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Never Switch the Engine Oil in Your Car, Unless

Never Switch the Engine Oil in Your Car, Unless

Rev up your engines,
salgado says can you put conventional oil on a car after you put in synthetic, can it
damage the engine, now I’ve even talked to engineers about this
and they give me some stuff that I really don’t believe to tell you the truth, my experience
with cars is, you’re best to stick to one type of oil and leave it that way,
now I’ve had customers that have an older car, they use conventional oil the whole time,
then they think, oh I’m going to use synthetic oil, then they find that it’s either leaking
more oil, or burning more oil, now the engineers, some of them have told
me that’s impossible but I know they’re full of bull because I’ve seen it actually happen,
synthetic oil is lighter and it cleans better and a lot of times if you got an old engine
it’s going to start leaking and it’s going to start burning because it can clean some
of the carbon off of the rings that are sealing it and then start burning more oil,
now you’re talking about going from synthetic to conventional, now I’ve never seen anybody
have a problem with that as long as you use the same grade oil,
if you have like a 10w30 and you’re going from synthetic to conventional you’d have
no problems other than you’d need to change it more often,
but I would not believe in going from conventional to synthetic on an older engine,
now lets say you got a brand new car and you’ve only driven a few thousand miles, it’s not
going to make any difference but once an engine is running on a certain type of oil my advice
is to stick to it, steven says scotty which car brand is worse,
Kia or Chevy well if you want to take an average these days and you’re talking about modern
Kias, I’d say Chevys are worse than the Kias, because the modern Kias are better made than
the old ones, there’s no arguing that, and Chevy, their quality just seems to be going
downhill every year, so in that pick if it was a modern car that
was made in the last 3 years or so I would go Kia before I’d go Chevy, I mean I’d go
Toyota or Honda anyways but out of that choice yeah I’d say I’d get a Kia rather than a Chevy,
Paul says I got a 2002 Volvo S60 with 177,000 miles I think the transmission is going should
I replace it or sell it, sell it get rid of the thing as fast as you can, just get rid
of it, I had a customer with one of those and I wouldn’t
have given him $500 for the car but I said take it to CarMax they say they buy anything
and they gave him like $5,500 bucks for the car, I said great you got your money get rid
of it, drive it there and if it still runs halfway decent see what they’ll give you and
get rid of it, you do not want to rebuild, to rebuild a Volvo
transmission will cost you anywhere for 4-7 thousand dollars to do it correctly,
so get rid of it, don’t fix it, they become endless money pits at that age anyways, that
might be a good sign for you to get rid of it now rather than wait for something big
to go then you can’t get anything for it, Halls says scotty what are your thoughts on
getting a 2010 Toyota Tundra 4.6 V8 with 102,000 miles, it’s sold at a Toyota dealer any tips
you can give, ok well one if it’s sold at a Toyota dealer
they’re going to be asking too much money for it, they always do,
I got my son a toyota celica years ago, I found one at a toyota dealer that had twice
the mileage of the one I found on the street, the one on the street I ended up buying for
$1,200 at the dealer they wanted $8,000 that had twice the mileage, so you’re always going
to pay to much on them, now they’re good engines if their taken care
of, those things can run a really long time but
try to find one outside of the dealership because the dealers always charge way too
much money for their used cars, their harder to find, Toyota pick up trucks
used because people get them and they generally want to keep them forever because their great
trucks, but try finding one somewhere other than the dealership because they charge way
too much money for their vehicles that are used,
Kavangal says scotty I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander my power steering pulley wobbles,
what should I do, change the pump or just the pulley, well you got to change the whole
pump, when the pulley wobbles, it’s wobbling because the shaft is gone, and listen to me
here, do not but a rebuilt pump, their often horrible,
the guys that rebuild them generally do a crappy job, a lot of times with that your
better off going to a junkyard and buying a used pump, if you spin it and it doesn’t
wobble than you are buying a rebuild pump, now there’s many Chinese companies that make
brand new aftermarket ones and they work perfectly fine, you can find them on the internet, I
use that a lot of times, because I never use rebuilt ones, but you either want to go new,
or go to a junkyard and buy a used one, Ward says hey scotty I have a 1996 Silverado
what do you think about the spider injection in them,
when they were new and that’s a 96 so it’s what 23 years old, they were a good system
they work quite well for those big engines, that said the spider injection because the
look kind of like spiders, thats all plastic, the lines are plastic, the injectors have
a lot of plastic, even the fuel pressure regulator is plastic,
their inside the intake manifold, as they age, the heat destroys them, so then you got
to replace them and lets say you got a V8 with spider injection, when they get that
old and they start to go bad, you got to replace everything,
you’re going to spend a couple grand in parts and labor if you pay a mechanic to do it,
because I’ve had them where they’ll say misfire in cylinder 3 and 5 so you replace the injectors
on 3 and 5 and after doing all that work and putting it together and shortly there after
you get other misfires, you got to replace the whole system when they go bad, just realize
that if you’re going to work on them, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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100 thoughts on “Never Switch the Engine Oil in Your Car, Unless

