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Prestige Motor Sales – Josh and Sarah Adams Talk About ACV Advance – ACV Auctions

Prestige Motor Sales – Josh and Sarah Adams Talk About ACV Advance – ACV Auctions

When I use the ACV floor plan, the process actually gets sped up versus using a traditional floor plan company and the fees are more affordable. A big difference is they don’t have you do any re flooring or pay any curtailment fees, which is a big difference between them and other floor plan companies. One of the things that I really like about it is having a direct person that I call in and talk to their customer service is great. The titles get shipped out right away, which is super important and I don’t have to go chasing titles down, just the floor plan fees up front. I factor that into every sale of every car purchase I buy. And you know, if it’s too much, I don’t buy the car. And I’ve got 20 minutes to decide. So I don’t have that kind of time at the auction. It’s either now or never. You just missed so much when you’re at a traditional auction compared to ACV. It’s just a no brainer. So I don’t buy anything at any terrorist auctions anymore. I buy all my inventory through ACV. They take 60, 70, 80 photos of any particular car I’m looking at and they tell me anything and everything I need to know about it. Scratches and imperfections here and there. They even told me if the tires are dry rotted, the cold start of the engine, they put up an audio recording of that. That’s great. And I think they’re eager to get feedback from their customers. They’ve asked me several times, how do you think that this process could be better? They’re very willing to listen to us as the dealer. And what we need. With Josh doing all the buying. He would be out of the office, two, maybe sometimes three days a week going to the traditional auction. Whereas with ACV, he doesn’t have to go anywhere. He stays here in the office and he’s always available to talk to customers. He’s always available here to answer the phones. And that inturn leads to more sales. A couple weeks ago, I was sitting at home. We were watching TV and a commercial came on and I’ve got on my phone and I got on ACV and I’ve got a really good deal on like Jeep Liberty at like nine thirty at night. And we bought it. It came in a couple days later and turned out to be a really good unit. We made a lot of money on it. Sure beats standing outside in the elements and taking a look at these cars yourself when somebody else does it. Customer service is a big deal to me, to be honest. Everybody idea whether ACV is just super, super nice. I don’t feel like they’re talking down upon me. I feel like they’re actually here to help me. You just can’t lose, basically.

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