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Portland Street Honda Dealership Tour

Portland Street Honda Dealership Tour

Hi my name is Emilie and I’m gonna be
showing you around Portland Street Honda today our showroom is always full of a
great selection of vehicles from the amazing Honda lineup. it’s a time when
you can get an up-close personal look at the vehicle before taking it out for a
test drive. our sales people here are very knowledgeable and passionate about
the Honda product they thrive on making sure that you have the best experience
possible when looking at a new vehicle so that you leave knowing you got
exactly what you need and what you want in a vehicle. I know it can be pretty
intimidating coming into a dealership but they’re always ready to greet you
with a smile. Our business team is making sure you get through that finance part
as easily and smoothly as possible I know it can be pretty scary but
they’re trying to make it feel more like a walk in the park. no need to book an
appointment you can just come on in speak with someone from sales and
they’re gonna do it the best they can to make sure that you’re getting your dream
vehicle. Our receptionist are warm and welcoming always ready to greet you with
a smile as soon as you walk in the door and they’re always ready to point you in
the right direction they also deal with all incoming phone calls so that you’re
able to get transferred to the department that you’re looking for fast
and efficiently. We also have a bistro area here where you can have daily
specials and there’s always home baked snacks. – -All I can say is that it’s a lot better
than I can cook. We also have a children’s area where there’s iPads and
coloring books to keep the little ones happy and entertained our Starbucks
machine here has different blends tea hot chocolate and we also supply bottles
of water. Our lounge area continues our open feel concept of our dealership
it’s a place where you can read a book or watch a show in one of our
flat-screen TVs we also have many power outlets so you can plug in your phone or
your computer in order to get some work done while we
our lounge area is made so that you can have the most relaxing and fun time
possible waiting for your vehicle. Our service department is full of amazing
service advisers who are very knowledgeable and helpful in regards to
your vehicle they want to make sure that you leave 100% satisfied knowing that
your vehicle is safe and up-to-date to make sure that your Honda is running on
the best it can. After booking an appointment with an “appointment
coordinator” whether it’s over the phone or online all you’d have to do the day
of your appointment is come right in through our two door drive-through so
that you’re out of the snow and the rain before you’re speaking with your service
advisor. We want to make sure that you’re as comfortable and as safe as possible
so we want to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of our 2-door
drive thru Our parts department is where you can
pick up any honda swag, get tires when needed wiper blades and oil and that’s
just to name a few. Portland Street Honda is a very
family-oriented welcoming and fun place to be. We want to make sure whatever
department that you’re looking for that you have the best experience possible. We
want to make sure that your family is safe and happy so for my family at
Portland Street Honda to yours, We hope to see you soon

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