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Official Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car

Official Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car

This is the most secure location that we could find in the building. You notice we have plenty of security down here. There’s a degree of excitement around electric vehicles we haven’t seen before. But somebody’s got to be the first one out there. We need a lot of people trying a lot of different things. And then we see what emerges. It’s a race. It’s a total race. Until we see every car on the road being electric we will not stop. Oh, Elon’s going to lose his shirt. Elon’s going to get crushed! God damn it, we’ve got to get these cars out. Things keep coming along from people outside the car business and they all fall on their butts. You didn’t get the message: give us the cars that we want. I got a flood of emails saying “you sold out to the oil companies and you killed my grandchildren. I hope you rot in hell.” They based their whole company strategy on it. If it fails, there might not be a Nissan. We need to predict the future, prepare for it, if it happens, we’ll be ready. These are people who are not going to wait around to have the solution delivered to them. I want to show the world that it’s really possible. This is the future, and it’s attainable.

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100 thoughts on “Official Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car

  1. Where do you think the energy is going to come from if everyone in the US drives an electric car? Instead of oxidizing hydrocarbons in internal combustion engines, we will be burning significantly more coal and natural gas at power plants. The enormous scale of US energy consumption and the large amount of readily available coal and natural gas (and oil in the gulf) make it extremely difficult to come up with an economically viable alternative energy source without government subsidies.

  2. @MetalMilitia5488 Electric generating plants create power 24/7. It can't be stored, so if it goes unused, it is wasted. Charging off-peak taps energy that is going unused. Do a little research and you'll find that a lot of cars can charge for a lot of years before any additional infrastructure would be needed to add electrical capacity. Most EVs are charged at night, off-peak and time-of-use meters provide a financial incentive to do so.

  3. @ggfanjase Paine had to assure each automaker that he wouldn't release any footage until 2011, after each company's electric cars were on the market, in order to gain their permission for making the documentary.

  4. I can't await it anymore
    We are still stuck with a 100 and something year old model that's seriously flawed
    and everybody in the world is still defending even with it's dying breath.
    Instead of changing it, like a scientist should do, when the experiments refute the model, the scientific procedure is to change the model, and not assail the experiments as they did with cold fusion, and not deny it, and continue to do business the old way so
    that we can maybe bankrupt the nation one of these days!

  5. @ggfanjase Well – are you still part of the group of people who thinks that conspiracy is only a theory? Proof for yourself the history of humanity. There are countless examples in the past which have been revealed – so why on earth shouldn't that happen now-days and at a bigger scale?!

  6. …this should be soooo open source style documentary…they don't look like they need the money anyway…so GIMME THE DAMN TORRENT!!!

  7. @Zeghetank Hey Zeggy, no sound, no pleasure? search for "white zombie electric datsun" and watch a boring 1972 Datsun electric car smoke gas cars for breakfast and set world records at the drag strip 🙂

  8. @32Rockie Who is they? Oil companies? I believe you are, in fact, using a computer. Where do you think the polymers used to make the case for your computer come from? Petrochemicals. The electricity you are using most likely comes from a coal fired power plant. It is rather convenient to put total blame on energy companies for environmental problems like the BP oil spill, but guess why BP is still a company? People like you and me keep them in business by buying their products.

  9. Revenge of the electric car? That's bullcrap. How much market share do they have? The true revenge of the electric car will be when there is a battery that is cheap, can be charged quickly, and has a high energy density. Right now there is no revenge of the electric car at all. It is a niche product among environmentalists.

  10. @karl75m God are you guys still going on about conspiracies? Try reading a forum or a technical article occasionally, you might realize there has been slow, steady development for decades.

  11. @LegendLength – What conspiracy? I never said anything about a conspiracy that I know of. I've read plenty on electric cars will love it when they are actually viable. Right now they just aren't for the average driver. Batteries are too expensive and don't have very good energy density. Also if everyone started buying electric cars there wouldn't be enough electricity production to meet demand. I just think "revenge of the electric car" is a bit hyperbolic.

  12. @chetsjug And the autonomy of the electric cars and the time for "refueling"? I watched what you said, but that Datsun is very light compared to the other cars… It has a great acceleration, but just for a few runs.

