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Never Buy Car Parts From This Place

Never Buy Car Parts From This Place

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna
answer bill’s question where do I buy car parts from, I’m always
struggling with that myself I’ve been we’re gonna cars for 51 years but things
change, places that used to sell good parts now sell crappy parts, places I’ve
never heard of sell good parts, but places I’ve never heard of sell bad
parts too, so how do you figure out where to buy them, well the first thing I’m
going to start out with this we’re not to buy car parts, I would not advise
anybody to go to a place like eBay and randomly buy car parts from people that
they don’t even know who they are where the parts come from, I tried them in the
past and hey it bit me in the rear end and every once awhile I get a customer
that bought some parts on eBay, more than half the time the part doesn’t fit or
it’s a cheaply made part that doesn’t work right, you got to know where your
parts are coming from and it depends what kind of parts are you buying, let’s
say I want to buy some quality oil there’s nothing wrong with going on the
internet and buying the oil at the lowest price you can find, as long as you
know it’s the oil you want, as an example my Triumph motorcycle I use this very
expensive Motul racing oil for motorcycles and very good oil filters,
but I don’t go to a motorcycle store and buy them i buy them online to find the
best price, it’s the same product it’s just someone selling it cheaper, and the
same goes true for bigger more important parts, like say you need a fuel pump, when
you buy a fuel pump for a car my advice is your best to go OEM, the original
equipment manufacturers, say for a Toyota now this old Celica and most Toyota’s, they
have Nippon Denso pumps Toyota doesn’t make them the company Nippon Denso makes
them, so as long as you’re getting the Nippon Denso pump it’s fine you can buy
it anywhere, but since fuel pumps are an integral part of your fuel injection
system, they have to be perfectly made and you want them to last, don’t go out
and buy this cheap knockoff ones especially chinese-made ones, I’ve had
people do that sometimes they don’t work out of the box,
sometimes six months later they break, you want a
quality part you can go anywhere and buy it
feel free to price all over the place, just make sure that it’s the OEM
manufacturer like Nippon Denso in this case, but don’t be fooled by the name OEM
there’s a lot of manufacturers out there and they claim their products are OEM
it’ll say OEM this OEM that, well like in this
Toyota, if it’s a fuel pump it’ll be Nippon Denso, if it’s some other
company and says its OEM they’re just lying to you,
people can print out whatever they want so make sure you know what you’re
looking for, and do a little price comparison and quality comparison, let’s
take oil filters, now you can go to any discount auto parts store and you can
get cheap oil filters, usually they aren’t that expensive, but if you want
the quality oil filters sometimes they charge twelve or fourteen dollars a piece,
hey I buy the same stuff and in that case I do buy it online, I’ll buy a case
of them online for way less than half of what they’re charging at a supposed a
discount auto parts store, and of course do shop around, take something like car
batteries, yeah they’re very important so you want a good battery, but the prices
are wide, I’ve seen the same crank and amperage battery sold at a store for $70
or $130, and I’m talking the same exact battery, you need to do research on it
when you’re buying parts, you don’t want to just go to someplace and buy whatever
they got lying around, now this is an extreme example but years ago there was
an auto parts chain here in Houston that they were affiliated with some kind of
convenience store, there would be a convenience store on one side and an auto parts on the
other, and a friend of mine was a manager of one of them and he said at night they
would raise the price of headlights, they know that somebody’s headlights burn
out they’re coming in at night and they were open till 11 o’clock at night, they
gotta have the headlights so they don’t care what the price is they’re gonna buy
it, I mean you don’t normally see things
that bad but there’s a lot of cases where, there’s false leaders in the store
to get you in but the prices of other stuff isn’t so good, but many auto
parts stores hey they jack up the price on items that
they sell a lot of them and they’re an impulse like windshield wiper blades, not
only can you buy windshield wiper blades cheaper online or at different kinds of
stores like Walmart. but if you do
research about things like silicone wiper blades, you’ll find that the
silicone blades can last a really a long time, I asked a guy at a discount auto
parts store once, why don’t you guys sell silicone wiper blades and what did he
tell me,he said Scotty every month we sell thousands of wiper blades,
we don’t want to sell them silicone wiper blades that might last for years and
years, we’d be cutting our own throats and getting rid of one of our big
revenue streams wiper blades, cuz in the case of wiper blades, our polluted modern
society wears them out so fast, there’s so much dust and stuff in the atmosphere
that the thin rubber on those they’re thin so they wiped good and don’t clatter,
wear out real fast where the silicone ones are tougher and
they last a long time so in that case, hey you might want to go
online and buy silicone wiper blades you’ll save money and they’ll last so
much longer, you won’t care that they cost a little bit more, because if
there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 51 years of fixing cars, and that’s
don’t just go by your pocketbook, don’t always go for the cheapest price, because
a lot of times the cheapest price is really cheap quality, especially with
tools, these are gear wrenches they’re cool because they have flexing heads at
different angles and an open end, so they can get to just about anywhere,
these weren’t cheap but these things are 30-something years old and yeah I’m a
slob there’s a little bit of rust on them because I don’t polish them, but hey
they still work perfectly fine I’ve seen knockoffs of these gear wrenches
I even tried out a couple of sets years ago and the stupid things would break
when I pulled on them hard, your better to spend a little bit more for a quality
tool if you’re gonna use them all the time and expect them to be working years
from now, and when it comes to buying quality electronic components for your
vehicle, you’re always best to stick with orginal equipment a hundred percent, I
learned that the hard way, years ago I used to
work on a lot of German cars and some of the maf sensors, the mass airflow
sensors, some of those things could be six seven hundred bucks even years ago
so I try these aftermarket ones that people made that said, oh you know
they’re cheaper and they’re brand new or they work just as good, well no they
didn’t they worked horribly, sometimes the car would run worse than it did and I
think, gee maybe I diagnosed it wrong, or I’d put it in six months later the car is
towed back to my garage and it’s the stupid MAF sensor gone bad, so on really
critical parts like that electronics, you’ll want to stick to the original
equipment people, and especially with things as complex as a MAF sensor, you
really should go new, not rebuild, because those things are so critical and I’ve
seen so many rebuilt MAF sensors not work right or go bad quickly, that you’re
better to bite the bullet and buy a brand new original equipment one, but
like I said, say it’s a denso, you could buy it anywhere as long
as it’s Nippon Denso, you don’t have to go to the dealer and pay whatever
ridiculous price they want for them, but you want to stick with the original
equipment on it, now sure we all want to say money buying the right parts, but we
don’t want to get stuck with a bad part, one that isn’t gonna last, or one that
might not even work, because that’s the worst thing on earth, I’ve been doing
this for 51 years and even once in a while I get stuck with something that
you put it on it doesn’t work, and then you think the car is still running the
same, maybe I diagnosed it wrong, but then you find out hours or even days later
that hey you were right in diagnosing what was wrong, but the stupid part you
got isn’t any good, which is the main reason that for complex parts I stay
away from the internet in buying parts, because hey you got to buy them, you got to
get them shipped, you hope somebody put it in the right box, and then if you got
a problem you got to send it back, and your car is not working the whole time
you’re much better finding a local supplier for what you’re getting, because
with the insane competition in business these days, especially in auto parts
a lot of times you can even barter the price at stores, say get your phone, hey I found
these guys down the street they’re selling this for that, half the time
those guys will match the price, because hey it’s a competitive world and if they
don’t they’re not gonna get any business, so now you’ve got a better idea on where
you should buy car parts, we’re all in this together we’re trying to save money
but we’re trying to do it right, and since this is the Thursday segment where
I answer a viewers question, place your own question on the YouTube
comments below and I’ll answer the best one in a single video,
and where else can you find a guy with 50 years of experience of fixing cars
so answer your own question with a video, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

