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Never Do This When Buying a Car

Never Do This When Buying a Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about the biggest mistakes that people make when they buy a car, now I’ve been
working on cars for 51 years and over those years I’ve see my customers make all
kinds of mistakes from buying a car so listen to me and don’t make the same
mistake, when paying for your car don’t finance it if at all possible, pay cash
because most financing either at the dealer or a used-car lot,
it’s a complete ripoff, if you have to borrow money, borrow it from somewhere
besides the dealer or a used-car lot where you’re buying it from, credit union
whatever try to get the money somewhere else, because you might not realize it
but if you go to a car dealer and buy a new car,
they don’t own the car, that car is financed and they are financing it
through some bank, at the end of every month just like you, they have to pay the
note on every car that’s on their lot they don’t own them the bank does, so let’s
just say that borrowing money from someone
who’s borrowed money to buy something, isn’t such a smart idea, they gotta make
a profit so you know you’re gonna pay a higher interest rate, and don’t be fooled
by those 0% financing or low financing rate that they’re gonna claim to give
you, because even if they give you a 0% interest or a really low interest rate
they just raise the price of the car, you know the
list price of cars are joke anyways and nobody pays them except fools, and so
they’ll say, well you got to pay the list price to get this low interest rate, so
you’re not saving anything you’re actually paying more in a long run, just
like when I was young they say, oh look you buy a new car you get a brand new
color TV set, you weren’t getting a TV set free, they just amortize the price of
that TV into your monthly payment your still paying for the thing, their not giving
you anything and my next bit of advice is
this, be like me I’ve never bought a new car in my life, if you’re buying another car
hey buy a good used cars, just think when you
buy a brand-new car say it’s $35,000 you’re gonna lose at least a
thousand the minute you drive it off the lot, over the years
I’ve had a few customers not all that many, that were crazy enough to
buy a new car and then they decided after about a year, oh they didn’t
really like that car, so they traded it in and in most cases they got a little
bit over half of what they paid for the car, buy good used car there’s plenty of
them out there, but if not and you’re buying a new
car make sure it’s the car that you want to buy, go to a bunch of dealers and road
test all the different models, see what you really like and take this into
consideration, if you live in an area it doesn’t snow much has good roads, you’re
pretty much throwing your money away if you’re buying an all-wheel drive or
four-wheel drive vehicle, so my advice is don’t if you don’t really need it, it
costs more to build, all-wheel drive vehicles cost a lot more, they weigh more
they have more friction, they get worse gas mileage, then because of all-wheel
design they’re often much more expensive to repair when work has to be done on a
car cuz all that stuff is in the way and has to be moved out to fix various
things even like a starter, and decide what type of engine you want, if you just like
cruising around a four-cylinder engine is perfectly fine these days, you’re
gonna get better gas mileage, they hold up quite well but in that respect be a little
bit leery about these modern really small four-cylinder engines that are
turbocharged to give them more power, because turbocharging puts a bigger
strain inside the engine it builds up more pressure inside the cylinder, the
cars are gonna wear out faster if you drive them hard, the turbos are gonna wear
out eventually and they cost a small fortune to replace, and if you drive
faster you’re going to kind of negate the good gas mileage because the faster
you spin the engine the worse the gas mileage, this is where gas mileage
ratings is often a load of baloney on a turbocharged car, because they’re
running them on a dyno when their testing them, but they’re just driving them
normal, many people with a turbo they’re always slamming on a gas, then the turbo
kicks in and it spins really fast, you get a lot of pick up but you’re gonna get
horrible gas mileage then, so don’t think you’re gonna get a little better
4-cylinder turbocharged engine and drive it really hard and get very good gas
mileage, and when it comes to power, say you’re the type of person that tows
quite a bit, you might consider forgetting gasoline engine and get a
diesel engine then, because diesel engines are made for towing they got a
lot of torque for towing, they’ll get better gas mileage towing than a
gasoline engine will, I’ve had customers in the past not doing enough research,
they’ll buy a big truck figuring, oh it’s a big truck I can tow stuff, and sure a big
v8 engine it can tow stuff, but they get horrendous gas mileage especially if
they had a giant trailer or a big giant camper that they tow behind it, I’ve had
more than one customer end up getting rid of their gasoline engine and buying
a diesel engine truck for towing stuff, so
don’t make that mistake if you’re gonna do a lot of towing, look into diesel vehicles
instead, and when it comes to various options, decide what you really want and
you might decide that hey, I’m not gonna buy the top-of-the-line model because it
costs eight thousand dollars more then the medium one does, as I’ve shown on my
own videos, you can easily upgrade systems like putting an Android system
like this that I did in my old 2007 Toyota Matrix
and put on all kinds of additions at a fraction of the cost of what the deal is
going to charge you, because they’re top models they had everything in them and
then they give you this outrageous price tag for it you’re much better pricing
around, seeing what models have which, and then decide how much you want to pay for
the car and what options you really want to have, whether you buy it that way or have
it put on later, but of course the biggest mistake I’ve seen my customers
make over the last 51 years, is buying the wrong car in the first place, do a
little research, email guys like me when you don’t know
what you should choose I’ll tell you the truth about which cars are good and
which cars aren’t, you can easily look up repair histories
of cars on the Internet these days and also the resale value, even if you’re
buying a new car, do a resale value of that model and if you see it’s horrible
their horrible for a reason and the reason is they’re not
such great cars you shouldn’t buy one in the first place, and when a company comes
up with a new design like say, oh they have this new engine and this new
transmission, hey don’t buy it, wait until the model has been
out a few years to see what happens, I’ve
seen more designs that failed miserably because they weren’t built and designed
correctly, and they broke down in regular driving once the models were
sold, and if you are buying a new car my advice, don’t get suckered into buying
one of those extended warranties where your paying thousand or a couple thousand
dollars for an extended warranty, your best extended warranty
it’s buying a good car like a Toyota in the first place, and not worrying about
it because, over the years I’ve had customers who bought those extended
warranties, 60-70 percent of the time something breaks on the car they
say, oh well that’s not covered by the warranty, because the warranty company is
guess what an insurance company, they’re the ones who decide who they paid who
they don’t pay, hey it’s to their advantage not to pay you,
especially if it’s a big repair because really,
do you think an insurance company is gonna sell you something that you’re
gonna get more value out of it and they are, personally in my business I stopped
accepting those things, because I’d have to spend hours arguing with the
insurance companies over why this should be covered or what they’re gonna pay for
what repair, their mechanics they don’t understand cars they just understand, hey
this guy paid us twelve hundred dollars for a policy and now he says this car
needs thirty five hundred dollars worth of work, well we want to lose money on the
deal, there are so many exclusions on that stuff and a lot of it is, chicken or
the egg, who can prove why your engine went out, they could say, oh you didn’t
change the oil enough, you overheated the engine whatever, when I work on a car
a lot of times I don’t know why the car broke the way it did, I have to fix it,
but I can’t be sure as to why it broke in the first place, believe me from my
experience, those extended warranties they just give you a false sense of
security, because they’re not gonna pay for a lot of the stuff that goes wrong
you just think, oh I’m secure I have insurance from this, ha wait until something
breaks and see what they’re actually gonna pay for, and the last mistake not
to make is don’t get romantically involved with a particular
car, if you get really involved that, oh I got to get this car I got to get this
car, your gonna pay too much because the real popular cars guess what, they mark
them up as high as they possibly can sticking every addition they can, a car
that might be based $35,000 will be sixty thousand dollars by the time you
get out the door, yeah there’s lots of nice cars out there, you can get a good
one if you heed my warnings, and spend a little time and thought about what car
you want to buy, how much you want to pay for it, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. 100% right the dealership has a floor plan with the bank!!! And the dealer gets kick back from the banks.Get your money from your credit union!!! Never tell the dealer you have your own money until you get all the numbers first!!! And never get a extended warranty on a new car$$$$$$$ Trump 2020 and never never get the paint and interior protection plan it's a RIP off ,