  13. @davcomcj What are you talking about? Anybody can wasgte their money trying to sell EVs, oil companies have no say. Know why these pieces of junk never sell? Because a rational consumer will not pay $10,000 more for a car that takes 100 times as long to refuel (8 hours vs 5 minutes) to go half as far on refueling (150 mles vs 300.) And all for what? They do not "help the envrionment" anyways-they brun coal! Yeah, blame oil companies.

  14. @dnar9 Thank God we didn't sign that thing-destroy the economy based on the hoax of global warming? If it was so good, why didn't Bill Clinton send it to the Senate and use his political capital to pass it? DDT is toxic because it is a pesticide, but it was a good one. Use just a little and get a good result. Now with it banned millions have died of malaria since. I doo see you are the ty[ical liberal though, end your argument by using fould language and calling the other guy names.

  15. @Srd1126 The reason no one buys electric cars is because the CORRUPT OIL INDUSTRY CONTROLS THE POLITICIANS. Therefore they BRIBE the politicians into juicy OIL PERMITS, TAX LOOPHOLES, TAX REFUNDS and an ENERGY MONOPOLY that EV entrepreneurs cannot possibly match. PLUS if MINDS are EXPANDED to allow WIND TURBINE ENERGY to supplement FILTHY COAL, we could recharge with ease. But since your BRAINWASHED by OIL PROPAGANDA, I expect no reasoning or SCIENCE to ooze from your "organization".

  16. @davcomcj NEWS FLASH: Oil companies pay huge amounts of taxes. And why use more expensive and less reliable wind turbines over modern, clean-coal technologies when we have well over 100 years of coal available? And please explain how oil industry "propoganda" comes into the fact that EVs take 100xs as long to charge for half the driving distance Looks like I am the one who understands science. But let me ask, since you believe so much in EVs, how much of YOUR MONEY have you invested?

  17. @Srd1126 Get your facts right. The Tesla model S has an optional 300 mile range (not 150, as you stated) and takes 5 hours for a full charge, not 8. It is also possible to do a quick-charge and refill half of the battery(150 miles range) in only half an hour. Also, few people have need of over 300 driving miles each day, as the average commute in the US is less than a third of that. It is very easy to charge, just plug it in at night and it's good. The model S is NOT a "piece of junk."

  18. @thencaesarfalls Cheapest Tesla S with the top battery is almost $80K if you ignore the criminal federal tax rebate on it. $80K for a 300 mile range. Yip Yip Yip Yahoo. In 5 hours? Yip Yip Yip Yahoo. It isn't that people commte 300 miles a day, but that they need to go that far on a regular basis outside of their commute. I repeat-if you want to buy a piece of junk like that go ahead, but quit asking for federal handouts to do so. In fact, let Tesla pay taxes and fees like oil co's do.

  19. @Zeghetank The White Zombie is not just for a few runs, he drives it all over town for days between charges. I know it's a practical daily driver. Home built EV S-10's and other 3,000+ pound vehicles are getting 100 miles at full performance. Check out Tom Hanks SUV that his employee drives in daily service, A/C and CD player blasting all the way. EV's are not your fathers golf cart anymore. We WILL need a gas car in the family for a long time, but EV's are totally feasible now.

  20. @Srd1126 Oil companies receive $4.4 B in federal tax cuts each year, according to the AP. Tesla receives no such tax breaks. You claimed the opposite.
    Why shouldn't there be federal tax credits for buying an EV? The government is investing in the future, as oil WILL NOT last forever. BP says there are 1.33 trillion barrels of oil left-and at current consumption, that will only last the world 40 years. Therefore, by 2050, we need an oil alternative. The government SHOULD invest in the future!

  21. @thencaesarfalls Tax Cuts not a subsidy. Tesla buyers get $7,500 when they buy a car–a subsidy! I have been hearing we have 30 years of oil for 35 years now. And we have more oil now than we did in the mid 1970s when I first heard it. And we pumped more oil than we had then since then. It is not for the GOVERNMENT to invest, let the market pick the new fuel. Drake didn't need "government" when he drilled his well. If EVs are so good, let them compete-they cant now-they are pieces of junk.

  22. And there were what 400 Chevrolet Volts sold in Jan 2012? Yeah This is not there yet. And forcing Americans to switch will not help.

