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New Car or Used Car

New Car or Used Car

Ready for a new car? You may think twice about
purchasing a brand-new car once you hear these 5 reasons that buying a used car is better
than buying new. 1. Save money by buying used: New cars run
an average of $30,000 dollars, while used cars are closer to the $15,000 dollar range.
It’s just simple math that buying used will save you money.
2. New cars depreciate quickly: As soon as you drive off the lot the first day, the car’s
value depreciates by up to 20 percent. And, studies show, 3 years after purchase, most
cars are only worth 60 to 70 percent of their original value.
3. Used is the new green: If you think a new hybrid car is the best way to go green, think
again. A new hybrid needs about 46-thousand miles of driving before the car “breaks even”
in the amount of energy it saves through fuel efficiency. So consider a fuel-efficient used
car. 4. More upgrades for your money: From a sunroof
to an enhanced sound system, you will pay for each and every add-on in a new car. Used
cars with these same features may be a bit pricier than those without, but not nearly
to the same degree. 5. Higher used car standards: Gone are the
days when used car buyers had no protection. Through new lemon laws, consumer rights and
auto history check websites, it has become easier than ever to understand the history
of your car and whether it is a good deal. And speaking of good deals, iSeeCars. com
is the only car search website that uses proprietary technology to help used car shoppers understand
if a particular used car is a good deal. That is in addition to many other tools and tips
they have for car shoppers, so visit and see how easy and exciting searching for
a used car can be.

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