  3. Good day Mr. scotty.what is your opinion this car Grandia carnival 2010 because i ll buy two months ago.plss help me need your advice.

  4. People who buy cars new are loons. I always pay like $4000. My last one lasted 17 years and counting. It was already 10 years old when I bought it.

  5. How can I buy a car if I’m not romantically involved lol first I fall in love and then marry my cars 😁😉🙈 not humans only cars 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. scotty your the dad I never had, can you adopt me, I will always remember your birthday, plus you can service my Toyota for me  🙂

  7. So I'm watching YT videos getting ready to buy a new car (financing it), an in less then 2min scotty just convinced me to buy a used reliable car for a lot less.

  8. Hi love the sane advice. How much less can you offer Private sellers asking price. Or how much generally do they increase asking price

  9. Hello does anyone have any suggestion on a small beater truck ? I'm selling my explorer since I dont want more debt and I'll get myself a beater for a while


  10. All great advice. But the smart people, the ones watching your videos, already know most/all of this. The people who make these mistakes won't bother watching. It's not in their nature to be prepared or think ahead.

  11. Great point about warranties. I fell for it once when I bought a Volvo. I thought it would save money if anything went wrong. They didn’t pay when I needed a new regulator for the drivers window. “Called it normal wear and tear.” Those companies are just stealing from people.
    Just save a bit of money in a separate account every month or year and have your own warranty if you need it.

  12. Do forced induction engines cause greater strain to engine components by expansion cause of the extra heat+pressure or is it mainly more stress causing wear through increased pressure? thanks

  13. unless you can get a receipt that proves the tires on the car were bought within a very short time before the purchase of a used car, never expect that the tires can be trusted.