  23. @ValeV008 Yes that is correct forcing. I did not stutter. There is not solid evidence that human made carbon, gas, fossil fuels is the leading cause to the problem. I know you will argue that given you have drank the kool aid and laid down with the rest of the sheep. Oil would not go up as much if we drilled here, which will eventually happen because average Americans won't tolerate $5 gallon gas too long. I think electric cars are great it'd just the market is not there yet. perhaps 5-10 years.

  24. @ValeV008 Perhaps not at the start. I do believe that American people will have enough of it and do something about it. Again I am not against the electric car but it is far from being at a cost level and economic level available to the general American population. Like I said in 5-10 years hopefully it'll start to become more economical.

  25. @Ben1238 They couldn't do any worse than who controls the ENERGY MONOPOLY now…Illiterate Texas Swindlers & Illiterate Saudi Bedouins. I can forgive greed if it helps PRESERVE the planet…not DESTROY it. Save your carefully prepared OIL Propaganda response. I already know what they wrote for you.

  26. @MetalMilitia5488 Don't be so naive. When you control the field you control the research. So why do they keep BUYING HIDING & DESTROYING Electric battery technologies? From Wikipedia: "The oil industry, through its major lobby group the Western States Petroleum Association, is brought to task for financing campaigns to kill utility efforts to build public car charging stations. They posed as consumers instead of the industry interests they actually represented." Next question?

  27. @davcomcj Actually sweetheart no one writes for me this is of my own opinion and facts. Those Texas swindlers are not as illiterate as you claim as for the Saudi's I cannot comment. Still you would see millions of Americans put out of work because of the cap and trade bill and faulty cars sold which would cost the average person more money for a different greedy bunch? Indeed liberalism is a mental disorder.

  28. @davcomcj Control which research? A significant amount of money from the DOE and NSF goes into academic research nationwide for alternative energy sources like solar thermal, photovoltaics, biofuels from microbes, wind, fusion, etc. There are a number of start-ups in the alternative energy industry with significant funding, including one funded by Bill Gates that flopped (Pacific Ethanol). These technologies are not currently economically competitive with fossil fuels. Period.

  29. @MetalMilitia5488 Your forgetting about the 12 BILLION per quarter OIL gets from gouging us every other day. Hand the SAME 12 BILLION to EV research and you can kiss FILTHY FOSSIL FUEL OIL goodbye.Enjoy spending your spare time DEFENDING FILTHY FOSSIL FUEL OIL AND your $5.00, $6.00, 10.00 of perpetually rising gallon of gasoline…that was only a nickel a gallon 40 years ago. Gimme more OIL TOUTS! I love tearing them down! 🙂

  30. We don't these gadget packagers. USPostalService have a lot of viable existing electric cars already. We should lobby for USPostalService mass produce their electric vehicles and sell them to local communities.

  31. To bad theyre not doing anyone or anything and davors but thereselves. There is no electric vehicle that is affordable for the masses. Our

  32. A petrol car wouldn't endure an EMP blast anyway because the ignition system is electronically controlled.

  33. it divert polution away from the city and also serve as a 'battery' for the smart-grid. It can be used to serve a spike demand in electricity when needed, else they have to burn more coal continuously to make sure they have extra electricity for unexpected demand. -This work just like solar-panel connected to the grid… a de-centralized power system.

  34. GM already produced full electric car in 1995. Probably they sold all of it to scrap metal. See: "Who killed the electric car?"

  35. Taking the dependency of oil based fuels away from cars, means that as energy becomes cleaner / greener, the cars are also cleaner / greener. It's estimated that hooking your car up to the power grid costs up to 4x less and possibly similar in CO2 emissions.

  36. Make all cars electric and figure out a profitable portfolio of sustainable and renewable energies, would make cities greener, cleaner and more comfortable to live in. Any physicists out there building a Tesseract type of unlimited energy source? 😛

  37. I like the concept of totally electric car, but has to cope with several flaws in its concept: It has to be profitable: currently most of the car companies make more profit from spare parts than from the sale of the car, so if has less components, the profit will be lower for companies or the price of those parts will be high, scaring many customers or make people go for a model in which have to pay for many little things (batteries´ rent and so) which is quite annoying.

  38. Other flaw is the charging, if you have your own garage, perfect, but most of the people don´t have one.There is the idea of "batteries stations" where they change the unloaded battery of your car for a new full one in few minutes automatically, but that is an extremly expensive service. Perhaps the idea of hybrid with biofuels in the future instead total electric car would be closer to what will get.

