
for these. All of these pinions are going to change the speed that the car runs at so
if you’re driving around real slow you want to gear the car with a pinion, ok, or a lower
speed pinion. If you’re going to be doing a lot of high speed runs, you put a higher
speed pinion on there. The goal for that is keeping the motor running in its design operating
rpm’s and you’ll just adjust that with running the appropriate pinion and of course tire
size on it as well.

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25 thoughts on “Racing Remote Control Cars : Maintaining an RC Car Engine

  1. Replacing the sleeve and piston is much cheaper than a new motor. Depending on the size and make, a motor can run you anywhere from 150 to 400. A rebuild would cost about 50 to 60.

  2. Not really. The Savage is a far better "fun" truck than both of those, as it is far tougher, and the drive train is better built. However, the Revo is a better race truck, and the T-Maxx is pretty much just below the savage in terms of everything.

  3. Depends on the tune, mainly. If you run a little bit richer than the optimal tune, the engine could probably last you about 15-20 gallons, as long as you don't abuse it. If you run a racier or leaner tune, it can get down to 5-10, especially if you abuse it.

  4. take your engin out of your car, remove the air filter and the cooling head and use a after run oil or WD40 and clean the engin out, make sure to pop the sleeve and piston out and check theres no damage done. also check your reciver and make sure its actuly working i.e still taking comands from your hand set at range and moving the servos as it should be.

    also clean your air filter cos the water will have taken most of the oil off the foam.

    good luck!

  5. yes you can but make sure you get the right model and part number or your inlet and outlet holes wont line up and your engin wont run at all

  6. yea some parts are little high on price but you save some money on buy ing a new one if you know how to fix it

  7. Yes, You can't oil the filter. :L That would probably break it. Also no need to oil, you have oil already in the fuel which you buy.

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