13 thoughts on “Project Cars 2 – By The Numbers – Full Car List and Track List

  1. I dont get why they push 4k so much on consoles. Hit 60FPS first, after you can try and go for higher res.

    One more reason to play on pc for me. I can decide whats more important to me (ofcource FPS).

  2. Vintage Indycar:
    Lotus (not ford cars) with Ford engine. Type 38 won the Indy 500 in 1965. It was the 1st mid engine to do that! Type 56 was 4WD formula with a gas-turbine engine (Pratt & Withney, not Ford) designed specially for the Indy 500 in 68. It took the pole-position but did not managed to finish.
    Group 6:
    Le Mans Top Class in the late 70's.
    Group C:
    The golden era of Le Mans. The last cars that race in Le Mans full throtle in the Mulsanne Straight reaching speeds close to 400 km/h(250mph).
    Was the top class, Sports Car Racing in USA in the early 90's. Replaced by IMSA GT Championship
    Touring Car:
    Modified road going cars, to race in road circuits. Not rally. C'mon?!
    In the US, check Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge.

    Project Cars is mostly for racing cars, with a large dedication to Classics.
    Petrolhead playground!! 😛

  3. When i look at the Content in this Game, i feel quite insulted by what Polyphony offers me in GT Sport. and they still charge full Price for it.
    i love Gran Turismo, but GTS doesn't cut the Mustard by a Mile compared to this.

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