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  2. I’ve had great results and customer service from the local NAPA and Oreilly, not so much with Autozone, if I have to buy any parts online, I’m always getting the parts from a reputable recommended online retailer for OEM parts.

  3. Like buying gold or silver bullion for the coming dollar collapse, stay away from the guy on the corner. Go to reputable dealers for the real deal.

  4. hi scotty what is your opinion in old japanesse car made in the 1980s. like mitsubishi, i have a 1983 dodge colt. is a rebadge mitsubishi mirage. stickshift "double stick shift. thanks.

  5. The Auto Zones around me hire the stupidest people. Its like they hire only stupid millenials who couldn"t even change a tire. I found an Orielys with decent employees and thats where I go. I only go there when I don"t want to wait on a part. Most Items I will buy online. I also buy fluids and freon at walmart.

  6. Great show, love it. but on the OEM aspect : I jused to buy spareparts for my Beemers in Holland at Kostwinder en verhoeven , they only did BMW and Mercedes. All the parts came from the factories that supplied BMW and Mercedes , half the price of the dealership , same stuff , only thing: No Mercedes or BMW stamp on the parts. the list is big , window mechanism , dashes , gearbox(ZF) bearings (SKF) etc.etc. if you look you can find original parts for half the price

  7. I'm going over to Scotty's house with a 24 pack and some good shine get trashed with him and soak up all the knowledge I can get 1st hand lol… Let me know when your free lol!!

