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Pawlik Automotive – Pitfalls of Buying Used Cars

Pawlik Automotive – Pitfalls of Buying Used Cars

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead
Generation, we’re here this morning with Mr. Bernie Pawlik of the famous Pawlik Automotive
in Vancouver, 16 time winners of Best Auto Repair in Vancouver as voted by their customers.
How’re you doing today Bernie? Bernie: Doing very well.
Mark: So we’re going to talk about the pitfalls, you had a little conversation last week about
used cars and all the advantages, the price etc., bigger, fancier for the same price,
um, but there’s some pitfalls and you mentioned that we were going to talk about those, so
what are the pitfalls of buying a used car? Bernie: Well, absolutely there are definitely
pitfalls. So the first step in purchasing a used car or van or truck for that matter
is find what you need or and sometimes it’s what you want but you know, there’s a distinct,
there’s a distinct difference between want and need sometimes but either way just figure
out what kind of vehicle you want so and at this point you need to do your research. I
mentioned that last time; research, research, research is as key so, so so you say you settle
on a 4 door sedan compact kind of model then what you need to do is look at comparable
vehicles, look at stuff you like, look at what might you might think might be good.
So I just picked a couple of models, a few different models in that category, compact
sedan. There’s the Toyota Camry, there’s the Honda Civic, sorry Honda Accord, these
are sort of the nicer models Honda Accords, BMW 328i, Mercedes C250, Ford Fusion or a
vehicle cross. Now there’s a lot of other models that I haven’t mentioned but there’s
six sort of comparable type vehicles. So you look at the, you do some research, you figure
out the price points of the vehicles, whether or not that meets your budget, whether you
like the vehicles or not and then that’s your starting point. So the first step is
to narrow it down to the model that suits your needs, what you need, do you have a family,
do you need a minivan, you know, do you have a business, do you need a truck, you know
or do you want a sports car you know and you figure out what’s your base, your starting
point. Mark: So how do you end up finding the prices?
Bernie: Best think I can suggest is you know, you look, you look at papers, I say papers
but you know online, Craigslist that’s a good resource, there’s the Auto Trader,
there’s a huge resource there, Kijiji’s got some cars for sale and I mean there’s
even your local newspapers and stuff which is not a very huge resource but Craigslist
and Auto Trader would be the biggest things and you look at your list, okay so how much
is a say for example a 2011 Toyota Camry and you get an idea, you know of the price range
and the mileage and what, what’s you know what’s happening with the car and that gives
you kind of a base idea and then you could write down, you know make a little data sheet
yourself, nothing complicated but you know, sort of a price range and you go okay these
would meet my needs, there’s your price research.
Mark: So my research price, what’s next? Bernie: So next step and this is I would say
one of the most important things, probably the most important thing is to look at projected
reliability and maintenance costs you know, it just so happens this week a company that’s
online, it’s called, they just came up with a study with car maintenance
prices which is just awesome. I’m going to share this because it just happened to
come out exactly the time we wanted to present this so, just getting the screen share going
here and
start screen sharing and there we go. So this is the, this is a cost list that they’ve
compiled of, of vehicle brands and their maintenance costs over a period of ten years. Now you’ll
notice it BMW sits at the top substantially more expensive than the next car down which
is a Mercedes, uh about $5,000 more over a ten year period than a Mercedes, then there’s
Cadillac, Volvo all the way down but you’ll notice that almost all of the brands in the
top are fancy luxury cars, European brands. If you look at the bottom of the list the
cheapest ones, Toyota actually they’re all three Toyota brands, Lexus, Scion or Scion,
never sure how to say that one and Toyota uh on the cheapest to maintain so you this
is a good bit of information because if you go hey I’m really fixed on a BMW and you
look, you go hey you know that BMW is probably going to cost me more money than a Mercedes
to maintain over the period of ten years, well you know that might change your thoughts,
maybe you like the BMW so much you’re not going to make any change but this is the kind
of information that’s really useful to have. So this is one list, the other, the other
awesome piece of list here, we’ll switch to, did that list change Mark?
Mark: yeah Bernie: OK, so this list here they’ve actually
compiled the most expensive cars that they have come across which is really interesting,
you notice that the top car and this one is a Chrysler Sebring and I’d say based on
my experience that’s probably pretty accurate, this car’s really honestly not a kind of
car you want to own, it’s they’re just an o.k. car I mean they do actually make a
convertible which is nice but not an extremely fancy car but there’s just so much that
goes wrong with these cars and so expensive, it really, if you have got a Sebring for really
cheap you probably don’t even want to own it anyways because you’re going to be spending
a lot of money, so again this list is, it’s on They’ve got a lot of
other interesting bits of information on, on car repairs and maintenance too but this
