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Pulling A CAR with a Paper Towel Rope

Pulling A CAR with a Paper Towel Rope

Can you make a
rope with paper towels? Well, Chillgamer. I don’t know if you can, but we’ve got some paper towels. So we’re going to try a few things, and maybe even use it to pull a car. [Captions by Mary V. at Y Translator]
[Music] [Music] Paper towels on their own
are not incredibly strong. That’s not what they’re made for. Sure, some of them
might have really nice weaves so that they hold up better
as you’re washing and cleaning stuff. But for the most part, I know they’re made
to be a kind of strong but it’s just thin fibrous paper. It comes apart pretty easily. Not exactly what you think of
when you want a nice strong rope. Even if we twist it into
a more rope-like shape, it still pulls apart really fast and easily. So the question we have to answer is how do we turn this weak material
into something stronger? Of course, we can just twist up
a piece of paper towel and say, “Look, I made rope,
and it’s sort of stronger now.” But in my opinion, if it’s not strong enough
to resist a slight tug, then it doesn’t really count as rope. It’s just twist up paper towel. Rope actually has to have some strength
and be able to pull or lift something. That’s my goal is to see
if we can make a rope strong enough to do some
significant pulling and lifting. Most of the time
when you’re making rope, you take thin little fibers, twist them together in the strings, and then you twist those
strings together into bigger, thicker strings, and at some point it stops
being string and starts being rope. I’m not entirely sure
where that point is, but we need to find it
with our paper towels. Obviously, we need to have
a way to roll up the paper towel so that the perforations aren’t
lining up in a straight line, or they’re just gonna tear apart. So, I’m wondering if we could
roll it at a 45 degree angle, that way, the pre-cut lines
will sort of get wrapped evenly spaced out around the whole roll. But we should be able
to have it keep getting longer. [Music] We definitely lost some length
by rolling it at an angle, but, that’s still just tore
right at the perforation. So, maybe this solution
won’t work so well after all, or maybe, what we need to do
is twist the paper towel more, so that all of the perforation
is bound tightly into non-perforated areas. And I know I’m saying the word
perforation a lot but it comes up. All right, let’s try asking our friend,
Mr. bench vice to hold this again. See what happens
if we just twist this a lot. [Music] That didn’t tear at the cut mark. That just tore along
the paper towel itself. I still tore but because
it tore in the middle of the sheet rather than along the
predestined tearing spot, it means we’ve eliminated that
weakness of the perforation. So now, we’re just dealing
with the strength of the material that we’re using. I think I have a plan
for what will try now. Here’s the basic idea. We’ll roll out a fair
amount of our paper towel. And then at a 45 degree angle, we’ll roll it up
the same way we did before. We’ll twist that roll
into a tight little cord. We’ll make three of
the same type of twisted chords, and then we’ll try
twisting them all together. It will be very similar to how
we’ve made ropes in other videos, but it will have
to all be done by hand because we don’t have
a rope making machine that will work
well with paper towel. [Music] Seems like it’s a fair amount. Let’s try 15 sheets. All right. Now, I have to try and roll this up, and keep it a nice tight little twist, and stay at the right 45 degree
angle for all 15 feet of it. We’ll see how I do. [Music] Here we go. That is one big old
paper towel snake. We are at just over nine
and half feet long. Now we’ve got it rolled up, let’s see what we can
do about twisting it, so it’s nice and tight. [Music] Now, after twisting it, we’ve lost almost two feet, and we’re down to
seven and half feet of length. Now, just gonna put some weight
on both ends of this thing to just hold it, so it doesn’t untwist while
I twist up two more just like it. We now have three cords made
of tightly wound and twisted paper towel, and to turn these into a rope, we now need to twist them into each other. So, we’ll gather them all together, and then while making sure
to keep the cords nice and tightly twisted, we’ll wrap them around each other. [Music] I now have rope made out of paper towel. Of course that doesn’t
answer the question of whether or not it’s good for anything. I’ve twisted paper towels into