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  2. I have a 2007 Honda Civic EX. I bought Synthetic blend, because I thought pure synthetic was too slick.its been a year and three months.. so far so great!👍

  3. Had that GM spider injection system on a 94 Olds Bravada that I used to own with the 4.3L V6 (high output version) engine. Damn thing crapped out and cost, as I recall, about $500 for the part alone. This was one of MANY problems I had with that vehicle and one of several reasons I'll never buy another GM product. Everything from repeated EGR problems to a complete engine failure to the transfer case chain jumping teeth under load to false readings on the digital dash. Never again.

  4. You are wrong in saying synthetic is lighter oil, it usually has the save viscosity as regular oil or better. But you are right in saying synthetic oil cleans better as it has less impurities and detergents to prevent sludge and other symptoms usually associated with regular oil.

    Personally I use Motul 8100 x-clean+ 100%, it makes my engine quieter, run smoother and helped with power.

    Synthetic oils generally protect your vehicle better than conventional oils, have some performance advantages particularly in extreme temperatures, and last longer. Personally if you want good synthetic oil look for bottles that say “100%” synthetic, as other brands may charge you high prices for products that are a mix of regular oil and synthetic.

  5. What kind of oil he is lyrical if you don't know what kind of oil what's the weather beginning or used car or truck

  6. Dear Scotty! This was my 30th time watching your video, and as with every video I follow your instructions of •Rev Up Your Engines!• well today the engine definitely blew.

  7. I hv a 2010 Toyota Matrix 2.4L engine. Is it normal that it burns oil per oil change? I always hv to fill up a litre per oil change every 5000kms.

  8. I have owned GM products all my lofe, yukons, 6.0, 6.6 silverados, impala, lumina, celebrity etc….never had an issue….all mechanical vehicles have issues, but i would not consider chevy junk.

  9. I’ve owned 2 Kia’s. My 2007 Kia Spectra lives up to its reputation. 180,000 miles and runs like a clock, I also idle in it up to 2 hours a day. Just normal maintenance. Mechanically, Kia is about as close to quality to Toyota as you can get. I also own 2 Corollas. Happy with Toyota and Kia.

  10. @4:20 I have that exact same truck. I had some misfire issues years ago, but replacing the whole spider is like $300 for the part and you can do it yourself in a driveway if you watch a few YT videos. The great thing about that engine is that everything is so accessible. There's hardly anything you can't easily reach and replace.

  11. Scotty’s sons Celica was only $900, and the one at the dealer was only $6,500 and only had 20k miles more, in the last vide I just watched.

  12. Bingo, I have an older car that ran like crap after switching to a synthetic. Went back to conventional oil runs great.

  13. Hi Scotty
    I have 2 ton Mazda T2600 gasoline truck.. with a manual transmission..
    Which category gear oil is suitable for the transmission
    Also which category is suitable for the rear differential
    Many thanks

  14. Great channel!
    When I first got my Volvo 850, I changed the oil and used Castrol conventional oil.
    After 2,000 miles the oil light came on. The engine had low oil pressure because the conventional
    oil was turning to jelly and wouldn't flow . The last oil change before I got the car
    was synthetic according to the oil change sticker. A mechanic friend told me
    he'd seen the same thing happen.
    I go by the owner's manual on all fluids now. FWIW.