  8. It's truly a shame that this joker has so many subscribers. He really has no clue and provides nothing more than opinion. Give some facts and provide some actual scientific evidence and stop misleading the Idiots that take you seriously.

  9. Idk about celica (but id say theres a good chance) but the corollas 7th gen? At least my 2000 and my 2002 have an access panel under the back seat where you can change the fuel pump. NO NEED TO DROP THE TANK

  10. In Canada dont buy fro auto choice….4 sets of break pads and 3 sets of rotors in 11 months ….I baught from napa and have had no problem

  11. O got a 1997 f150 it has a hundred and sixty-seven thousand miles on it and no prob but I look that year up and seenbig a problem from radiator fluid leaking into the gasket head gasket because of a faulty gasket but I heard that usually happens on 80000 miles if it hasn't happened yet should I worry about getting it replaced or should I see what happens

  12. Ok scotty. What is it? Scotch, Rum, Vodka. Aaaashhhh it doesn't matter. Love ur vids maan!!!!! Really informative

  13. I have heard and have had first hand experience with the Zone's starters and alternators.
    Last alternator I got from them five or so years ago pulsed, all the lights of the car would pulse.
    Now I got to the pick a part, take it to an alternator shop and have them go through it, like new.
    Costco is the place to get car batteries, I have one in four of my vehicles, oldest is nine years old and works like a champ, Johnson Controls make the batteries they sell for cars/trucks.

  14. What about making a video on knowing when you can get by with a junkyard part and when you need to go ahead and buy a brand new part! I hope this makes sense

  15. Being a woman many places still want to take advantage of the poor Lil female but I know about cars and wanted to be a mechanic but I am willing to learn from experts who don't manipulate folks.

  16. I bought a Chinese fuel pump from AutoZone for my 89 Chevy Astro Van back in 05 and sold that van back in 2011. Never had a problem with it. I even installed it myself. I saved lots of money.

  17. Hey, Do you fix Dryers? Seriously! 51 years of auto's i am positive you have worn out your share of washing machines & dryers. Yeah I know Cloths lines work just fine, but I live in an apartment due to my wifes disability so We can't hang one. I know 9 times out of ten people pay a serviceman hundreds of dollars for them to replace a two dollar thermal fuse. I am willing to bet you could save your subscribers hundreds of dollars just by giving a rundown of how the temp. apparatus works from the low, medium, high switch to the thermal fuse to the heating element . I know I left one or two sensors out. but knowing the order in which they are connected could stop a structure fire or even just a few bucks and we trust you! Well I thought I would try! Thanks for what you have taught us!

  18. Hi scotty i have a question i have a 94 Toyota Camry and my anti lock system turned on and i can't find away to over ride the system how can i over ride it in order to start my car?

  19. LMAO, wipers are for rain not cleaning your only way to see out of the vehical! Be lazy pay more. Your window washing fluid is weak: what moves first your wiper blades or the washing fluid pump? Now figure out why? $$$ I bet!

  20. Canadian Tire is generally good for auto parts. Filters, plugs, and specials on motor oil are good deals. I don't know about electrical components but I got a really good price on front struts for my Matrix: two for the price of one. I had them installed at the store and they may have inflated the installation time a little bit. But it was much cheaper than using the Toyota dealer.

  21. Scotty! What's your thought on a 2006 f150 with the 5.4 triton engine. Found one with 90,000 miles on it and no rust. If it's all mechanically sound and price is right, is it worth buying?

  22. Looked up some silicone wipers, and, honestly, even the top tier wiper PIAA has doesn't cost that much more than what I pay twice a year for wipers. If they could last 24 months it's totally worth the extra $9


  24. For the LT1 engine's Optispark only get the OEM ones with the Mitsubishi sensor chip. Even the high priced performance brands have a lousy chip.

  25. Don't buy anything from AutoZone. They sell knock-off parts. If they can get a similar product cheaply, they will take the manufacturer's product out the box and put the cheap product in the box and sell it to you as if it was the product on the box, when it's not. It's in their contract with their suppliers. So the brand you think you're buying, you're not buying. You're getting some cheap knock off from Vietnam.

  26. I've always bought my car batteries from Walmart with the 3 year warranty, quality batteries usually less that 100 dollars, but I take it back before that warranty expires. They don't check the battery, they just say get a new one.

