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Picking Up UBER Riders In A Lamborghini!

Picking Up UBER Riders In A Lamborghini!

What’s up guys, my name is Park Kinnear Enstein. This is vehicle virgins and today We’re gonna be picking up unsuspecting uber riders in a Lamborghini uber doesn’t really allow 2-door Lamborghinis to be registered so to make this super legit because I actually wanted to use the uber app I Registered my 2016 s550, went to the uber registering greenlight Center can go over the car of course It was all good so that cars registered so when I picked people up. It’s gonna say Mercedes s550, but in reality It’s gonna be a green Lamborghini, Huracan Got the GoPro setup thumb to head out Let’s go pick up some uber riders, let’s turn this on we got this uber app. It’s funny I’ve used uber so many times to be a rider, but never as a driver so turn this thing online Oh wow that was fast! Alright Amber give her a call Hello! Hey I’m your uber driver right you’re in front of Bank of America? Oh No I’m not, I am 28 bigger okay alright, I’m in a green Prius. I’ll see you in a second, okay Amber Haben I’m your uber driver It’s a Prius it’s the new Prius We’re going to the village holy shit, there’s two of you Okay, I didn’t actually think about that All right, just to just have it both will save will say this will be interesting. Oh my gosh. Oh Alright we’re going we’re going to the village Alright alright weird so how’s your uh? experience when you ever been OMG! Holy! Yeah, that is my darling I’m like the top-ranked uber driver, so I know this is I’m really well Please don’t do that again! Don’t do that again! 12 seconds later I this car is so much fun You’re hard he tried to get out. I forgot uber does carpool now. They’re also just multiple people, so we’re kind of like I mean most cars have more than just one seat I’m like pretty new to the uber game, so yeah, Wait It’s that your trunk? Just really big No, that’s the engine Yeah, it’s that big yeah The trunk is in the front what you know all the rap songs are like Vince my trunk is in the front you’d get a ticket for seating like this Oh Anyone with a second. It’s my fault. I feel like Ya know the police officers will be very distracted with everything else. That’s happening here in his car. Isn’t very incognito oh That’s true It’s like my battery voltage and shit, it’s random. You know it’s just really important things for when I’m moving I’m obsessed where we’re gonna feel eNOS. You just feel over anywhere here alright cool All right You just open up, and you just open that door there this no, that’s just the handle for like when you’re freaking out And you’re going really fast There you go Thank you! You’re welcome! So much for this experience! Well I realized that picking people up in an uber with only one empty seat is not really a good idea So I’m heading over to my buddy James’s house who also has a super-fast car see if he’s down to put an uber sticker on his car oMG GT I wonder if he’s an uber hey, can you help me out? I don’t understand how to make money on this damn I didn’t see any uber sticker So it’s probably unlikely there loke there’s so much traffic in LA how do our drivers make any money? But don’t worry, I’m on my way, I’m on my way! I realized I don’t actually have any more stickers, so we’re gonna have to recycle I got your uber logo James Yeah, it’s a it’s a little messed up. What are we doing this or that? Zo6 this is like a like a Chinese copy of uber. It’s not quite But yeah, dude, I picked up this girl, and then it was two girls And they couldn’t fit so we’re gonna need we’re gonna need a second a second super car. I just called your ZO6 a super car Wow that was fast all right sick yellow follow me I found somebody Like the address is coming up for Phil all right bill Phil? All right, I’m your uber My son told me we’re close to me dead Kings yep He said he couldn’t make me up so he said in an uber this isn’t who I guess is a newer curve in an uber This is his first uber ride how funny is that? They’re in the other all likeness. I’ve never been in a car like this. Oh my gosh Fantastic. But hold on I gotta pull-on my seatbelt No no helmet, that’s super uber black it’s more expensive. Okay, all right here. We go we’re going to Kings Look at it in the GPS foreheads is exciting. You know I’ve never Okay, all right I was worried. There is where they gonna fit. Oh, yeah it is Yep, see you know And you compound oceans on your toe You’ve never taken Hoover or lift or any of those no no right I mean I was uh you say what I’m I shouldn’t do this, but you just took a bigger ordinary cam yep Well see the cab drivers are mad at Hoover because they’re all been picked up and Lambos And and the cab companies just can’t keep up you know when you need to get there quickly Last 25 You know one side here and over and that’s regular gallium. Anyways it gave me a lot of feedback, and I see This scene this is great I was supposed to surprise you with with the awesome uber ride in a car that People don’t normally get an uber ride and and here you are you’re the one entertaining me. This is fantastic Just workin there’s a 25-mile zone Okay, and the police are hurt. They would look at this car. Yeah not. Happy about it. You get one of those Yeah, not good. I’m tired, but thanks. Thanks for the heads up and I would clean These guys are over Yeah, I had nothing to do My first experience with over she would run lamborghini gitex Or early Yeah Not a while and you have decision yeah, what made you get into there, I don’t know if that’s you – ooh BRR or that That’s a good question that is the question um I don’t know my friend said it was a it was a fun part-time job So here I am I think you’re right yeah and for those that are Okay The question may not Are you the Bluebird and item I think I am yeah. Yeah, probably The who pari calm down all right Getting more relaxing and not like for a while than we were 25 oh yeah, yeah, I’m sorry I I’ll write that down in my in my notes for future. Oh, no dude that recovering do that? I’ve been in cars and That’s enough for them honestly that’s the worst part about this car is that for how much it costs you can buy a $20,000 economy car that has blind spot warnings, and this doesn’t my Supergirl young I need my time Perfect but you have to go in all right. Well. I can I hope you enjoyed your your uber Thank you so much. Well, you’re I’m again Parker Parker my news all right Philip. We’ll have fun with your son, okay No other way. You just pull this that George yeah now I like the crap All right, take care. Thank you very much. Oh my god I could not have asked for a better in his words uber II Than that what a Wow what an experience this is fun. It kind of makes me wonder I mean I’m not gonna be an uber driver as my career, but you probably meet some pretty interesting people and have some pretty interesting conversations When you’re an uber driver Wow that was a seriously cool experience? I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing We’ve got some awesome stuff coming up if you’re a pro member and you got to see this video in advance before it hit YouTube I hope you enjoyed that perk if you’re not click the link in the description below There’ll be information on how to do it. Hope you guys enjoyed this video like always please browse the channel and subscribe I look forward to seeing you next video You