  39. You can actually EMP proof a lot of electronic devices..This is our future because even natural causes can cause the same effects as an EMP bomb. I fear nature more than these terrorists.

  40. The question must be asked, would Mr. Ghosn have committed to the Nissan Leaf absent the $1.6 Billion Dollar loan backed by the USA taxpayer? I think not. If so, it begs the question: why not?

  41. I bought over 1,000 32"x38" EMP shielding bags and hung them up all over my walls, floors, and ceilings just for the hell of it. I think my home can withstand an EMP and just incase it doesn't, I have thousands of electronics stored in my safe, lol.

  42. The only published figure I've seen is $1.6B; BTW, I have nothing against electric vehicles, I just believe markets NOT taxpayer dollars, should determine their viability.

  43. ih have seen one "it is not a fancy golf cart"… now as for the rest of that i heard there trying to make a care right now that will get 675 miles at 60 and charge in 10 min, but sadly i will say it is probably just a rumor

  44. Fancy golf cart? a 7 seats Tesla Model X can whoop the Porsche 911' ass in the 0-60 time.
    So much for a fancy golf cart.
    And talking about oil companies and auto makers suppressed the electric car technology i'm not surprised why EV can only go 300 miles max instead of 600 miles.

  45. It just so happens that's how long people sleep! And if you get 2 10kW outlets I can get a Model S that charges in 4 hours. On the road you can recharge 80% of that in 30 minutes, FOR FREE. So, yeah, whatever. Things are already good. They're just going to get better now.

  46. You a re a very stupid person!
    Tesla Motors just annouced that they are now profitable, and will be paying their government loan off 5 years early.
    They are selling Model S's faster than they can make them. There's a 9 month waiting list of nearly 20,000 buyers. Infact the Model S is the top selling true luxury car in America, bar none.
    The company is now nearing 4,000 employees, and growing.
    You're thinking of Fisker. You fail to realize this because again, you are a stupid, stupid person.

  47. I think it's the producer or something. He's just quoting what's been said about Elon quite a few times! And yet he hangs in there and his companies take their success to the next level again and again!

  48. This is what sucks for oil&gas: EVs use a 1/3 of the energy to move around. They're lowing hanging fruit for efficiency, like CFLs or LEDs, but times a millions–millions of barrels of oil a day.

    Sure, it's replaced by methane at the power plant, but 1/3 as much! And, finally, most of the charging is at night, when much of the baseload power is totally wasted anyway. Oil&gas are going to lose most passenger petrol sales, and replace it with less than 1/5 the number of BTUs in methane! DIE!!!

  49. Google "talking cats", you get over 147 million results.
    Lol! You cannot possibly be this dumb.
    This is the first result from Googling "Tesla announces layoffs". Lol!
    w w w. brandchannel. com/home/post/2013/04/05/Fisker-Layoffs-Tesla-Success-040513. aspx
    Tesla's profit comes from better than expected sales.
    w w w. latimes. com/business/autos/la-fi-hy-tesla-model-s-sales-exceed-companys-predictions-20130401,0,2232175. story
    Unless you have someting intelligent to say, please don't reply.

  50. markets are decoupled from the natural laws of our world. All that is determined in markets is PRICE, that is it… So sure, lets have MARKETS determine everything for us, so in 50 years, we will all be living in a overflooded bowl of hot soup thanks to us trusting in "markets"….

  51. an EMP attack would kill any car with a computer (pretty much ever car from the 80s up) , as well as your pc, tablet, tv, microwave oven, digital watch, cell phone, ect ect ect……

  52. Totally wrong, market forces are in fact natural as they are organic. When markets are free of gov't interference [only legit role for gov't is dispute settlement, contract enforcement, and punishing those who defraud or use force to achieve their ends] order comes forth spontaneously. Think about this: How does Los Angeles get fed each day? It's through, literally millions of interactions and transactions – most of which occur w/out any gov't directives or orders. You only criticize markets

  53. The Tesla is DEF cool technology.
    It's just too bad that the Musk, owner of the company, got rich running the criminally and morally corrupt racket called Paypal….. Maybe if he provides the impetus to kill the internal combustion engine, that'll make up for ripping off so many people. Signed, Member of a, settled out of court, class action lawsuit against Paypirates.

