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Race Arenas from Cars! | Pixar Cars

Race Arenas from Cars! | Pixar Cars

(crowd chatters) – [McQueen] Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. (dreamy music) (reporters clamoring) (camera flashes popping) – [Bob] Hello race fans and
welcome to what has become quite simply the biggest event
in the history of racing. A three way battle for the Piston Cup. – [Darrell] Bob, there’s crowd
of nearly 200,000 cars here at the Los Angeles International Speedway. Tickets to this race are
hotter than a black leather seat on a hot summer day. – [Bob] The King Chick
Hicks and Lightening McQueen in a 200 lap winner takes
all tie breaker race. – Now Bob, you know
I’ve got a lot of miles on me, but let me tell ya somethin’ buddy. I never thought I’d
see anything like this. Whoo, man, this is exciting. (crowd roars) (triumphant music) – [Mater] Whoo whee! (laughing) – (speaks foreign language) – Way to go buddy! – There’s a lot of love
out there you know man? – Don’t embarrass me Fillmore. (triumphant music) – [Brent] You are
looking live at beautiful Porto Corsa Italy on the Italian Rivera. What a magnificent setting
for the second race of the World Grand Prix. – [David] Well, Brent, they
call this place the gem of the Riviera and it’s easy to see why. With its secluded beaches
and popular casinos, Porto Corsa Italy truly is
a playground for the wealthy and everyone who’s anyone is here today. From the ultra rich and super famous, to world leaders and
important dignitaries. – You aren’t kidding David. You can’t do a three
point turn around here without bumping into some celebrity. (suspenseful music) (air horn blows) (engine revs) (suspenseful music) (engine revs) (suspenseful music) (engines rev) (suspenseful music) (engines rev) (suspenseful music) – [Brent] Japan. Land of the Rising Sun. Where ancient tradition
meets modern technology. Welcome to the inaugural
running of the World Grand Prix. I’m Brent Mustangburger,
here with racing legends Darrell Cartrip and David Hobbscap. There has never been a
competition like this before. First, Allinol making it’s debut tonight as the required fuel for
all these great champions. Second, the course itself. It is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. David, how exactly does
this competition work? – Well Brent, all three
of these street courses are classic round the house racetracks. This means that LMP and formula
cars should break out of the gate in spectacular fashion. Look for Francesco Bernoulli
in particular to lead early. Add to the series of
technical turns throughout, GT and Touring cars like
Spain’s Miguel Camina should make up some ground, but
I doubt it will be enough to stop Francesco from
absolutely running away with it. – Whoa, now just hold your horsepower. You’re forgetting the most
important factor here. That early dirt track
section of the course, the dirt is supposed to be the
great equalizer in this race. – [Brent] French rally
car Raul Sarul is counting on a big boost headed through there. – And don’t forget Lightening McQueen. His mentor the Hudson Hornet
was one of the greatest dirt track racers of all time. In my opinion, McQueen
is best all around racer in this competition. (rock music) – [Lightening] This one’s for you Doc. (engine revs) (rock music) ♪ Another day another dollar gone ♪ – Wahoo, come on Stickers! – Best friend, comin’ through! Go McQueen, wahoo! ♪ I feel the outstretched fans♪ – Lightening McQueen! – Go 95! (horn honks) Wahoo! – [Bob] Welcome to racing’s greatest day. We’re beach side at the
Florida International Speedway to kick off a new season
of Piston Cup Racing. It’s the Florida 500. – [David] 43 cars and
a quarter million fans await today’s intense
contest of strategy, skill, but most of all speed. This crowd is in for
one great day of racing. I’m Bob Cutlass, joined as
always by my broadcasting partner Darrell Cartrip and
stat sensation, Natalie Certain. – I’ve never seen the
numbers line up for Storm like they do today Bob. Storm should be 96.8% unstoppable. – [Darrell] Well, don’t
overlook Lightening McQueen. – Miss Fritter! Wahoo! – [Bob] We’ve heard stories
of the unusual way McQueen trained to get here. Now the question is, did it work? (crowd cheering) ♪ We’ve been traveling this road ♪ ♪ For a mighty long time ♪ ♪ Payin’ no mind to the signs ♪ ♪ Well this needle has changed ♪ ♪ It’s all been rearranged ♪ ♪ We left our team somewhere behind ♪ – Ka chow! (upbeat music)

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