27 thoughts on “President Harding Tours Alaska in a Specially Adapted Car

  1. @Smithsonian Channel, will the Battle of the Little Bighorn program be uploaded to YouTube, either in small parts or in whole? Also, will there be a DVD of the program? I am a History Buff and would like to have it on DVD for when I travel.

  2. I don't think that gold spike survived the hammering into the rail. Way too soft. Wonder whatever happened to it afterward?

  3. I don't know where they got their facts from but that looks mighty like a four door sedan not a roadster being used on the rails.

  4. Unless ‘Roadster’ was the model name, that car on the rails was NOT a roadster and I expect better from Smithsonian. A ‘roadster’ is a 2 door convertible body style, sometimes with a rumble seat. The car shown was a 4 door sedan, most likely a Dodge Brothers (pre- “Dodge”) Series 116 Sedan. C’mon Smithsonian, don’t let millennials write your scripts!

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