  54. Hey thymaster, stop being a GM hater. The volt is MORE than an EV. Keep it under 40 miles and it's an EV. In case you need more then you have backup. What's wrong with that? Didn't you watch the film.

  55. Here's the problem with electric cars: They run on COAL! How do you think most electricity is made? Instead of distributing the pollution evenly like gas powered cars, it's concentrated in the areas around coal-burning power plants, while you self-righteous liberals grin like possums, thinking you're helping the world. What happens to our already fragile power grids when the whole world plugs their 240v chargers in? Hybrids are much better, as they produce their own electricity.

  56. Whereas IC engines are limited to one power source, electric vehicles are not. You have taken the worst case scenario, and assumed that it is true for all well to wheel analyses. Coal will gradually be phased out.

    There is greater energy security with electric vehicles.

    You have thousands of point pollution sources with IC vehicles (poor logistics). It is easier to control emissions on one fixed point than control the emissions of thousands of moving ones. Who even cares about catalytics…

  57. And what happened when everyone demanded more fuel for their cars? The infrastructure adjusted. This can all be done, but unfortunately people are more concerned about profit than sustainability.

  58. But you have a good point with the power grids. We have blackouts with air conditioners being plugged in the summer lol.

  59. i guess this is the sequel to "who killed the electric car". if its not obviosu, electric cars are the future b/c our reliance on gasoline is costing us economically.

  60. 0:54 "Goddammit, we've gotta get these cars out."
    1:01 "It didn't get the message. Give us the cars that we want!"

  61. Don’t ever reward GM by buying any of their products because they are not innovators, they are not leaders. GM is a follower and they only follow the money. They have no soul. They are ONLY in it for the money. They killed the EV-1 back in the 90’s from pressure from big oil and they’ll do something like that again if given another chance. They’re a heartless company with NO backbone. Buy TESLA or any other EV out there. DONT BUY GM. Don’t reward backwards thinking companies.

  62. This documentary has gotten sweeter over time. The first is a bummer (in a good way). This was hopeful, and honestly was great example of history having a happy ending. But now the technology has come so far. The people who made this doc caught lightning in a bottle at the right time.

  63. To The Director of this documentary. I am a Japanese person living in Japan and it was very sad to see Carlos Ghosn a genius that now faces a sad future. He built Nissan up from bankruptcy in Japan to be the 4th biggest car company, along with the merger with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, Renault owning 47%.
    He was kicked out of his position as CEO by his subordinate and snake Saikawa who wants to destroy the alliance with Renault. By ousting Carlos out just to destroy the alliance, there is a lot of lies and sneakiness occurring now, with fake news and negative injustice brought to Carlos. So the share price can continue to drop and for Nissan, Japans side to buy out Renault Shares. So many fake allegations to paint a negative image by fake news so society here in Japan, can look down on him and have a prejudged state of mind already..
    A similar case happened in the past with Mazda/Ford Mazda eventually buying out Fords shares and also with VW and Suzuki, when VW had a large stake in Suzuki and eventually Suzuki pressured VW to sell back their shares back to Suzuki.

    A lot of corruption is surrounding Nissan at the moment and they destroyed Carlos with lies, just to buy back Nissan shares at a lower share price and destroy the foreign alliance. You can see his plea:

    My message to you the director, is to consider making a documentary shining light on this injustice and sham of democracy we have in Japan. Carlos did contribute a lot to electric cars and the car market in general, if it was not for him, Nissan would of long be gone by now. He loves Japan a lot and has been here for well beyond 20 years, so he is no way sneaky or trying to take any money, if he was that type, why would he have worked in the company for that long and devote himself to the company for that long, even in the court case, NO CFO or accountant produced any documents, so this in logic is all a scam by Saikawa and co to bring him down and bring down the alliance as all the shadiness Nissan is truly worth. I hope you can make a documentary on Carlos and to show the injustice Nissan and co has done, additionally to shed light on the Mazda/Ford, VW/Suzuki dealings, so much shadiness occurs in car companies here, yet we assume we live in a democracy, when it feels like a shogun samurai era of warlords and corruption.. Anyway hope you get to read this as your website is down.. thanks again for reading.

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