100 thoughts on “Our Lifestyle – Car Culture (2016) “Still Cold” – Night Lovell

  1. [Intro]
    You already know guys, 613
    We reppin’ it still
    Yo me and Lovell we go way back in time, see?
    You already know
    After 96 we do it all day
    Ball is life from time
    Yea, yea

    [Verse 1]
    Still checking at the place still cold
    Moving in a way no place no snow
    Straight chillin' with my niggas and shiver
    Thinking about the sun lay thoughts on the river
    Move back nigga, move back nigga
    Fake Jordan-ass whack-ass bitch nigga
    I come packed with eleven damn shots
    I claim this city and I take your spot
    Stay thinking about a white one
    Thinking about a bright sun
    That I changed straight from the dark shit
    No take when I'm playing with the black gun nigga
    You ain't never been a god since the last run
    No stares in the place that's you
    A lot of niggas tell me that I never really owe
    Track track to the place back back nigga
    Tell me that I'm like a nigga but my flow sicker

    I’m calling

    Yea! (Shit!)

    [Verse 2]
    Dressed like a motherfucking god when I reach the spot (Shit!)
    Niggas always tell me that I made it from the empty slot (Shit!)
    Change ways niggas no truth no plot
    Fuck a white brand no top no spot
    Chase all day till the darts in the back
    But my niggas fuck bitches in the back of the cab
    Claim riches but a nigga been whack
    Never talk boy with your fake ass stack
    Cash cash talking about cash cash nigga
    When I throw that shade catch catch nigga
    Last time when I talked to a man
    Well shit run quick slash slash for the neck nigga
    Know I gotta make it out the cold for the best show
    Please don't try never show my pack
    Bitch don't cry just move that tech
    That's trash thought I'd never really say this
    Caught my music on my ex bitch playlist
    Bitches say 613 that's the greatest
    But I never see no niggas ever famous
    Facts, boy black boy trash boy trash boy
    Ten fake bape hoodies face ass boy
    Know I tell these niggas that I never do shit
    But my thoughts never sick
    So I'm never not slick nigga nigga
    Watch me leave this place you stay
    Think about the fault you made
    Change the fucking shit you say
    I may be back another day

    From the North side…
    You started some like, some cold shit
    And we run it
    No more of that game stuff like
    I'm done with that

  2. Soon as i start speakin cars n subwoofers with ma mama she always says "Take that with dad" cuz she doesn't know a shet about that

  3. Hey if you have discord and are into cars I recommend u joining our new server focused on cars ~~>https://discord.gg/3d7FjfA

  4. My story:
    I’ve been a car guy since I was 6 because of my dad and now I’m 11 and school been hard because i got bullied because of my passion and the only car guys I knew was 2 friends until they moved and my dad and his friends.When I grow up I dreamed of getting a lambo but if I don’t my dream is to get a Supra. Sometimes I regret being a car guy because it ruining my life but it is 100% not I love cars since I was 6 and I still do.When I was 8 I knew about 50 car brands and I’m learning more.I always like going to intense car meets with my dad and it’s really fun.The main reason I got into cars was because of his 1995 Ford Mustang gt. He always use to go fast and I loved the feeling and it was devastating when it got hit by a drunk lady so now he has sportbikesand a new cobra that we both loved a did lots of stuff with them even though I don’t drive we always work on them and mid and fix em .I played more car games which boosted my enthusiasm a lot and watched car videos. I’m in 6 grade now and I still love cars and I know a lot about them. I tried to get my brothers sisters and friends into cars but it didn’t work 🙁 so I just have my dad and his friends which is ok I make more adult friends at car meets anyway. But my say to young car enthusiasts like me is to ignore hated and try to achieve your goal.

  5. Jeg fatter det aldrig ? En bil til 900 kilo og så er den tunede & styled for det samme … Det ku være fedt ..men med min Micra til 16 kilo er det lidt dumt at smide RAYS på til det dobbelte a hvad bilen er vær

  6. See stuff like that makes me wonder if they set it up right, one thing ain't right, tears shit up

  7. The hardest part is not getting the car…it’s saving the money and finding the right people to work on your car to make it how you want. I’m still in my stock ass Lexus ☹️.

  8. I promise you guys. In 6 years I am going to have a jdm car. I'll come back to this video and I will film a video. See you in 6 years

  9. Is it funny that this thing looks legit almost exactly like the starter car in Forza horizon 3 I swear it legit does too like it really makes sense cause it looks like a almost copy and paste of the car from forza horizon 3

  10. That s15 looks like forza horizon 3 to me it was the first thing I thought about when I saw it it looks so similar but different at the same time

  11. 4:55 Google Search:
    Our lifestyle – Car culture (2016) "Still cold" – Night lovell

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  12. I love how well the scenes are edited to the song, very nice cars too. This is pretty much my end goal with car cinematography

  13. i love this song i like the way he is rapping he is so good at rapping i just like his songs because they are so good his songs are so good really i mean it there so good

  14. This video is going to remain in the history of car culture.Remembering all of us why we do the sacrifaces we have to do for our cars.Love this

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