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Pizza Delivery guy humiliated by car dealership

Pizza Delivery guy humiliated by car dealership

uhhh hey, you
guys called back. Is
there something wrong
with your pizza? no the pizza was excellent and we just wanted to say the service and delivery we had, awesome. you did a great job and we want to give you a little something extra. Here take that. Thank you, thank you very much No problem we’re going to rate you 5 stars on yelp thank you we really appreciate everything you do for us, so I got you these gifts thank you very much you know what, take my favorite pineapple. It’s yours. your favorite pineapple? Thank you I appreciate that. thanks for going above and beyond thank you have a great day guys Here at Quirk Auto Dealers we like to treat our customers like we treat our pizza delivery men, Excellent!

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70 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery guy humiliated by car dealership

  1. Nothing like sticking it to the man. And that really sticks it to them. It seems they deserve all this "attention". Gotta run, I'm going to donate to him now.

  2. What a waste of purposely good pizza. I could eat it but "no" it must got to kdis in afrika. If they dseruved to live how cum they cant make their own food? Checkmate GG

  3. F & R auto sales inc shut down their websites, the other rating sites were shut down also, I guess I'll have to call them and ask them about a car for 30 minutes just to say at end kiss my * 7 times.

  4. Nice, I'm feeling your support for the pizza man and discussed for the other car dealership who snubbed him, humiliated him, and harassed him at work. Did Will try and say that was a hate crime? I didn't see a "crime", I just saw a bunch of cheat mean people with liberal entitlement.

  5. If you did this in Amerikka you would have been shot with a AR 15 silenced with a holographic scope with a foregrip, adjustable stock, and laser pointer, all with a extended magazine mag.

    Stay safe kids.

    – Mod of /r/guns /r/gunsrights /r/fukobama and /r/cometryandtakemyguns

  6. If anyone wants to give them a word or two, better yet call and ask about a car, spend 5 minutes asking, then say what you want, here's their info.. 385 State Road, Westport, MA 02790 (508) 678-3208

  7. I'm thinking they got flooded with calls so they disconnected their phone lines, I'm sure it's temporarily because it will hurt business, I will keep on trying, I'm going to buy them a cheapskate card and mail it to them.

  8. Treat there customers like that guy? If I ever buy a car here, I expect flowers, a balloon, some money, and that guys favorite fruit, other wise suffer the Internets wrath.

  9. Hahaha fuck yes. This is hilarious. Way to go Quirk. I hope their business burns, solely because I don't believe we are better than eachother- and that is the mistake many of us make.

  10. I know it's a detail no one should care about, but I rolled my eyes at seeing the fake "Rec" indicator super imposed on the screen, as well as the battery life indicator and video tape graphics. Virtually no security camera in a business would run on batteries, and no business would use tapes to record security footage. We get just from the angle, the A/V quality, and the general imitation of the famous pizza delivery incident at another car dealer that it's fucking security footage DON'T JUDGE ME!

  11. Fuck every car dealership ever existed. Liar mother fuckers.

  12. You're still used car salesmen, don't get too ahead of yourselves. I am sure there is still plenty of douchebaggery going around at any used car dealer.. But It's good you're nice to your delivery person.

  13. I guess a lot of people don’t understand this is a parody video of an incident caught on camera of a pizza delivery guy being berated and humiliated at a car dealership

  14. Omg I can’t stop laughing hahaha. You guys are freaking genius. I’d love to buy cars from this dealer lol.

  15. I thought this was coming from a gay porn for a second there. Maybe, because it's the way it was been recorded and how they act. lol.

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