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100 thoughts on “Picking Up UBER Riders In A Lamborghini!

  1. Hey guys, I just uploaded a race of my Huracan vs Salomondrins 720s! It's absolutely insane. Click the link to watch it now before it drops on youtube!

  2. I took an Uber driver to my sons wedding to finish the archway before the ceremony. I cannot say enough about my driver. She was funny and so amazing. She just couldnt fathom me having to do this. I tried to explain that I didnt have a car and would never put anyone out especially my son and my soon to be daughter in law on their special day. Knowing Uber could get me to where i needed to be safely was my main priority. My son wanted to make arrangements for me including driving his big truck but I refused. I now have a car but still occasionally do Uber because of the convenience. I am grateful I have never had a bad experience.

  3. The cop pulls Parker over and there are two hot girls are in the passenger seat.
    Cop: Umm… Sir what's going on here?
    Parker: I'm an Uber driver and these are my riders, gestures to girls.
    Cop: Yeah… sure… ok… (Not quite sure how to react)

  4. They first had paddle shifts on some of the early 60's cars, I believe the Ford Edsel had one, it was shift on the tree, snifter on the steering wheel column.

  5. The first girls the one in red is worried about everything, but the one in white is ready for whatever lol

  6. The first girls the one in red is worried about everything, but the one in white is ready for whatever lol

  7. Do I get a helmet? Love the old gentleman. I think old people are just darn hilarious and funny. Spend some time with them and you would be laughing soooo hard at some of the fun spontaneous things they say

  8. Phil? Uh, you’ll have to wait for the next driver… no, not that one, the next one that looks you should be IN it! (Life is so unfair)

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