Never Buy This Used Car

Rev up your engines,
jimmy says scotty i got a 10 year old prius that thing is only getting 15 mpg help, well
those things should get 40 mpg at least, you got some serious problems, this is one of
the reasons I tell people not to buy used priuses, I don’t know if you bought it new
or used but it’s 10 years old now, their complex inside, now from my experience with those,
your getting that low gas mileage, one you got a problem in the engine itself the gasoline
engine, the gasoline engine alone is gonna get at least 30 mpg, so it’s not running right,
have someone check the fuel injection system first, I’ve seen the fuel injectors get clogged
or go out it could be that, to get the best gas mileage the electric system has to work
and if that thing is 10 years old I would also tell you have somebody check the main
battery the hybrid battery that’s 200 something volts, when they go bad then your gas mileage
goes down a bit but not down to 15, so you’d have to fix the engine first and if a guy
says well he does a bunch of tests and says well your engine is worn out, maybe didn’t
change the oil enough, I’d just get rid of the vehicle cuz hardly anybody knows how to
work on those engines, useless cucumber says hey scotty what are
your opinions on firebirds, back in the day my best friend had a pontiac firebird he loved
it, it had a big v8 engine, and it was a 4 speed manual which was big back then, 3 speeds
were normal, this was a 4 speed manual, had 4 barrel carb and it was a gas hog, you could
just watch the gas gauge go down when you floored it and those barrels open it tore
down the road, he drove the heck out of it and later he passed away and he gave the car
to his brother and his brother drove the thing around for years, fine cars back then, then
of course they started making them cheaper and cheaper, and the later ones from the 80’s
and 90’s a lot of them were just garbage, they didn’t hold up worth beans, but the old
ones were solid classics in their day, that a boy says scotty my 2011 automatic honda
fit it 100k miles trouble free, what do I need to get another 100k, well keep doing
whatever your doing, change the oil and filter a lot, on that thing it’s an automatic transmission,
I would change the fluid every 30-40k miles it’s just drain and fill you can do it yourself
it’s a simple job, use the honda fluid cuz their real particular about the fluid and
don’t overheat the engine, I got a customer that’s got 350k miles on a honda fit and he’s
taken care of it, obviously your not peeling out all the time and driving like a maniac,
I’ve had customers ruin their honda fits, but they were younger kids and they just drove
crazy and they burnt it out, if you drive safe in those things they can last a really
long time, hey scotty I found a toyota celica 1990 gt
232k miles for $2,700 it looks good but is it a good car, 30 years old, it’s way too
much money, if you want a toy and your going to use it on the weekends it’s your money
do whatever you want, if it runs good and still goes good why not, but don’t think you
can buy a car like that and use it as an everyday driver, it’s 30 years old, and you said it’s
the gt and the gt model has much more problems than the s model, the s model that I have
is much more reliable than the gt model as it ages realize that, it’s not as dependable,
the parts cost more and they break a lot more than the s model, the s model was basically
a toyota corolla that can run forever the gt model was a little bit racier and they
had more problems, hey scotty my audi a4 2004 engine doesn’t want to accelerate what’s the
problem, if you have a car and it runs but then it doesn’t want to accelerate, a few
basic things to check first, the first is just change the fuel filter, cuz if the fuel
filter is clogged that’s exactly what will happen and that’s a very simple thing to do,
now if you change the fuel filter and it makes no difference, then you would want to have
the fuel pump pressure tested, cuz if the pressure isn’t enough it will do the same
thing and then you know the fuel pump needs to be changed, you can also have a problem
with the fuel injectors, if their dirty and clogged up, they can run ok idling, but when
you try to accelerate they don’t spray enough fuel in, now for that you really need a mechanic
like myself, we run tests with our high level scan tools to see what the millisecond flow
rate is, we can check it with our freeze frame testing to see if their firing correctly,
cuz if they don’t have the right freeze frame data then you’ll know that one if jumping
off there and you know that injector is bad, it gets really complex, but sometimes it’s
a simple as you need a fuel filter or an air filter, so always start simple,
jimmy says scotty my car runs perfectly fine until I turn the ac on then it start to bog
down and doesn’t run right, but if I’m driving down the highway with the ac on it run ok
what could be wrong, when you turn your ac on it starts to strain the vehicle two ways,
one it drags the engine cuz it takes power off the fan belt to run the compressor, but
it also uses electricity so it strains the alternator and the battery, thing first thing
I’d say do cuz it’s the easiest and like I always says start easy and work up complex,
have the battery and alternator load tested places like auto zone do that free, it could
be something that simple, if it’s not that, then it generally means your ac compressor
is starting to wear out, now when your just idling it’s going to stain the engine more
when your on the highway speed your engine is going so fast that adding that drag isn’t
really going to hurt it all that much, but you never know it could just be the alternator
is getting weak or the battery is getting weak, check that first,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell

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