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New York Title Transfer SELLER Instructions

New York Title Transfer SELLER Instructions

all right let’s look at the New York car
title transfer instructions when you are selling a vehicle. Just make sure that
you don’t erase anything and don’t use whiteout.
Don’t cross or scratch anything out. Write neatly with good handwriting only
use black or blue ink. Use actual names… so no nicknames. Don’t make mistakes
because any errors can void the document. All right so if there are any lienes
shown on the front of the title that are not released you will need to have it
signed off by the lien holder or obtain an original release document from lien
holder. You can check the status of official liens against the title online
at the link in the description of this video in addition to links to all the
other resources that are mentioned. Ok so on the back of the title you’ll fill in
section one transfer by owner. Fill in the odometer reading the space provided.
This is not required if the vehicle is over ten years old. You want to enter
your mileage exactly as it appears on your odometer and do not include tenths.
If the odometer reflects actual mileage then check that box. Or, if the
odometer does not reflect the actual miles in the car, check the box that says
“not actual mileage” warning odometer discrepancy. And, check the appropriate
box under “odometer has space for”. It’s basically how many digits are on the
odometer but uh most modern cars at least six alright then the damage disclosure
statement you’ll check the appropriate box. You’ll check one or the other and
you just want make sure you read that carefully. Then the seller signs on the
indicated line and prints their name on the line provided to the right. Make sure
that you print your name or names exactly as they appear on the front of
the title below name and address of owner. And, make sure that you do not use
short names or nicknames and if there’s more than one name, you have to squeeze
them in on one line on most copies or versions of the title I mean.
When there’s two registers listed on the title then make sure that you look to
see if there’s an OR, or nothing in between the registered owner’s names. If
there is an OR, then either a register owner can sign and print their name
using the instructions above to sell the vehicle. Otherwise, the signatures and
printed names of both registered owners are gonna be required to sell it.
Then you’ll enter in the address and the date and spaces provided. Then the
purchasers sign on the indicated line and prints name on the line provided
in the space and the address and date are entered in if the space as provided. Next, you and the buyer need to make a
bill of sale in most cases. This form is available in the description link
resources and it’s just it’s a good idea always keep a copy for yourself. and so yeah make a photocopy of both
sides of the completed title for your records. Then keep your license plates
and remove the registration sticker from the windshield. If you need
assistance, locations are listed in the link in the description. Also, this
doesn’t cover every situation and there might be different things that you might
have to do for depending on what city you live in for example. But, as far as
filling out the actual title paperwork, this covers most cases. If you do have a
lost or damaged title, there’s a link in the page in the video description that
basically will show you how to do that and tell you the right forms and
stuff. But yeah, hopefully this was helpful and good luck selling your car
and have a wonderful day, thanks.

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  1. I made a mistake on back of title "salave or clean" section and they said it's void. DMV could accept it since error was made front of the DMV agent but….speechless

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