something that looks like a rope, and I’m sure it can pull some amount. It definitely has more strength
than a sheet of paper towel. The question is, how strong is it? First quick test, let’s see if I can just
pull it apart right here. [Music] I mean I’m not the
strongest guy in the world but, I cannot pull that apart. So, I would say that’s at
least strong enough to call rope. But it doesn’t really
show how strong it is. So, I have an idea for a test we can do, that I think will really show
if this is useful as a rope. We’ve got our paper
towel rope and a car that we’re going to try
and pull with our rope. We’ve also got a big old truck
to do all the pulling for us. [Music] I’m not gonna pretend that this is the
very best way to attach a rope to a hitch, but because I don’t know too much
about the strength of this paper towel, I’m gonna use this because
it’s a very round looping knot, so, it shouldn’t have as many bind
points that might cause weak spots in our paper towel rope. Okay, I think at this point we uh, have to give it a try. Let’s see if we can
put the car in neutral, and get the truck going
and slowly start out, and get it just enough to pull this car. [Music] Yeah. Just real slow. It’s pullin’ it! Paper towel, pulling a car. [Music] There’s no one in there to hit the brakes. [Music] Oh, it tore. Oh, it tore.>>It broke? All right, after our first success, we tried pulling it again, and our rope didn’t start out tight. As a result, when it finally caught up, it was a little too abrupt that did manage
to pull through the rope. So while it can pull a car, I would not say that we should start
using it to replace webbing or other materials that’s designed
for this kind of pull strength. After successfully pulling the car, and then less successfully pulling the car, I do have one more thing
I want to test with this rope, and that’s to see if it
can hold a person up. I’m gonna use me as a person, and I’m just going to throw the rope
over the top of this swing set, and see if I can lift myself up by it. I’m gonna hope that it wasn’t
weakened by pulling the car. All right. Here it goes. Whooo! I’m gonna call that a success! [Music] So yes! This rope is definitely strong enough to hold at least a person my size. Obviously, people come
in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but this can hold a person. That is a pretty good rope in my opinion. Well, since this is made of paper towel, I feel like I at least have to see
what happens if I get it wet. [Music] It’s definitely a lot heavier. Ohh! Yep! And completely lost
all its structural integrity. That was able to hold my
weight before, and now, it just tears right apart. See if I twist it and
squeeze all the water out, [Music] it seems pretty strong. Maybe not. So, rope made of paper towel, definitely stronger when dry. Chillgamer190, thank you for your suggestion. We’re gonna be sending you 25 bucks. Guys, If you’ve got any cool ideas
for things you wanna see us try, let us know down in the comments. If we like your idea and use it for a video, we’ll send you $25. Guys that’s not it. We’ve got more for you to see. That little box up at the top will
transport you directly to our last video. That box at the bottom will
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100 thoughts on “Pulling A CAR with a Paper Towel Rope

  1. Also if someone find a video how to make a soap, someone can hang himself on that rope. It defenelty will hold a person!! TKOR approved!

  2. rolling up wet paper towels into thin cords while wet then letting them dry to be rolled up tighter then making the same rope you just made got me to the point where we pulled a pickup with two of the kids in it, across two blocks then up a hill a third block then tied to commercial rope it lifted a group of three adults and four kids before it finally gave out. rolling it up while it was wet was the thing that worked best to make it stronger in over 10 tests we did with the kids here.
    I think you need to try this test again because it was made loose and that's why it failed. a tight wound rope of paper towels held up over 500 pounds of humans and it pulled a pickup with two kids in it up a hill

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  4. I tried using school paper towels, getting them a LITTLE bit wet, and twisting them a lot, it actually KINDA worked, but couldn't get them to tie so I couldn't have them be actual ropes.

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    Paper Towels:Holds Nate
    Me: Cool, I'm 13, it should hold me.
    My paper towels: break
    Me :0

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