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To outsource or not to outsource?
That is the question! Hello everybody and thanks for tuning in again. So this week
we’re going to be weighing up the pros and cons of outsourcing your web chat
enquiries, specifically for the automotive sector. So… let’s get started!
Let’s handle the pros first. The first pro is that it alleviates pressure from
your in-house staff. Being treated the websites can be really inconvenient for
your showroom consultants. It basically means they have to split their time
between managing web chat inquiries and handling any walk-ins that may come into
the showroom. Ultimately this could leave either customer having to wait around
while the consultant tries to manage both enquiries. Outsourcing means that
agents can look after any web chat inquiries whilst your showroom
consultants can deal with any walk-ins: Win-Win. The second pro of outsourcing is that you can provide 24/7 support. Many dealerships are only open during normal working hours, which is fine, however our research has shown at that over 50% of
web trained queries come through outside of normal working hours. If you handle your web chat enquiries solely in-house this means that you could miss key
opportunities to speak to interested customers. Outsourcing means that
specialist automotive agents can be constantly on hand so that they can
answer those questions quickly meaning there’s less time for that customer to
hop over to a competitive website. And the third pro is that you can increase
sales and conversions with no additional resources. If it’s not clear by now I’ll
make it plain and simple: web chat is not just for customer support, it’s a
fantastic sales tool as well. It’s common sense if a customer is engaging in a web
chat on your web site, it likely means that they’re interested in learning more
about your cars. What does that mean? They’re looking to buy, and if it’s not
from you it’ll be from someone else. What’s more, considering web chat
sessions last for an average of seventeen minutes, this provides a huge sales opportunity. So by outsourcing your web chat enquiries to specialist automotive
agents, this means that the agents can dedicate as much time as they need to
ensure a positive customer experience… so those people are much more likely to buy
from you. Okay so those were the pros but what about the cons? Okay so the first
con of outsourcing is that it can break continuity for the customer. If it’s
important to your strategy that each customer is handled by one agent
throughout their entire buying journey you might want to consider outsourcing
quite carefully. A key benefit of keeping website management in-house is that you
can ensure that each customer is only dealt with by one consultant throughout
their entire journey. This is much more seamless and can provide a much more
personal and tailored experience. Number two is that you would need to
proactively share any offers with your outsource team. Another potential
downside of outsourcing is that you would need to be more proactive in
keeping your outsource team up to date with any offers or promotions that you
might be running. So if you are going to outsource it’s important that you keep
your outsource team completely up to date with any promotions that the
dealership might be offering- if not it could end up in a bit of a sticky
situation where customers think that they’re in time for an offer and it
turns out they’re not! And the final downside is that agents can be based
anywhere in the world. Many automotive companies choose to use
global outsource team for their web chat handling, which might not be ideal if
this doesn’t match your company’s message. For example, if a flagship
company value is to promote local goods and services outsourcing your customer
service teams won’t reflect this. It’s also worth bearing in mind that
over the last few years overseas contact centers have been increasingly viewed as
negative by the public who tend to prefer local support teams. So we have
three pros and three cons- which is best? At the end of the day, whether you
choose to outsource or not, consider what is going to be the best solution
for your customers. Whatever your decision
make sure you’ve weighed up the pros and cons carefully. So that’s all for today
if you do need more information, head over to and as ever don’t
forget to subscribe. See you soon!

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