is uh, this is uh, you know that, that’s a good piece of information. So getting back
to where we’re talking so there’s other resources, there’s a lemon, the Lemonade
Used Car Guys, these are very good resources as well although I find them sometimes a little
opinionated with their ideas but yeah those are a couple of the resources you can look
at. Mark: So I’ve used Lemonade in the past,
what do you mean by of opinionated? Bernie: Well I think Lemonade, they’re a
bit of a how do I say it, a consumer crusading organization, I mean their agenda is really
to hold manufacturers feet to the fire to make a good quality car product which is excellent,
I mean there’s no, no doubt about that’s a great thing but just some of their, I mean,
going back many years I really wanted a Volkswagen Westphalia van because those are, they were
kind of unique campervan and only Volkswagen really made them and if you read the reviews
about it, you know, you wouldn’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole and there’s
a lot of things about Volkswagens that weren’t great but you know what if you have your eyes
open and you go into a transaction, it doesn’t really matter, it’s like yes, you know,
there are issues but there very much, don’t buy it. Well I want one so I’m kind of , I’m
kind of the opinion whatever car you want you should buy and have just know the consequences
of it, so I mean putting, putting opinions other than this is what it costs to maintain
is you know, just facts are good and then you can make your own decisions from there.
Another excellent source of information by the way is just talking to people who repair
cars, people like us, otherwise you may have a shop you deal with who you trust, talk to
them about the car you’re looking at and say this is what I’m thinking of buying,
what’s your experience with it and there’s also specialist shops that work on a lot of
cars, um, again I don’t know if I’d say this you know if you just trust the opinion
of one shop, you might want to call a couple of different places because I find in our
business there’s a lot of opinionated people and their opinions may not be uh, may not
always be worth trusting, it, it’s good, it’s good to get a few different recommendations
but if you find you, you look on you see the price for instance of a Toyota
is good and then you talk to your mechanic guy, oh yeah, Toyota’s great you know and
reliability is the key thing you want well then you know you’ve found the car, the
Camry might be the car you want to pursue. Mark: OK so we, we know our price; we know
the reliability, what’s next? Bernie: Next thing is an inspection. So you’ve
picked the car out, the next key is to get the vehicle inspected and get it done by a
professional by a mechanic, a shop mechanic like ourselves or an inspections service,
there’s a number of those around or you know, that, that would be the key thing to
do. Mark: So what if the car drives fine, I’ve
looked down the side, maybe I’ve used a magnet, there’s no bondo whatever, whatever
gimmick that some people come up with to try and evaluate a car, everything looks good,
do I really need an inspection in that case? Bernie: Well I’d say absolutely if you want
to buy yourself a good reliable used car and you want to know what’s going on with it,
I mean, you can, I mean, I have bought used cars myself without inspecting them but you
know, knowing hey I don’t really know, I might need a brake job next week but they
feel fine. The thing with cars they can actually, you can drive them and they, you can get a
lot, know a lot about a car by driving it down the road but also you can never, you
know there’s a lot of things that you won’t really know that needs to be done like there
may be an oil leak or there’s a coolant leak, it’s not really that noticeable you
know, there could be brakes could be almost worn out and yet they, it still stops fine,
there’s no shakes or vibration so you know, you can be buying a used car that potentially
has thousands of dollars worth of work and you really don’t know unless you have it
inspected so it, it is really important to know that.
Mark: Any other thoughts for today? Bernie: You know, I just, just final thoughts,
I just want to summarize what we’ve talked about, uh, you know first point is pick the
car that you want, pick the car that you need and do some research in the price range, get
to know what the price is, once you know the price then you’ll know, hey that’s a good
deal or that’s not a good deal. You look at the reliability reports to hone your selection
down, going you what I like BMW’s but I wouldn’t buy one because it’s going to
cost too much money to repair, I’ll settle with a Honda Accord which is not settling
at all by the way, it’s a very nice car, you know so you got to look at it or you might
say hey I want the BMW anyhow, I don’t, I don’t care, I’ll just pay more money
because I want BMW so, so you look at the reliability reports, you make your choice
there an then the third thing you do is you pick the vehicle and you take it and get it
inspected and then from there you make your choice, you make your purchase. So the next
episode we’re going to talk about some vehicle types to avoid and some vehicles to be cautious
of and that’s it. Mark: Right so we’ve been talking with Mr.
Bernie Pawlik of Pawlik Automotive in Vancouver. If you want to buy a car these are the guys
to go see for an inspection. Give them a call 604-327-7112, they’re busy, you must book
ahead or check out their website, tons of information on there
Thanks Bernie. Bernie: Thanks Mark

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