  15. 1999 f150 5.4, switched from conventional to synthetic at 110000.
    Now 317000 and still cruzin with no issues just saying.

  16. It is my understanding that you can switch over to synthetic motor oil, but it takes a few oil changes for the engine to be completely purged of the conventional oil. Correct?

  17. Aren't a lot of Chevys actually rebadged Daewoos anyway? So no matter what you get, you get Korean garbage.

  18. I went from dino oil to full Synthetic Delvac in my N-14 . the piston cooling nozzles started leaking. so there is some truth to it!

  19. Hey Scotty do believe switching to a heavier oil can reduce oil consumption. Like the manuel recommends 5w15 now I use 10w40. Is this bad. 2006 nissan sentra with 120,000 miles. I bought it used and it uses oil. Thanks

  20. If you never followed the 5,000 mile lie and stuck with 3.000 mile rule it would not matter what oil you used. Build up is because someone did not change their oil like they were supposed to have.The build up is what cause seals to crack in the first place.

  21. No need to go back to conventional oil when you Go Synthetic.. If you haven't went to Synthetic oil by now in 2019 you're behind..

  22. So kia is better then chevy what you smoking id take a vette or camaro anyday over that cheap stinger all i drive is fords and there junk to.If kia had a truck it would be just like that crappy honda ridgeline lol

  23. 3rd generation mechanic here and I usually agree with everything you say but Kia has not surpassed Chevrolet yet.. yea Kias have gotten better and yes GM is getting cheaper in manufacturing but I’d never advise a person to buy 2019 kia over a 2019 Chevy.. but everyone has an opinion..

  24. So, the F-150 XLT 2.7 turbo should do better with synthetic if it's cleaning the valves? No need for a catch can if synth is used?

  25. How dumb do you have to be to deny a thinner weight oil won’t leak more? What do they do in those engineering schools? Play with. Blocks?

  26. The early P2 Volvos are ok, I have two! The AW55-50SN transmissions are ok as long as the fluid has been changed, though things can get ugly if not. 4-7k to rebuild? I'll do it myself! Not for beginners though. Parts and manuals are available for that unit. Volvo made a nice car.

  27. The Junkyard – Londonderry at 3:58 is located in Sydney, Australia
    Fantastic place. Your can find nearly anything if you scrounge around long enough.

  28. No need to use high mileage oil unless you leak or burn oil. Yes full synthetic can find the small areas in the gaskets and leak oil.

  29. I just bought a 1970 Motor Service AUTOMOTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA. P.175 says oil consumption is usually caused by worn bearings. This result in more oil than the oil rings can control being thrown on the cylinder wall. This also agrees with you say about synthetics and lighter oil causing more oil consumption. As bearings wear them clearance increases. Therefore detergents and desluge can cause oil consumption by eliminating oil starvation when it clears the galleries.

  30. Ive found that dealerships usually sell decent to excellent used cars. Buying from a person or a private dealer/buy here pay here/etc and youre getting what dealers probably wouldnt take. But still can be quality from private…just fewer than dealers it seems.

  31. I had a 2008 Nissan Rouge which had 170,000 km on it. I always used Castrol regular oil, but one time I brought my car to one of those quickie oil change places. They told me they had a Christmas sale on Synthetic oil, so silly me agreed and then about a month later I was leaking oil everywhere! So I totally believe the difference in oil has different elements that sometimes bloat or shrink gasket material, especially when the vehicle is older with always using regular oil. So beware of changing from regular oil to synthetic if your car has over 50,000 km. That's my suggestion, and from what I have read and heard since this happens lots. Thanks Scotty for the great tip!

  32. So I had regular oil on my car and I just bought some synthetic oil I poured it into my car and i started driving, it’s smoking like crazy! What the heck is happening to my car? Any ideas?

