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NEWT PBX Testimonial: Jim Wilson Car Dealership Orillia

NEWT PBX Testimonial: Jim Wilson Car Dealership Orillia

Well, we’ve been around for a long time,
our family’s been together with Chevrolet since 1969. I jumped off the wagon back in
83 and opened up a Honda store in North Bay, I sold that in 91 and then moved to Orillia
in 1992 with my young family and we opened this dealership Jim Wilson Chevrolet, Oldsmobile
at that time at the downtown location. Then seven years ago we moved Chevrolet and Pontiac
to this location in our new building here in West Ridge Place in Orillia. Just winding the clock back, General Motors
had gone through a terrible time, the economy was in a brutal position and nothing was fun,
and to be honest with you nothing was safe, our dealership wasn’t safe, General Motors
wasn’t safe, jobs weren’t safe. So, you know, we got the sizzers out and went through
line by line where we could cut costs, and our phone bill and our technology bill to
communicate with the computer system and whatnot, was probably around two thousand, twenty-five
hundred dollars per month at that time. That’s twenty-four to thirty thousand dollars per
year. And we’re going, ok we have a phone system and it may not be the coolest phone
system anymore, and it may not be up to speed. So we had heard about this and actually the
guys from Lake Country had put a presentation on at a Orillia business meeting here in town.
And you might have been one of the presenters there, or one of your people – I forget.
And I knew the Borutski’s, they’re locals and we know them, so and we had a bit of a
relationship with them so we communicated with them, and talked, anyhow Peter and Adam
convinced us to do it, and it made sense. Because the phone bill dropped substantially.
The number of lines we required dropped, a whole lot of things. So now I think our phone
bill including leasing of the equipment is about eight hundred a month. So, we’ll call
that ten thousand dollars a year. The lease matures in about another eight or nine months
so, that’s about $350 off the deal, so we’ll have a phone bill of say four to five hundred
dollars. That’s a lot of money . . . you know, . . . that’s a job . . . that’s instead of
canning somebody – we were able to save a job. Some of the things I really enjoy are the
faxes come to us in the form of email. So if I’m not in the building I can get a fax
on my phone, or my ipad or my laptop, or what have you boom, boom, boom, boom. And alright
there, we can deal with it. It’s there, I don’t have to be in my office, they don’t
have to resend it to me, it just comes. There’s a hard copy here and there’s the electronic
copy on whatever device I’m playing with that day. So that is cool. One of the things that the guys really like
is the call logs both outgoing and incoming. Somebody calls, hey, where was that guy calling
from? You can just push the button. And there it is and it’s there. The capacity for voice
mail is large. I don’t think anybody’s hit their limit, I have no idea what the limit
is, but I haven’t heard anybody say, so they’re always cleaning them off and doing
their thing. That part’s easy, it’s easy to transfer a call, not a problem. You can
transfer your call with a little note, you know, here’s that one your waiting on, or,
this is important deal with it. It has been a big thing for me because I am
on the road a lot. So, when I move into a hotel or check into a hotel I can just conduct
business as if I’m there, it’s exactly the same as if I am in my office. The extensions
are just what ever they are here, they’re there. I can dial a customer’s local number
and it looks like a local call to them. I don’t physically have to be in the building.
I just came in from Toronto this morning, I’ve been away since seven o’clock this
morning, but, I got several phone calls and I dealt with them. The thing to us was A, as I’ve mentioned
a couple of times is, it saves us money, and therefore, that’s a good thing. We didn’t
have to lay anybody off, we didn’t have to cut any advertising, we didn’t have to
cut any marketing, we didn’t have do to anything, we saved money. And then the other
thing and this is one of my, ah, soap box stories . . . we are getting it from a local
privately owned company, and to me, that’s everything.

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