  14. I hope I watched this before 2016 where they fucked me with Hyundai Accent with almost 30 thousand dollars 💵!!!!!

  15. i bought an extended warranty, and i had 2 airbags break and they fixed it, have made $2000 of my warranty so far

  16. I want a 2019 Suburban or Yukon XL. Most have the 5.3 with the 6 speed transmission.

    Should I buy a 6.2 with the new 10 speed transmission instead?

    I’m looking for good gas mileage.

  17. Hey scotty you most be living in Narnia in today world average person don’t have 400 bucks how in hell you think they going to buy a use car that cost few thousand, who is going to loan them few thousands????

  18. Excellent info on towing and diesels. I have a diesel. I hate cruising around on it. 12.2mpg. If I throw a load on it like my most recent one, a bed of old asphalt shingles, or my previous haul, a 2005 VW Passat TDi, I get 18mpg. They love a load they love to be wide open.

  19. 0% APR promos are subsidized by the manufacturer's financing arm. They do it to sell slow moving models; their super high demand cars are always promo exempt. The dealer doesn't really care whether you take it or not, as long as you buy.

  20. I disagree with the extended warranty comment. I have one on my Honda Accord and they’ve covered my CVT transmission replacement and total A/C replacement. No questions asked. Saved me $7000 in repairs.

  21. I wish I knew the things I do now when I bought my first car over a year ago… The dealership really had their way with me to say the least 😔

  22. In February of 2016, I bought a $54,000 2015, BMW for $33,500. It had 12,000 miles on it and was previously owned by an Air Force pilot. I actually bought it from a dealership down south that sells Hyundais. They just wanted to get rid of it because, according to the salesman, they weren't in a BMW town. So yes, buying a new car is a losing proposition.

  23. Scotty what about the Hyundai and Kia mid size suvs??? Good buy?? Appreciate everyone's feedback…..(Santa Fe & Sorrento)

  24. 100% right about not buying new cars, Scotty. When you buy a new car, all you're really getting for that extra price is the ego boost of walking around for 1 year saying "I've got a new car." Way better off finding a good (key word is GOOD) used car instead. You'll still have a nice set of wheels and a ton of money leftover to go out and enjoy life in countless other ways. Debt is for suckers!

  25. All of this is true unless You bought a New Toyota FJ Cruiser !! My 2014 is worth more after 5 years then I paid for it !! – – 😁

  26. I went to trade in my old 2006 Nissan Sentra. It was in excellent condition. They offered $500 bucks for it…. I got $2500 for it because I sold it privately. I paid $3000 for it from a used dealer LOL.

  27. My extended warranty covered my timing rebuild at a Ford dealership on my used 2010 expedition with 133k miles would have been 5900 dollars but instead it was a 250 dollar deductible lol

  28. My last experience of buying a car was a disaster. I got fucked over good. But the dealer lost our families business in the process. Dealers don't care. Never buy a used Toyota from a GM dealership.

  29. Scotty I have bought Corolla 08 1.4 d4d, you americans are wrong about the diesel. Of course most of US is flat land, but if you live in country like mine, you'll know how good of a thing is to have a lot of torque all the time.

  30. U ride my bicycles most of the time Got huge old school metal basket i can hook on the front. 400 miles a year on my 2002 s10 ext cab 4.3 maybe 500 miles a year 2003 mustang 3.8. Bikes about 5,000 miles.

  31. Audi financial financed my car at 0.9% for 5 years. It was a used car, someone traded in after 6 months. It was the top of the line model, so I benefited from depreciation. Been a great vehicle.

  32. Frankly, you're off base on dealer financing. With the advent of CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending) most Credit Unions can be used at the dealership immediately. The rate is the same. Most dealers do have the inventory floored with a lending source. (That's called flooring or curtailment) When the dealers sell a vehicle to you, they have to payoff the flooring on that particular vehicle, in three business days. A medium size dealership will have $10 million or more in the inventory so they most likely need to borrow money. This is including most used car inventory. If a person is buying a new vehicle, weigh the options on low/no interest rate financing versus a higher rebate.
    I'm kind of surprised, Scotty Kilmer, that you're not better informed on financing. Most people don't have money saved to buy a car so that's why financing is a big integral part of the purchase. You should stick to what you know best…..the mechanics of cars and which ones last the longest when properly cared for.

  33. What’s a better first car a 2017 Ford Fusion or a Malibu 2018 they both are used and are under 15,000 miles. What one do I pick

  34. Scotty I have been watching your videos for over a little over two years. This video is probably one of the best ones! I always preach to friends to not buy new car from dealership.

  35. I've been trying to find a private sale on a particular vehicle that Scotty likes. Ever since he mentioned it as a good one, the private sales have disappeared. SCOTTY!!!!

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