  33. Had a 2.4 nissan 240 which always ran fine on regular oil , used full synthetic instead for a try ..well after about 300 km it had all burned up lol

  34. Hi Mr Kilmer, I just bought a 2016 GMC Sierra with the 5.3 engine. 44,00 miles can I start using full synthetic in it?? As long as I continue to do so?? Thanks you.

  35. Scotty – i need a HD pickup. Your thoughts on a new 2020 GMC 3500 HD with Durmax and Allilson 10-speed – 4×4?

  36. Conventional oil is the worst thing you could ever use. Conventional oil ends up being more expensive in several ways. #1 You have to change it more often. #2 Engines, transmissions and rear differentials have to be overhauled more often and #3 Conventional oil gives you less MPG than synthetic oil. See my YouTube channel.

  37. When I bought my 1999 grand am back in 2007 the mechanic said he was going put synthetic oil in my car so it clean it and stuff . He said he do at no extra cost . So I did not have clue about type of oils so I let him . It ran fine . I change my car oil every year weather it needes its it or not . So took one the! Quick oil change price . I was get synthetic but if was going cost me way more at this place . So I just got reg oil put in it . And everything still runing good . But now since getting close 200k miles. Should I get high miles oil or stick to reg oil .

  38. Please answer my question. The old oner of my car was using 15w40 engine oil. But the manuel guide says that i should use 5w30 for this type of engine. Is it possible to switch to this this type of oil without causing any dommage to the engine???

  39. My question is does it hurt to change brands like mobile one to Pennzoil for synthetic

  40. Bought an 07 f150 FX4. It requires 5w 20 according to the manual in the US but everywhere else in the world it is recommended 5w 30. the only reason they recommend 5w 20 in the US for my particular truck is because you get a little bit better gas mileage to please the regulators but it's not the best oil for the engine and that thinner oil causes problems with the timing chain components etc… My next oil change I'm switching to 5 w 30 synthetic.

  41. Hi Scotty (and everybody). Just bought a 2010 Pontiac G5 with 40,000km (old lady driven). Going to do oil change, but don't know what is in the car now (regular or synthetic). Is there a way to tell so I don't switch types? It takes 5w30. Thanks

  42. Hi Scotty, when the car get higher km should we use higher number of engine oil? A mechanic told me that. Just want to be sure. Thanks

  43. Switching out will not hurt at all . The synthetic runs cleaner so if you got high mileage then the better flow of synthetic may make it leak , but it's cause your car is old lol

  44. Chevy is waaaay better than Kia lmao, this is the dumbest thing Scotty had ever said , to buy a kia lmao , Kia is garbage

  45. Hey Scotty , what do you think about Toyotas frame recalls ? Or kia engine recall ? Since they are so good ?

  46. I've always use the same oil. Used to be so much easier to get it's actually made to ensure that your seals stay like new. It's made from Seals you know the ones out in the ocean. It used to be so much easier to get and now people just complain about it not being right. So I end up having to get it from places that are a bit less environmentally sensitive.

  47. I’m using 0W-30 Synthetic and when my engine requires a quart, I will buy a straight weight HD30 (same API) conventional and top off. There’s NO Viscosity Improvers in the single weight so I think it’s ok. Thoughts?

  48. I heard of you switch from synthetic to conventional it’ll shrink the seals and make them leak

  49. I drive a 2003 honda civic and i can stand behind the statement of dripping oil after switching from conventional to synthetic. But my question is, can I prevent this from happening in any way? And where could it possibly be leaking from? I found out one leak is from the oil pan since it has been previously messed up around the threads bc of cheap oil change shops, but where else?

  50. No kia isn't better than cheville, cheville is way better than kia and it depends on how to maintain it that's it

  51. Unstoppable car? Well that's not true there are a lot of cars out there that are way better than Toyota

  52. Scotty, I'm not sure but I think they are making some of the chevy's in China now? I think that may be the reason why they are turning into crap.

