1. Randy, I blame Jimbo. (So does anyone that knows him from his Corvette days.) It’s all Jimbo ‘s fault.

    Jimbo could break a 4 cylinder Honda Accord.

  2. I don't even own supercars, but even I thought using a massy as a camera car was … well, less than the best choice.

  3. As with the case with every Maseratis, you got to baby this thing or it will punch your money sack. These cars are more like toy cars,thats it…

  4. Buy a Mercedes Benz AMG, It's realiable, Luxury,- So it's good for rally's which is what u need), And it has a whole lot of storage space for luggage, maybe a Roll cage, or even to stuff it up with Confetti Cannons.
    And as you said, The maserati Couldn't keep up with the murcielago and it wasn't made for that, Well a Benz is fast with the capability of pulling u back to the seats, it has high numbers for Torque, and it has good Handling.
    A mercedes AMG GT-R Would be the right car for Savage Garage's Camera car or atleast a new Savage garage member.

  5. Loving the content!! So hyped for you guys going in Fuel Run Midnight Run to Las Vegas!! I’m gonna sort of tag along 😂🤷🏻‍♂️. Hopefully I’ll see y’all at Eddie world in yermo, and at Aria Las Vegas

  6. Well sir you can use the Quattroporte as a camera and chase car but it's not wise to use it for donuts on a rally. Smdh. I used to own one. You have to pull service before a trip.

  7. Can you get jimbo a used s550 .. ain’t gotta be AMG. I’m sure that would make is life lol and save the urus for getting things attached and detached consistently

  8. Funny vlog Randy , but you should hire some guys that actually know stuff about cars not just whoever. Keep up the good work

  9. Loving Savage garage. But jimbo needs to stop playing kiss Chase while armed with kids toys Get ya hair cut n most importantly take Randy or John with you when buying cars cos shit a Maserati quadder..what ??? Think that hairstyle was having a blonde moment…. lol jimbo only messing but get ya haircut. FULL SEND U.K.

  10. Jimbo is trying sooooooooooooo hard to fit in with these guys to the point that he’s destroyed his car and made himself out to look like a complete idiot yet again… unless he has a rich mommy and daddy this isn’t a good situation for him. These guys don’t give 2 shits about him or his blown ass $7k Maserati. Leave while you still have some change in your pocket…or else you’re gonna end up drained with nothing to show for it other than a few videos of some rich guys laughing at how poor and helpless you are. I’m not trying to bag on jimbo….I’m just saying what a lot of people are thinking. I’d hate to see a young guy chase these ideas of grandeur and lose everything. At the end of the day though, if these guys are paying you and you can afford something new then screw it I guess… but I doubt it. Like I said, no hate…but no one else has said it so I might as well be the asshole to speak up. 🖤👊🏼

  11. I wonder why all these Youtubers occupie the gaspumps, like eating behind their car at a pump. Others who want to fill up dont bother?

  12. Try replacing the rear coolant hose once every 10 years and that won’t happen lol. There is small pipe that sits above the bell housing. If you defer maintenance on any of those cars, you’ll be stranded my friend.

  13. Not in anyway hating or being disrespectful love the channel but a little confused the vlogs seem a little all over the place right now!? I thought rally vlogs were over lol but still like to see them and just going to throw it out there Randy Savage is the fucking man! Keep them sexy cars coming!

  14. Okay, i get that the Maserati was a bad idea but it was not cool for randy to leave him there at least sit and look at him worry about how the car is going to be fixed and then make fun of him 😃 that would have bean a much better video

  15. it's the water pump HS !

    the water pump , and oïl works together

    if you drive wihout oïl engine you crash the engine

    CHANGE the compressor belt 150.000 klm

    1/ change the water Pump
    2/ change the compressor Belt
    3/ maybe when you change the water pump you can see no more splines in the drive pinion of the water pump remove the distribution and replacement sproket and chains with tensioner .

  16. Randy. They make o2 sensor spacers. Cant think of tech term but they pull your o2 sensor outa flow to trick pc into thinking theres a cat converter. Or tune delete. Either way. Just dropping some knowledge lol

  17. I get to hotel in NKY 2x weekly, eat watch new video….. Take 2 weeks off vacation and you guys literally drive through my entire Cincy/NKY delivery area, dont watch cuz I'm on vacay… Kicking self in @as. You guys suck!

  18. Unless the lambo use somekind of funk way to mount the o2 sensor. you could find yourself and instal a spacer on it. about half an inch. it pulls out the sensor from the main ''stream'' of the exhaust and it will usually keep a stable air ratio in its little upper zone, which will not set an o2 code. OR at least alot less.

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