Never Clean Your Car’s Engine

rev up your engines, today I’m going help
you answer the question, to clean or not to
clean your car’s engine, now there’s an old saying, cleanliness is next to
godliness, well in the case of your car’s engine as far as I’m concerned that’s a
bunch of nonsense, check out my old celica’s engine, dirty and greasy still running
strong after all these years I’ve never cleaned it, but take my shiny Triumph
motorcycle look how clean that engine is, that I
clean and why is that other than vanity, it’s because my
triumph is an air-cooled motorcycle, and my car it’s a water-cooled engine its
water that cools the engine, with a motorcycle air has to blow over the fins
on the cylinder to help cool the engine down, if it gets dirty and greasy that’ll
keep it from dissipating heat that well, but in most cars these days they’re
water-cooled, you want to keep all the fins cleaned here, done inside here where
the air flows to cool the radiator you want that all clean, but the engine
itself doesn’t matter if it’s dirty, the heat is dissipated through the radiator
not the engine itself, and modern cars have so many electronic parts in them
you start spraying cleaner then hosing it off with water, or even worse using a
pressure washer at a car wash, you can destroy the electronics of the car
cleaning it, and over the years I’ve had scores of customers that have done that
or their friends did it to their cars and they towed them over to me, sometimes
I had to buy new computers, because the wiring shorted out from all the water
and cleaner and ended up frying the computer, I’ve even had it where they put
so much spray inside there that it sucked water inside the air filter and
then hydro lock the engine and ended up bending the piston rods, so unless you’re
planning on having a picnic inside your car’s hood, it’s stupid to clean your
engine, it doesn’t serve any purpose, heck you can’t even see the stuff until you
open the hood, yeah polish the hood and the paint
to make it look nice, but hey you don’t live under here, but that said there are times
when you want to clean crud off of your engine and that has to do with leaks, oil
leaks especially, oil does not go well with electricity
I’ve had many customers they’ll have a leaking valve cover gasket, that’ll end
up leaking down it can get on the alternator, it can get on the starter and
that oil will eventually short it out, and the same thing goes for coolant leaks, if
you get coolant leaks and coolant it’s leaking on the alternator, or the starter
or the distributor, any electronic parts, that can ruin them and you need to
remove that stuff after you fix the problem, of course cleaning it doesn’t
fix the problem, you have to fix the problem first, if a valve cover gasket is
leaking you replace that, then you clean all the residue oil off so it doesn’t do
any damage, if you look under your car and you see things leaking, first you figure
out what’s leaking, find the source of the leak, fix it and then clean the mess
up, and to find the leaks I use this ultra violet leak dye, you put it in
whatever is leaking, the engine oil, the coolant whatever, then you use an
ultraviolet light and these funky yellow sunglasses and you can see where the
leak is coming from, and since leaks leak all over the place it’s often hard to
pinpoint where it starts, so the ultra violet dye really has made it easier for
people to find leaks, but then if you have oil or coolant all over the place you
do want to clean that off, so the residue doesn’t destroy electronics, and
to do that you’re gonna use engine degreaser, but the first thing is take
off the negative battery terminal, you don’t want to short on electronics, so
you want to loosen it, wiggle it moving out of the way, then you want to
carefully spray the degreaser on the greasy parts, wherever the leaks were
and here’s yet another tip, you want to do it on an ice cold engine, this
one’s been sitting all night, so it’s nice and cold, you don’t want to be
spraying degreaser on a hot engine, and then when you rinse it off with the hose
you don’t want ice-cold water hitting a red-hot engine and you can make metal
crack, gaskets could go, you don’t want to mess around with heat
so do this all on a cold car, now of course things like alternators look
they’re exposed to the weather, when it rains water comes up from the bottom
water comes through the radiator, it gets wet it’s made that it can take a little
bit of water, but you don’t want to have cleaner and electricity going through it
and then water with it connected to the system, so now there’s no power going to
it and it’s cool, so you won’t have any problems if you do it on a cool engine
with the battery disconnected, but that said you still don’t want to be spraying
things like the distributor, it’s all electronic you don’t want to get this
stuff wet, some guys will even put a plastic bag on it, and definitely stay
away from things like circuit boxes and relay boxes, you don’t want to get them
wet, then like most things in life have a little patience, it’s good idea to wait
half an hour or 45 minutes for the degreaser to soak in to do its thing
and if it’s really dirty, you can get a scrub brush and you can scrub some of it
off, when I was a younger mechanic we used to use kerosene on the garage floor
spray it on then scrub it and it hose it off
well this is the same idea, only I’m not doing this, I’m using one of these
fingernail scrubbers, it helps to agitate it and if it’s been on there
a while get the really tough parts off, then just wait like I said half an hour
or 45 minutes, then get your garden hose and hose it off, and again just do this on a
cold engine, so you won’t have any problems, you can wait a couple hours for
it to dry or do what I do, get a
giant fan it’ll dry it a lot quicker then when it’s dry put the battery
terminal back on ,don’t forget to tighten it up and away you go
so now you know when not to clean your car’s engine, and when to actually clean
it, and since this is a mechanic Monday I’ll be giving away a case of the spray
engine degreaser, to have a chance to win place a clean non offensive comment
on the youtube comments below, and a winner will be chosen randomly by
computer to get a case of engine degreaser to use when it’s actually
needed, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

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