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Never Buy This Car

Never Buy This Car

rev up your engines,
bearded ape beard care says my Nissan is always breaking ,well you’re not the
only one in a planet with that problem who owns a
Nissan, they just have a tendency of breaking it’s unfortunate, that’s why I tell
people don’t buy them, ever since they merged
with Renault years ago their qualities been gone downhill, just don’t buy one,
it’s like my wife always says, she said people are whining that, oh these evil
corporations are taking over the world and their making everything horrible,
well we still have a choice, you don’t have to buy their stuff, so if they make
bad stuff don’t buy it, that’s the whole philosophy that I have with people, it’s
why I’m here educating the public, if somebody makes bad stuff don’t buy it, and
if you have a problem with things that have
crap tell me about it, then my brain it memorizes all that
stuff, so I know hey everybody says Nissan’s is bad, I work on them and I know
their bad, so I warned people don’t buy them their
bad, pain says Scotty should I go for a 2012 Honda Civic or 2012 honda accord
which would last longer, both with automatic transmissions, you got to get
them checked out by mechanic to see if either have a problem, because buying a
used car trust no one, people lie cheat and
steal, I have them come here all the time, oh they’ve never been in a wreck and the
CARFAX says they never been in a wreck, and I look at it and I can see they were in
massive wrecks, so you can’t believe anybody, depends what you want those are
both great cars and they can both last a long time, if you want better fuel
economy and a better ride get the Accord, they can both last a really long time
and then decide price too, you’re gonna get a civic cheaper than an accord, how
much you want to spend, they’ll both last a really long time if you take care of them
Debbie Leo says Scotty please could you recommend a low maintenance but
fully loaded used car for an old man, I drive 15,000 kilometers a year, been a
fan of mercury, go for the Mercury Marquis you know it’s an old man car, the
old Ford Crown Victoria that’s an old man car, and it can’t run a long time and
you’re only talking 15,000 kilometers a year, so yeah go ahead and get an old man
car, now it sounds like you’re up in Canada and
if you are, those cars rust up there that’s your problem is, you might think
about taking a trip to Texas and buy a used one
and drive it up, or Arizona someplace where it doesn’t rust, Wow says
Scotty would you highly recommend to use wd-40 for cars, yeah it’s a very
good lubricant slash preservative, there’s plenty of them out there that
said, don’t think that they’re the only one, there’s hundreds of companies that
make stuff, the wd-40 is pretty good cuz it’s been out there for years and of
course originally it was basically spray kerosene, well then they added some
lubricants to it, and so it’s pretty good for locks and for getting rid of squeaks
and stuff, but that said each thing can often have the best lubricant for one
particular type, if you’re gonna lubricate something that’s bare metal to
bare metal, you’re better using spray lithium, because spray lithium the
lithium is really good for bare metal, if you’re spraying something on a
motorcycle chain, that’s a metal chain which is on a metal sprocket, lithium is
better there, because it’s better it hangs on better, if you’re gonna use any
type of spray do a little research of what you’re putting on and what it’s
used for, wd-40 is a good general purpose thing, but you got to realize exactly
what are you lubricating and how long do you want it to last
Dx time-lapse HD said hey Scotty what’s your opinion on a Toyota Solara, somewhat
fancier Toyota Camry and a lot of them were convertibles or a rag tops, Toyota
stop making them it wasn’t that they had any particular problems, they already had
the camry, then they got heavier into lexus, and I think they just decided that
they were gonna go more towards selling a Lexus brand then trying to make
fancier Toyotas there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, you can buy them
they don’t have any particular problems, if they’re maintained, but you know they were
good cars it was just something Toyota decided to go another route then to make
them, they didn’t stop making them because you
know they were junky cars like and an edsel ages ago, they just it was a
marketing thing with them I feel, Alan Hodgson says what’s the best type of
rust remedy for cars Thanks, realize like Neil Young Saeng rust never sleeps,
once Rust starts it does not stop, you want to prevent it in the first place, you
want to keep your paint from getting scratches and rust, you want to keep the
undercarriage of your vehicle so that the undercoating hasn’t chipped off and
then rust gets in there, cuz once it starts the only way to fix it is to cut
off the old rust, then weld new metal in, then prime
it and painted that’s the only way, guys
that have these BS videos about fix your rust with bondo, you’re just covering the
rust up with bondo and it’s going to continue to rust underneath and then
it will rust out again, so you want to keep it from happening in the first place and
if you live up north or you live near the seaside where there’s salt water spraying
all the time, you want to rinse the whole
undercarriage of the car and the paint and everything once a week to get that
salt off, because once it starts you can’t stop it, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Hi Scotty- great work. I think you'll agree with the "Other" (Star Trek) Scotty: the more they complicate the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain! Hooray for older simpler cars.

