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Racing Cars on a Real Race Track! My First Nascar Daytona 500 Race!

Racing Cars on a Real Race Track! My First Nascar Daytona 500 Race!

– This video is sponsored by Far Out Toys. We’re at the Daytona
Speedway; this is so cool. We’re gonna go on the racetrack, we’re gonna meet all the racers; this is gonna be so fun. Let’s do this, come on! (upbeat rock music) – [Woman] Three, two, one, go! – [Kyle] Welcome back to
Kyle’s Toys and Games; let’s have some fun. (playful music) (bell chimes) This is the NASCAR Adventure
Force Crash Racers Track; this is gonna be so fun. – This is the only official
NASCAR toy track, so cool. – Vince is here with me cause
he wanted to race with me. Let’s charge up our
cars and let’s do this. – So how do we charge up cars? – So you grab the car and you have these little two metal parts and
you put the front wheels in these stints and they
charge up like this. – [Man] Oh.
(engine roaring) – And you can go really
fast and then you set them on the track and let go. – Whoa! – These charge fast and last very long. (cars whizzing) This is our race, so the
track is gonna start here. This is where we’re gonna set our cars. We’re gonna do an entire
loop and then this is the finish line. So whoever gets there first, wins. We’re gonna do 10 seconds, k.
– Kay. – One, two, three, four– – [Both] Five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten. – Ready.
– Set. – [Both] Go! (cars whizzing) (boys shouting) – Yeah, I won! – Now this is the cool part. If you crash, pieces come
off and what’s also cool is they just snap right back on. – Wow, that is awesome. – (mumbling) you ready
for the official race? – I thought we just did the official race. – No, that was just a practice run. Right now we’re gonna
do the official race. – Okay how many laps are we gonna do? – Let’s do five. – Ready to charge your car?
– Yeah, for 10 seconds. Ready? – [Both] Seven, eight,
nine, 10; ready, set, go. (cars whizzing) (both shouting) – No, (mumbling); no! So who won; who won,
wait what are you doing? – (mumbling) back on! – No. (both shouting) It’s still going. (both shouting) Wait, who won cause we both crashed but my car stayed on the track the longer, on the (stutters); yeah (chuckles)? – But you have to put ’em back on; you could put ’em back
on after they crash. – Okay you’re just making up rules now so it make it seem like you won. – I did win though; you
didn’t finish your five laps. – Fine, I don’t want a rematch. – Okay, except we’re
gonna do a different race; it’s the crash race. The crash race is where
you start on opposite sides and this is the crash
zone so when you crash, you should crash right here;
this is gonna be so fun. Let’s do this for 20 seconds this time. – [Both] 17, 18, 19, 20; ready, set, go. (cars whizzing) (both shouting) – Mine was still going. – Kay, we’re gonna do another
crash race; (mumbling). – Okay, ready, go! (cars whizzing) Yeah! (boy shouting) – Did you see that (mumbling)? – That was awesome. – (mumbling) crashed and
then it flipped again. (man laughing) This is really fun; it
makes me wanna drive a fast car like my mom. She drove 174 miles per hour in a race car and my dad went 169 miles per hour in another race car; that is so cool. I wonder what it takes
to be a NASCAR driver. – Kyle your questions
might all be answered. Why don’t you look at that. – I’ve been invited to the Dayton 500; the first race of the season. Our whole family’s invited. Let’s go!
– Yeah. – And just like that we’re
at the Daytona Speedway; this is so cool. We’re gonna go on the racetrack, we’re gonna meet all the racers. This is gonna be so fun;
let’s do this, come on. Guys this is the first real
car that I’ve come across yet. We can’t touch it, but take
a look inside; this is crazy. The speedometer’s; what’s weird is like there’s no windows except for
the windshield; that’s crazy. – [Woman] Kyle is riding
this at the go-kart. So these are pedal go-karts;
this is cool, right? – Yeah! – [Woman] Does it change gears? – Yeah, right here. So when we go fast
enough, you just lift up and it changes gear while you’re going so you can go way faster. – [Woman] Awesome, does it get harder or easier to pedal or what?
