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Never Have I Ever… Won a Car!

Never Have I Ever… Won a Car!

Here’s what I’m gonna do. We’re gonna play a game
called spin the bottle.>>[LAUGH]
>>No, we’re not. We’re gonna play a game
called never have I ever. And it’s a version we usually play with
celebrities who are sitting here, but this time it’s gonna
be a little different. I’m going to come to the audience and just play with some of you because
you’re gonna tell me a story. And I’m gonna have to
guess if it’s true or not. Okay?
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Come on over here. How’s it going?>>It’s good [LAUGH].
>>Oh good. All right Mary, give me a never have I ever.
>>Never have I ever broken into a celebrity’s dressing
room to use the bathroom.>>Wow.
I’m hoping that you haven’t.>>[LAUGH]
>>You have? My guess is that you haven’t.>>I have.>>[LAUGH]
>>Who was it?>>Sir Tom Jones.>>Sir Tom Jones?>>Yes.
>>You were in Vegas?>>I was, at the MGM.>>And
you just broke into his dressing room?>>Yeah.
[LAUGH]>>Wow.>>[LAUGH]>>Uh-huh.>>You had to go really bad.>>I did.
>>And did anyone catch you and did you get in trouble?>>I didn’t get in trouble. But I did take his breath mints.>>[LAUGH]
>>Good for you, very bold. All right for that I reward you
with a 500 dollar visa gift card.>>[LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE] You’re welcome, what is your never have I ever?>>Never have I ever helped my
friend break out of a police car.>>A lot of breaking in and
breaking out of things. You helped your friend
break out of a police car.>>I don’t know, what’s your guess.>>Well I was trying to trick you.>>I’m going to say,
I am going to go with no you haven’t.>>Yes, I have.
>>Wow! So what was she in the police car for
>>We were at a party and.>>It always starts out that way.>>Yea.
It starts at a party. We were young and.>>We were young. It starts that way too. I’m really not too sure,
it was just a party.>>I see, you didn’t do anything? She was just in the car.>>She is innocent.>>Yeah.
[LAUGH]>>She’s innocent.>>When you say you helped her breakout,
how did you get her out in the police car? What did you do?>>I stuck my hands through the window,
cuz it was open a little. And I played with the buttons and. Buttons meaning the lock?>>Yeah, one of the,-
>>Uh-huh.>>Well, they have a lot of buttons.>>Right, and so was she handcuffed? That’s why she couldn’t do it herself?>>She was. She was.>>So
she was handcuffed, but she was innocent.>>She was. She was innocent.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay. [LAUGH] All right, so you helped her break out.
>>I did.>>Did you get in trouble? Did she get in trouble? Where was the police at this time?>>He was in the house, at the party.>>[LAUGH]
>>He was getting other people.>>He was getting other
innocent people out?>>Yes.
>>I don’t know why I reward this behavior, but>>[LAUGH]
>>somehow you get 500 dollars [INAUDIBLE]>>Thank you.>>[APPLAUSE] All right. What is your never have I ever?>>Never have I ever won
a car on national television.>>Well I think, that would be everybody. But, okay, never have I ever won
a car on national television.>>Yeah.
>>Never have I ever won a car on national television.>>You’ve never won a car on national television?>>What do you think? I’m thinking you’re wrong. I’m thinking you have won
a car on national television.>>No, I never have.>>[LAUGH]
>>No, no, I’m telling you you’re wrong. No!
>>I’m gonna pass out.>>No, no I’m telling you you’re wrong. This is your new 2016 Chevy Malibu
>>[SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE] Come on down here. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Now you have.>>[SOUND] Can I get in it?>>You can get in, all right. Because we learned a little bit about you,
right? So we learned that, first of all,
the 2016 Chevy Malibu. And you’re gonna love it because
it connects to your iPhone using Apple CarPlay. And with all the new technology and
advanced safety features, you and your passengers will always
stay connected and safe. And we.>>Sorry, I’ll get out.>>That’s all right, you can stay in. You can stay in, it is your car. Because we learned about you, and
we learned that you really needed a car. So that is your car.>>Thank you.
Thank you so much.>>Now you cannot say never have I
ever won a car on national television and now we dance! We learned about you. You are a nanny to triplets. Remember you were on the know or go machine, remember that? So, you have thousands of
dollars in student debt. And you applied to be a lift driver, but got rejected cause your
car wasn’t good enough. So that’s terrible.>>Yeah.
Lift and Uber. They both laughed. Literally, physically laughed, At my car when I gave
them the inspections.>>Well I’m glad that
they rejected you for us.>>Me too now.
>>But not for you because you needed a better car.

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