  3. Hey Scotty big fan of the channel! I'm planning on getting a used 2006-8 lexus is250 for university. I'm planning on getting a manual transmission and I've found a few cars around 100k miles. Do you think this is a good car an is there anything I should look out for?

  4. I like Nissan though lol. And I had a mercury grand marquis with 30k miles that had bad transmission shutter. That's just my luck.

  5. hey scotty i had a 2001 Nissan Almera and it was the best car i ever had, and peop-le i know who own Nissans from around that year or older also say their very reliable. Is that because a few years after that Renault merged and the quality got that much worse?

  6. I own a 2008 Nissa Versa that's been more or less trouble-free from day one, with the exception of an airbag recall. That took almost a year to deal with, but it WAS fixed.

  7. My Corolla's brake master cylinder broke and nearly killed me and my Celica's accelerator pedal got stuck after the wire split apart and almost killed me so I aint buying no Toyota no morr (they both were over 20 years old though)

  8. I've had a 2010 Xterra 4×4 for years, now has 150,000 miles on it. I retrofitted/replumbed the radiator/transmission cooler before the factory radiator failed and have had zero problems…knock on wood…

  9. One of my wifes friends has a '04 or '05 Altima. She frequently has issues with this car. All sorts of problems.

  10. Never get a Chevrolet Aveo. Go for a Mazda 3 instead, because it is a much better vehicle and they last for a while. The Mazda 6 with the V6 engine, it could be decent. But a Chevrolet Astro, hell no – garbage.

  11. Sorry Scotty this time I'm gonna have to disagree on Nissan!!!
    I have 2013 Nissan Sentra which i got use 50000 miles.
    Now i have 90000 miles,i literally put 40000miles in one years i work with my car driving every single day's morning to night none stop .
    I didn't get any issue!!!

  12. As a Nissan Maxima, Pathfinder and Murano driver since 1986 with absolutely no issues, you got a thumbs down on this one. 😫

    you say that the new Nissans are all crap, what is your opinion of the old one?
    For example a 1999 Nissan Primera P11 or a P10 with a SR20DE in it?
    Greetings, Patrick 🇦🇹

  14. Ive got a 2017 dodge caravan will it at least get me to 300,000 miles with no problems?It only has 27,000Miles on it.

  15. Aww come on Scotty I am sitting in my 2014 Altima on my lunch break….. This girl is your perennial punching bag lol. I do all the recommended maintenance think she will last 100,000 miles city driving? Halfway there now.

  16. Scotty, I asked this question numerous times:
    Lexus IS 250 2005-2013
    Lexus GS450h 2008
    Honda Accord 2008> manual
    Toyota Camry 2008 CVT?

  17. Scotty if you are so smart about buying stuff why do you make fun of bitcoins as an investment? I think that shows you are really stupid at buying stuff, but whatever lol.

  18. Never had any problems with my Nissan pick ups. Every one ive had had at least 150,000 miles with no problems. I had 2 Toyotas that were junk.

  19. I love your website
    Your son smart with new Tacoma
    I have 4 toyota in family and 3 lexus
    Your right all bullet proof
    And the dense company owned by toyota since 1926
    Great electrical components
    Thank u very much
    Keep up the great videos

  20. Girlfriend has an old Nissan think an 09 hasn't been too bad but looking for a new car. We live in Mass so decent snow what's a good AWD Subaru? I ask cause they're supposed to be great but seen a coworker off load a crosstek that's not too old at all because of alot of issues even heard it not running right.

