Pawn Stars: LOW OFFER IRRITATES SELLER OF O.G. CAR (Season 9) | History

COREY: Hey, how’s it going?
– All right. Hey, I have an OG car I’d like
to show you, OG gangster’s car. Original gangster car, OK. ROBERT: Original gangster. Pull into the alley. There’s a lot back there. I’ll meet you back
there, all right? OK. An OG car could be a classic
hot rod or something covered in bullet holes for all I know. Sweet. So this is it, huh? Yeah, this is it. It’s a 1940 Buick
Sport Sedan Special. There’s only one of
this series in Nevada. This is a rare bird. And it was Fidel Castro’s car. COREY: Really? ROBERT: Yes. So who told you the
whole story with it being related to Castro? ROBERT: I bought it
from the chauffeur. Fidel Castro brought it when he
went to Mexico for a few years to fight the guerrilla war,
and he didn’t ship it back. So the car was in Cuba,
got brought to Mexico, and then Castro was
going back to Cuba and ended up leaving
the car in Mexico. Exactly. COREY: Do you mind if I kind
of take a look around the car? ROBERT: Sure, take a look. It needs carpet. I have the original
stereo system for it, the original radio. COREY: OK. ROBERT: Yeah. I’m digging the swamp cooler. Swamp cooler. Back then in the ’40s, they
would open this up here, fill it with water,
get it frozen, mount it back on,
and on their way with that long trip hitting the
wind here and cooling the cab. COREY: That is cool. What are you looking
to get out of it? $35,000. COREY: $35,000? ROBERT: Everything’s there. All original, OG
gangster right here. All right. You’ll be rolling. You’ll be rolling,
let me tell you. All right, man. So I am not the
expert on 1940 Buicks. Mind if I have a friend
of mine come check it out? ROBERT: Sure, sure. Have him come out. 1940 Buick, man. That new body was called
a sea body, torpedo body. Very distinctive, man. Very cool. This was GM’s number
two, basically Cadillac’s little brother. Mind if I open the
door and check it out? Go ahead, yeah. Great. Yeah, you didn’t finish the
carpeting or the headliner or any of that? ROBERT: I have the headliner. The carpet I don’t have. Yeah, I can see, like,
a different shifter in there that’s obviously
not original, right? ROBERT: No, no. STEVEN RAY ANASTOS: It would
have been a 3 on the tree. ROBERT: Right. STEVEN RAY ANASTOS: Looks
like the transmission’s obviously been changed. Mind if we look
underneath the hood? ROBERT: Yeah, sure, let’s do it. All American cars
in 1940 were awesome. I can’t wait to open the
hood and see that cool motor. In 1940, it would have had
a Fireball 8, Straight-8. ROBERT: Yeah, a Straight
Flat-8 Fireball. That’s what that was. And that wasn’t with the car? No, it wasn’t. No, it wasn’t. That’s a shame, really. You mind if we take
it for a test drive? ROBERT: No, I don’t mind at all. See what I mean? I think that’s important. When we opened the hood,
I was a little let down. I wanted to see that
Buick Fireball-8 motor, which is one of the
coolest-looking motors ever. It just kind of ruined
it for me a little bit. [ENGINE STARTS] Wow, with the car running, the
brakes almost go to the floor. They’re real, really soft. Oh, man, yeah. That’s pretty iffy, man. You know? We’ve got some bad brakes here. They’re way too soft. Yeah, I’m– I’m good. Yeah, this is too
big of a car to be driving with brakes like that. Yeah, I’d feel
better doing that. I really do. All right. The danger with soft brakes
is they only go so far, so once you hit the ground,
you’re not pushing anymore. That’s it. So if the car’s still
rolling, there’s no stopping the car at that point. COREY: We heard it run. You got a good feel for it? I think the plus on
the car is the paint and the bodywork is
pretty darn good. But underneath that, I think
there– it needs a little love. COREY: What do you
think it’s worth? I would probably put
the value of this car somewhere around $14,000. That’s just– No, not even. STEVEN RAY ANASTOS: That’s
where I would put the car. Wow, that’s– that’s
OK for you, but– Again, I think
a lot of that has to do with it’s
being a four-door sedan instead of a coupe. ROBERT: Well, that’s
for the hot rods, not the low riders of
the gangsters, OGs– STEVEN RAY ANASTOS: I see. –you know, that loved
these cars and collectors. STEVEN RAY ANASTOS:
They’re only worth so much. I think that’s where we are. COREY: My man, I appreciate it. Hey, my pleasure, Cor. – All right.
– Brother. – Nice meeting you.
– Thank you, man. It was nice meeting you, too. Really think he was way
low on the value of the car. Just being an OG
Buick makes the car. That’s it. COREY: All right, my man, I know
you want $35,000 for the car. Yeah. COREY: I’m not a collector. OK. COREY: Everything I do
is I do it for profit. Most I’m going to go is $15,000. ROBERT: You know what? Give me $25,000. $15,000 is way too low. COREY: All right, my man. And $25,000 is where I’m at. We’re so far apart, buddy. It’s just not there. All right, my man,
well, I appreciate it. OK.
Nice meeting you. Thank you for coming down.
It was nice meeting you. Yeah, that’s good. Thanks. He might know about hot rods
and motorcycles and stuff like that, but he doesn’t
know about old-time classics and vintage cars. He’s too young to know. He is definitely not an OG.

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