  53. I have a Toyota Corolla 2006 with 128,000 miles , when it was time for the oil change , I decided to use high mileage synthetic , same Viscsity of course but I honestly haven’t felt a difference in the engine , and I definitely haven’t seen any leaks . But now I’m scared to find something

  54. Scotty, I bought my 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Classic and broke in the engine using the recommended GM non-synthetic (conventional) oil (I think for 16,000 miles). I then switched to Mobile 1 (0W-30) full synthetic. It has run like a champ and now with 56,000 miles on it and I have not been able to detect any oil loss. I only change the oil when the engine system tells me to do so even if it has been more than a year (I use it to tow a fifth wheel trailer). The vast majority of the mileage is highway and I baby the engine and transmission when taking off, stopping and while driving. I understand that letting an oil change go for more than a year has the potential of creating acids in the oil but it has not seemed to matter. What do you think about the acid in the oil potential?

  55. Switched to full synthetic once ,, one week later no more oil left in my engine so i switched back to regular

  56. Please dont use conventional oil on a late model car. Most manufacturers recommend synthetic blend or full synthetic oil that meets certain standards for a reason. I've seen Fords and Hyundais alike have sludge buildup on engines with less than 30k miles. Even with the oil being changed at 3,000 miles. Spend the extra 10 bucks on an oil change so you dont have to spend thousands more in repairs over the life of the car.

  57. All I use is Castrol gtx high mileage never had a problem. I changed my oil every 7000 miles. My Pontiac vibe has 269000 & runs like it did when we got it new in 2005

  58. Your oil thing… is crap. I switch back and forth in all our cars/trucks/tractors/mowers all the time. Never any issue. Just sold one vehicle with over 300K on the clock. No problems at all.

  59. Why do all the people say synthetic is so much better like conventional oil is bad I've run over 300,000 miles with conventional oil Havoline is my preference conventional it's a good cheap price oil I'm not saying synthetic is bad just be more beneficial on a newer engine I've tried synthetic once and of course it started leaking some oil went back to conventional no problems

  60. I'm no mechanic, but when i switched from regular to synthetic oil in my motorcycle, i quickly discovered that synthetic has a way of finding the cracks and oozing out.  Switched back to regular oil immediately.

  61. I dont use high mileage oils anymore. Every single time I switched to high mileage the car started burning massive amounts of oil. Heard the additives swell the seals which causes leaks. Have had this happen to 3 cars. My current car is at 85k with no leaks or burning and regular Mobil one full synthetic and k&n filters w no problem. Change it about every 5-7k.

  62. Scotty is right stick to 1 kind of oil however if you decided to upgrade to synthetic blend or full synthetic never go back to conventional oil or your car will break, this is a true story from a truck driver who used to put only synthetic blend on his truck then 1 day he did a PM on his truck and the mechanic put regular oil, long story short his engine broke on it's first load going in the mountains. he blamed them for this & tried to sue them but lost the case because his engine got over a million miles alredy on the odometer so the repair shop got away wit that excuse.

  63. I'm old, beat up, poor. Cue the violin. When my back lets me, I like to change my oil, so that I'm not totally useless around here. But I'm getting too old to be under a car. I've got a 2004 Saturn L-300 with 144,000 miles on it. Do you think it would be okay to switch to synthetic oil from conventional oil to save my body some wear and tear, e.g. so I wouldn't have to change it so often? Danny Glover was right. "I'm getting too old for this *!#&!'

  64. I had a `classic' 1971 BL Mini in the UK which of course has the gearbox in the sump lubricated by the engine oil. When I changed from BP Visco Static 20w/50 to the Shell equivalent (in an all black can) changing the gears became obstructive overnight… much so that I immediately dumped the new oil and refilled with the BP oil I had been using for years. It was as if the additives in the Shell oil clashed with the additives in the BP oil; I speculate that the BP oil contained Molybdenum Disulphide which had nicely plated the gears and the Shell oil stripped that off to bare metal. Over time with the original BP oil again in the gearbox it became easier to shift.
    I had a similar thing happen although not so dramatic when I changed oils on an old Diesel engine with worn bearings, this time just going from the sound of the engine.

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