– Easier. – Nice.
– Here we go. NASCAR this (mumbling)
is actually the brake. Here, look at this (stick
cranks); it’s the brake. But we don’t tell them that. – Our favorite part;
destination to destination right Kyle?
– Yeah the go-karts. These are my favorite.
– They’re so fun, huh. – Yeah.
– We’re having the best day so far you guys. Now we get to go onto the
track; are you so excited? We’re going to meet Natalie Decker. She’s the cutest NASCAR
driver in all the world and we can’t wait to meet her. We’re gonna go take a picture with her, see her truck; she drives
the Chevy Silverado. She’s a truck racer.
– Whoa, that’s cool. – I think I’m her biggest fan now. (mumbling) Badges (mumbling).
– We have badges. – We’ve got Hot badges, look at that. That means that we can go on the track when the track’s hot which
is two hours before the race, during the race, and two
hours after the race. AKA we’re spoiled.
– Yeah. Thank you NASCAR. Welcome to the (mumbling) garage! This is where all the
best racers cars are. We’re about to go check out the NASCAR racetrack right now and right now they are qualifying; they’re going around the track really fast. (upbeat techno music) (mumbling) Williams Xfinity drivers coming to meet us right now;
this is gonna be so cool. – [Woman] Do you know what questions you’re gonna ask him yet, Kyle? – No, not really.
– K, we better start thinking about them.
– Okay. We’re going in the haulers right now. Actually here’s the first question. What is a hauler? – This is where we keep
all of our race cars and all of our spare
parts for the weekend. – Nice. – This is my favorite part
of the hauler, snacks. – [Woman] Snacks. – Best part, we got some
(mumbling) cards here; we’ll sign a couple of these for you guys. – [Woman] That’s cool. – Here you go. – [Woman] Kay Kyle, your first question. How old were you when you
wanted to be a NASCAR driver? – I started racing when
I was four-years-old; I started racing go-karts.
– Wow. – Yup and then I just followed the steps up through there, racing different cars and different classes, but I think I really wanted to
pursue a career in NASCAR around 12 or 13-years-old. – I got a question.
– Lay it on me. – What is your dream car
outside of the cars you race? – Dream car, I don’t know
I’m like a 68, 69 Camaro all black.
– Yeah, Shelby GT500 flashback.
– Yeah there you go. – You know, something simple (giggles). – Nothing crazy you know. – Here is a funny question. What if you need to go pee
in the middle of the race, what do you do? – Oh this is my favorite question; we get this one all the time. I tell you what, the adrenaline actually, just makes it go away
and you forget about it. But if you ever do get
a red flag or caution, you (mumbling) the whole time. You just gotta hold it. – [Boy] Whoa, what the heck! – I mean you can pee in
your suit if you want to. – [Boy] That’s gross. – That’s not for me, that’s not for me. – [Woman] Is that for you? – No. (man giggles) What was the first car that you raced? – The first car I raced in
the NASCAR Xfinity series was a 2017 Chevy Camaro. – [Woman] Oh, nice. – What was your top speed? – Right here at Daytona we get
close to 200 miles an hour. – 200!
– That’s crazy! (woman shouting) – She waved to me.
– It was Natalie Decker; she did super good. – So this is where like
everyone can hang out. These are all our chairs. That’s the truck driver.
– Cool. – He drives the truck to all of the races and he makes us food. So he has two jobs I guess. – [Woman] That’s nice, making dinner. – Dinner!
– Yeah, that’s awesome! – So I brought Valentine’s
day cupcakes (mumbling) but all these cabinets are filled with spare parts to almost
rebuild a whole truck if we have to.
– That’s crazy. – And the trucks are up here above us. So I actually have another one out there, a spare one just in case. – [Woman] That’s so cool. – So we take two trucks for myself, every racetrack we go to. – [Woman] That’s so cool. – We even got a coffee maker. (woman giggles) This is my lounge; this
is where I hang out. You can actually see, oh, it’s not up there right
now but you can actually see where they store the trucks. – [Woman] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah cool. – This (mumbling) area;
we can all sit down. This is where I hang
out; we can put the TV on and we just hang out up here. I change up here; here
I’ll show you my closet. – [Woman] Closet tour! – Closet!
