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Passing items in cars is impossible

Passing items in cars is impossible

Oh have you got any energy drinks? Yeah man do you want one now? Yeah that’d be great Yeah sweet Oh Why did you stop the car? Well you want an energy drink right? Yeah I’m just wondering why you stopped the car? Well I can’t give you the energy drink while I’m driving Why not? Physically impossible…? Uh okay, you know what? Never mind. Can I have the energy drink? Yeah, sure Why did you do that? Because you want an energy drink Yes but why did you drop the energy drink outside the car Ben? So you can go and get it Yeah but– Why didn’t you just hand me the energy drink? What?? Oooh!! Okay what I’m asking you is – why didn’t you just hand me the drink Ben? What you want me to somehow transport it from the drivers seat to the passengers seat? Yes Ben! Just hand it to me – I don’t understand what you’re not getting here! That’s physically impossible Rowan! Yeah okay I’ll just magically hand you something from the drivers seat to the passengers seat And then we’ll just take flight, and we’ll fly to Rozhok while we shoot laser beams out the head lights shall we Rowan?? Ben I’m not asking you to do a magic trick! I’m just asking you to pass me an energy drink from your seat to my seat! Okay so are we going to do this again are we Rowan?? Apparently we are Ben! Okay okay! Let’s do it then, lets do it! Lets go, lets go this’ll be fun! Hey Rowan! Guess what? I don’t have many bandages Do you have some bandages Rowan? Yes Ben! Would you like me to hand them to you like a normal person? Great! Right here Rowan hand me the bandages please OOOH! ROWAN! You put them outside! I wanted you to magically transport them into my hands Rowan! Do you see the problem?? AGAIN?? Yeh.. Yeah okay so shall we — you want to go get that and I’ll go grab that? This is fun innit?? We good?? Yeah I just wish, you know, you don’t have to be so abrasive with the way you speak– Yeah shut the f*** up Rowan Guys you may have noticed that we are now sponsored by SteelSeries which is awesome! Now if you want to support us you can click the link below and use the discount code ‘VLDL12’ to get 12% off any SteelSeries products And the awesome thing is it actually helps us because we get some of the profits So please click the link!

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100 thoughts on “Passing items in cars is impossible

  1. It's dangerous to give items while driving Rowan ! Drive safely !

    Btw, the wheel is wrong side for PUBG 😂😋

  2. BRO. THE SARLAAC ATE ME. THAT WAS AWESOME. THANK YOU GUYS. Also, these are my videos. I feel like Rowan should catch on by now

  3. I love this series! Pretty sure Ben is my favorite character / actor. You are all amazing but there's just something about Ben.

  4. i wish we could lend them right in hand not just drop it on ground and waste or time like if you agree 😁😁😁

  5. I've been telling everybody with a funny bone about your Channel. So far I've gotten about 10 or 11 people to start watching your videos!

  6. That's funny. Ben has almost fully subdued Rowan. One more vid like this and Rowan will be super passive and submissive


    This line never gets old.

  8. "OK!! so were gonna do this again now?! Are we Rowan?!
    -APPARENTLY WE ARE!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I never get tired of these two bickering about each other.. it is perfect… they both have that cynic look… hahaha

  10. You want me to do physically impossible like levitate or shoot laser beams out of my eyes!?!

    You want me to magically shoot laser beams out of the headlights!

    Lol keep the laser beam jokes going.

  11. My buds and I were driving through the red zone going fast as fuck. Until I said "And then we get hit by an arty round." Not even a second later our car explodes in a massive fireball killing all four of us. I laugh hysterically, they all yell what the fuck. Good times.

  12. Its honesty very impressive how they really can show a good performance with these pubg videos. This is like spot on pubg squad chat while you are playing the game with a new player.

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