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Newport Beach Boat Rentals at Newport Pontoons Rentals

Newport Beach Boat Rentals at Newport Pontoons Rentals

If you come to Southern California and
you visit Newport Beach, you absolutely have to go out on Newport Harbor as a cruise. It’s a destination that has to be seen. Newport Harbor consists of over nine
miles of waterways. There’s no better way to enjoy Newport Harbor than from the water.
There’s scenic views throughout the entire Harbor. We are one of the largest the largest small boat harbors in the
world. There’s a lot of ways to experience Newport Harbor. There’s a a ferry ride
across the bay. There’s party boats that go around the
Bay. There’s tour boats that’ll show you the movie stars homes or the famous sights on the Bay. But the best way to see the Bay is to get
out on your own boat and do your own exploring. We rent Avalon Luxury Pontoon Boats They’re brand new 2014 models. Our boats
are so much more spacious so much more comfortable. I’ve been on
the smaller boats, the Duffy-type boats, and they look like a lot of fun, but once you’re actually on them, you’re cramped. It’s really that uncomfortable of an experience. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes and you’re over it. A pontoon boat gives you a lot more space The pontoon boat is a completely different experience. We
have people dancing and playing music. We have people grilling out. you can’t do that on any other rental
boat that is available here in Newport Harbor. I entertain a lot an individuals, and the fact that we can stand up and walk around … I definitely prefer the pontoon and
it’s been a great experience for everybody. We have multiple boats that you can
choose from. We have boats that seat 8 people all the way up to 12, the captain charter. We want to make sure that we fit you with the right boat. We have many people that come out on our boats to celebrate birthdays, we’ve had
bachelorette parties, we’ve done Mimosa cruises. From a stag cruise, to an anniversary and everything in between. There’s a million ways you can enjoy Newport Harbor. Garrison and Brandon really care about the customer. They wanna make sure you have the most ultimate Newport experience. When you go to Newport Pontoon you’re getting more than what you’re
expecting. I think they go above and beyond Anybody who can drive a car can drive
one of our boats. We love our customers and after they cruise with us five times in a
year, they get a complimentary cruise. We understand that people want a
luxurious experience and we want to make sure they have a fun experience when
they’re out on our boats. I think customer service is what Newport
Pontoons is all about. I would highly recommend Newport Pontoons. We try to offer the finest things
and the finest boats there are to rent in Newport Harbor, because that’s what our customers
deserve and that’s what they have grown to expect from us.

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