– (giggles) Cool. That’s so awesome (giggles). – This is nice. We’re here with Natalie Decker. She just did the qualifying
and it was really cool; you did really good. – Thank you. – So what is your dream truck (mumbling)– – Or car, yeah? – My personal life, okay so my dream car in my personal life, I
can finally say it now, is I drive a Chevy, is I
would love to have a Corvette. – [Woman] Nice. – What kind of Corvette? – I don’t know it really doesn’t matter; I just want one. – I wanted (mumbling) Corvette. – Okay, well maybe we
can have matching ones. – How did you start racing? – So I got started in racing
when I was nine-years-old; I started racing go-karts but how I got started in racing is my dad raced snowmobiles so I grew up in a racing family but it wasn’t cars, it was snowmobiles.
– That’s very cool. – How did you get into NASCAR? – So my dream ever since
I was really young, before I even started racing go-karts was to race NASCAR and then
when I got the go-karts I kept slowly moving
up and now we’re here. – Awesome, do you have any like, good luck ceremonies or
things you do (mumbling)? – Like any superstitions? – Yeah, well just anything
to give you good luck during the race. – I really don’t; I don’t have anything that I need to have that
I know give me good luck. Maybe I need to start (giggles). – Do you have any idea why there aren’t any windows in the cars? – Yes, for safety reasons. So if we crash, we can’t have any windows and glass to break like a
normal car on the highway. – What happens when you win a race? – So I haven’t been able to win a race yet in the NASCAR series but I’ve won a lot of races in the
class before I moved up and you party a lot, you
celebrate in (mumbling), you throw water, Gatorade,
anything (mumbling) all around, take lots of photos (giggles). – Lots of pictures in the moment. – What happens when you
get too hot in the car? – So we do have a little air tube connected to our helmet that blows fresh and cold air on our heads
and we can turn that on and turn it high or low whenever we need, but whatever temperature it is outside, it’s 40 degrees hotter
inside the race car. – So how long is your race tonight? – So we are gonna be making a hundred laps around this big track–
– Wow. – It will probably take
around two hours, maybe one. – That’s a lot of driving. – How do you stay strong in the car? Like I know there’s no power steering, so it must be like really hard to turn. – They’re really heavy, yes. They’re really heavy cars
and it gets hot in there, like we talked about and you just need to be able to be fully mentally focused so if you’re tired that’s harder. So I work out a lot, I try to eat healthy, but I love sweets so that’s hard. But staying active in
the gym and working out with a trainer almost every single day. – Awesome. – Do it, flip, flip! (boy shouting) – [Woman] You did it! (boy shouting) We are racing NASCAR crash
racers with Natalie Decker. She got fifth place on
the truck race last night; that was crazy. – But now we’re gonna see
if she could pull through and get first place this time. – I don’t know you guys are pretty good. – [Woman] Three, two, one go! (cars buzzing) (boy shouting) (both shouting) (woman clapping) – I think I won, I was on the longest. We’re at Victory Lane for all
the winners of Daytona 500 Cup and they get Gatorade
poured all over them! – [Woman] This is the pit area where they come to stop
and replace all the tires. (mumbling) and everything out
getting ready to race, right. – We’re here with Alan,
he’s a tire carrier and I’m gonna ask him some questions. So what’s the fastest pit stop? – Our fastest pit stop to date had a race track would probably be about 11.8 seconds (mumbling); three to four tires, full tank of gas. – That’s crazy. What does it take to
be part of a pit crew? – I would say eat a lot of vegetables and honestly just follow
(mumbling) to the people that tell you what to do to a tee. They will teach you no wrong, promise you. – [Woman] Following directions, right? – [Both] Follow directions. – Thank you.
– Yeah sure. – This Chevy Camaro is Josh’s. It is number 92; this is
gonna be an awesome race. (car engines roaring) That’s it for this video. If you guys liked this
one (mumbling) other ones cause I picked them just for you and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. (playful music)

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