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Ownership Impressions 2016 Mercedes S550 | My First Car Review

Ownership Impressions 2016 Mercedes S550 | My First Car Review

We’ve had the 2016 Mercedes S550 4matic sedan
for about 7 months now and it’s been a pretty good ownership experience. We came from before this a 2014 E63 AMGS and
while they are both Mercedes, they have some very different spirits to them, very different
natured cars; where as the E63 was sort of a wolf in sheep’s clothing where it was fast
and you could always tell that what you were driving was fast even an eco mode even in
comfort the suspension was still a little bit stiff. This is something completely different this
car is not at all about driving fast even though it is you know V8 engine 4.7 liter
biturbo 449 horsepower 516 pound feet of torque 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds. You put your foot down you get going pretty
well but that’s not what this car is about this car is about waking up in the morning
you know it’s 7 a.m. and you got to go to your job as you know maybe you work in the
hospital as a doctor or you know you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and odds are
if you can afford this car at your job is probably pretty stressful so you know you
need something relaxing to get you to and from work everyday and this is the car to
do that you’ve got your 12.3 inch dual 12.3 inch LED displays when you wake up in the
morning to greet you and then once you get in you know you put on your you put on your
massage seats right here wish you got for both the driver and the passenger and you
got six different types of massage as well you got an act of workout massage which is
supposed to help strengthen your back muscles so that you know after you’ve been maybe on
your feet all day for 10 hours you get in the car and you want to relax and maybe you
want to make sure that you know you’ve been sitting down all day and you want to keep
your your back healthy yeah you can probably sack to work at massage You can adjust the
seats any which way you want I mean it’s you you name it there’s no matter what your body
shape as you can fit into these Seas just fine and you can adjust how why do you want
the side bolsters to meet you going to just how why do you want to be around your shoulders
again just how stiff you wanted to be for the lumbar I mean you can adjust whatever
you want any which way you want and truth be told I actually have not even bother to
adjust it because I think he’s already just that comfortable as for you know how it is
to drive you know it’s decently fast but this is a luxury car this searing is incredibly
light incredibly light the suspension is very very smooth it’s like riding on a cloud and
you know these windows right here these are double double pane windows you not hear anything
from outside at all and you know maybe you want to listen some music on your way to work
will you got these quality burmester sound system speakers that are just so beautiful
13 of them in the car it’s a great quality sound system very clear crisp sound comes
out of them and you know this entire car it just covered in leather and it’s very relaxing
and pleasing An Elegant to the is so pleasing just look up like look at this after you know
a long day at work and you got to come home you know this is what brings you home you
spend a lot of your time 2 hours probably a day in the car and you want to have a good
experience there and this is a great car for super relaxing car you know this is the perfect
car for a long road trip or you don’t you name it it’s such a relaxing car but at the
same time there are some downsides being I’m only 18 years old and so I’m not an old man
I don’t like to you know always be driving something that’s super soft Mary sometimes
I want something set that’s why I liked the E63 we had so much and so you know if you’re
younger and that’s what you’re looking for you know this may not be so much for you to
look at if you still want to fly you should lower your car to look at at a BMW 7 Series
the same price that’s little bit more sport Dad 4 exam 5 and 3 or maybe one similar to
this and you want it at a slightly better price point Someone who you know is an older gentleman
maybe or you just want something to relax and maybe you’re not even that old you guys
stressful job and you like to have a relaxing commute to work this is your car and so that
concludes our review hijack

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