  27. Here's a good one. Maybe I'm wrong, but cheap Chinese A/C components have flooded the market so much, good quality American made parts can't be found anymore. Example 1… try finding a condenser that can be cleaned out. Good luck. A/C 'specialists' do replacement only, so with their cheap Chinese crapola components… every 3 years I need to have the compressor, condenser etc replaced…. on average $950-$1500. EVERY 2-3 YEARS! And even then, it doesn't work that great. This for my 2000 Grand Caravan. So what are the options?

  28. Maybe this is a repeated one.
    Are there any autoparts/equipment we should replace for a better one even for brand new cars? Cheers Jorge.

  29. I was going to use a Duralast coolant temperature sensor for my F150. Are those good to go, or should I take the long trip to the dealer for OEM sensor?

  30. Scotty, I have a 2002 Explorer XLT 4L and both high and low beams are out. The bulbs are good and all fuses are good. What do you suggest I look at.

  31. There are many sensors that are not make good at the factory in China. These defective parts are sold on Ebay at much lower prices and don't buy these bad parts.

  32. no advance, they stink, They did not want give me a warranty of a battery that I bough from them two years ago. it did has a warranty for three years. they said that it was good still ,when other two mechanic told me that it was not. So I bough another battery from auto-zone and after two months it is working fine.

  33. I bought a part for an Audi A4 on ebay. It was a power steering coolant pipe. Audi wanted over $200 for the damn thing. It's just a coiled piece of pvc tubing. I found it on ebay for $22. Worked fine.

  34. The other side of the story is that if everyone bought everything online there would be no brick and mortar stores. Do you want to have an auto parts store in town? Yes? Well, if you don't buy from them, they'll go out of business and you'll HAVE TO buy everything online–even when you need something right now. So it's a balance between keeping your local retailers alive and getting a better price sometimes.

  35. I be used Prolong additive for years. I ran my Ford pickup 15 miles with no water and had no problems. Like to hear ur comment. Thanks. Rick

  36. I just found out that Oreily charges $8+ for one quart of motor oil. I went ahead and paid it cause I was in a hurry. The next week I passed through the auto section at Walmart. They charged $4.75 for the exact same brand of motor oil. So not only should you check prices first if you can but look
    in places other than an auto parts store on common items.

  37. Ebay you just need to look at reviews and yeah not for fuel pumps. Fuel pumps get the best name brand it will last many years. Ebay is good for gaskets and things like that, exhaust stuff, filter minor things.

    Autozone is good Duralast actually is a good product just expensive….

  38. I paid out the wazoo for an 'OEM' part from NAPA. Opened up the package and 'China' was stamped on it…took that POS back. It's really difficult to find stuff decently priced that's NOT from China because they've completely flooded our market with junk. I'm finding stuff that was once good is now junk-yet the price has gone up.

  39. Hello señor Kilmer…I wanted to say hello…I have a question for you to answer with all your knowledge and experience in car repair I had a old mercury cougar few years ago and the problem that I was never able to fix even my mechanic was the car engine was a 3.8v6 and the problem was the catalytic converters gets red hot I was scared even to start the car they work on it to fix timing replaced the distributor rotor and the timing never got fixed so I ended trashing the car I hope you can answer my questions just for the sake of science and technology 😃it was a very good car for us I used to drive it Ftworth Houston when my dad was very ill in the hospital in Houston awesome gas mileage comfortable enough… even they are not too roomy space wise… so even if you just mention the problem and solution I will be very pleased you don’t have to make a video just for my question I don’t want to waste your time and let other people to fix car problems they might have right now… I appreciate your honesty and experience we follow your advice and tips on car repairs Thank you so much…

  40. 2.3million people just learned about silicone wiper blades. Soon that knowledge will become widespread and Scotty Kilmer will be responsible for the death of the auto parts store.

  41. Silicone RainX never ever! I got them and the caused a smear on my glass that WOULD NOT CLEAN OFF. It took two years to get it totally clear.

  42. I drive my vehicles at least a hundred miles a day S10s or Rangers. I keep them until I can't rely on them anymore. They seem to fall apart somewhere near 300,000 miles. Often the frame starts to come apart. Michigan winters I guess. When they start getting close I begin using cheaper parts. The parts won't need to last very long anyway. It doesn't matter to the buyer because I usually only get a little more than scrap price by the time I'm done.

  43. OK Scotty, spill the beans, which major car parts store do you buy from the most ? Such as Napa, Auto Zone, O'Reilly's, Pep Boy's ? C'mon Scotty, you can tell us, we won't tell anyone, lol.

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