  21. Hey Scotty pls what is your opinion on a used Dodge Caravan or the dodge brand? Would advice buying a used one? What are the likely downsides of the dodge brand?

  22. Hey Scotty buddy ? Remember the 240 z? 6 in line ? well it was about the same as the jag. xke 6 in line but the datsun didnt leak easier 2 fix and would last longer . Good day mate !

  23. Dont buy :
    a Rolls Royce
    a Land Rover
    a Volvo
    an Aston Martin db7
    a Citroen sm
    any maserati mid engined
    any Ferrari rear mid engined
    and dont even stare at a Mercedes Benz !
    any lamborghini mid engined
    and lastly a DARN Jetta !

  24. cars rust in eastern Canada but not in the west. Buy Subaru and you will have no problems , yes even old men drive them and so do young mothers,, you do the math.

  25. KROWN RUST CONTROL or Rust Check your car if you live in canada to slow rust or stop it from starting. It's works well, safe for electrical connections also.

  26. Datsun was good? When? I had a 1974 260z 2+2. It had twin carbs. Never started if the temp was below freezing (Minnesota).

  27. Scotty! I know you love Toyota/Lexus. Best car I ever had: 1995 LS400. WORST: 1998 GS400. Wow. Damn thing would not stay on the road at slow speeds. Constant wrestling match…

  28. Rust can be stopped or greatly slowed down by using POR-15.  I've had good success with this particularly with battery trays, and floor pans.

  29. Datsun's were good back in the 70's.  They didn't have much power but the fuel mileage was incredibly good too.  I remember the commercials throughout the 70's "We Are Driven!"  The B210 was their gas mileage champion.  It seemed every year the commercials would change and the B210 gas mileage would go up a couple of MPG's per gallon.  Those commercials made a lot of people want to buy a B210 and B210's were everywhere.  A lot of young guys back then had the Datsun pick-up, it was a cool vehicle to have.

  30. Wife loves her 2008 Solara SLE convertible that just hit 40k miles…. she loves it…. blizzard pearl with grey leather…. Toyota even replaced the dash for free last year in the dash delamination recall….. changed brake, coolant, and transmission fluid last year…. oil changed annually or 3k miles…. on a trickle charger as she drives it every once in a while on nice days…. over the last couple years she only put 800 miles or so a year on it….. a cheap reliable toy

  31. Hey, I have a Nissan Altima 2005 with 240k miles with original transmission and engine, they can’t be that bad. I barely fix it either.

  32. WD40 is terrible for squeaks. It's not meant for lubrication, it's a penetrating oil. That's why it never lasts.

  33. Hey Scotty can you talk about Hyundais? I hav3 a sonata.. Seems reliable enough but i keep having electrical issues ty!

  34. I got a 1980s nissan pulsar turbo and its still going fine.
    I think they use alot of renault engines in the cars now.

  35. When Scotty chides the Nissans he’s talking about the econobox PoS’s with Renault parts. He’s probably not considering quality machines like the Z or the GTR

  36. When I was looking at cars I looked ar a versa they only wanted 10k, altima was very cheap as well like 12k. There is a reason they are cheap, you do see an insane amount of hem on the road because they dropped the prices so much.

  37. Hey Scotty! What do you think of the 2006 Mazda 6s? That's my car and just want your general opinion of mazda quality during that time frame.

  38. Tell that to the North FL NISSAN dealership (Orange Park) that hawks NISSAN JUNK before & after Scotty's great videos

  39. Never buy a late 90s to early 2k ford Taurus or windstar van. Tranny issues are guaranteed at 80 to 120k. The two Taurus cars I bought failed in the exact same way in the same time after buying them. Tranny decided to leave me with nothing but reverse. Never again.

  40. ROCKET WD40 invented during the space race by one of the company's NASA invested in, It was for dispersing water from rocket parts, the 40 is a reference to the 40th attempt to make it work properly and the WD is reference to water dispersal, if my memory is working properly, could have been WD1 if they got it right first time,

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