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Never Buy a Rental Car From This Place

Never Buy a Rental Car From This Place

rev up your engines, I’m always being
asked by my customers and by you viewers Scotty should I buy a used car from a
car rental agency, and my answer is generally no, I would not buy a used car
from a car rental agency and my first reason for not wanting to buy a car that
came from a car rental company has to do with me and other people who rent cars,
all the time when I travel distances I don’t have time to drive, I fly in a plane
then I rent a car, and when I rent cars generally I beat the heck out of them,
I’m in a hurry I don’t care what kind of roads I go on, I really don’t care where
I parked the car, they’re not taken care of by the drivers all that much, rental
cars often take large beatings over a couple of years hundreds of people
probably rent each individual car, who knows how they drive, how they took care
of it, if it hit curbs, if they backed up into stuff, and here’s a big thing that a
lot of people might not understand but they’re gonna find out now, most major
car rental places they’re self insured they’re not insured them through a
company, they insure themselves they’re so big they save money that way,
but it can be a bad thing if you’re buying a used one from them, if you’re self
insured hey to handle all in a house what happens is, if it’s been in a wreck
you may never find out, do a Carfax if it didn’t go through an insurance
company, carfax isn’t gonna have any information on, oh gee it was wrecked and
then they fixed it, they do that all in house, I had a costumer bought a Mazda from
one of these car rental places, about a year later he got in a little wreck and
his body man said, hey look at this this cars been in a big wreck before because
it’s got an aftermarket bumper on it it’s not the Mazda bumper, well he was
never told that the car had been in a wreck but unfortunately for the car
rental company my customer was a lawyer he was gonna sue them and they said what do
you want he says well you know I want the money back I paid for the car and I’m
gonna keep the car, and so that’s what they gave him, so basically you got a
free car but still that was the car that had been in a wreck, and you take a big
company like say Hertz last I checked they had over 400,000 cars that they had
that they were renting out in the United States, that’s a lot of cars and a lot of
stuff can fall under the cracks, I wouldn’t advise
anybody to buy one of those cars myself and that actually brings me to another
reason not to buy a car from them they’re priced way too high, they’re all
done by their bookkeepers to say, well we depreciated this much of this, and if
they say one $22,500 for the car, that’s what they’re gonna ask, and they won’t
accept anything less, their selling cars and they said these cars go for this kind of
money we don’t take anything less, and as I said in a previous video, the book
value of cars is artificially inflated in the United States, the companies that
make these book ratings of what cars are worth are now owned by companies that
sell used cars, so it’s a very corrupt system, take England in England used cars
are much cheaper than the United States because they don’t have such a corrupt
system as they do here in the United States, to give you an analogy go to a
jeweler, show him a diamond ring get it appraised and then say okay what will you
give me for that, well they’re gonna give you a tons less because they wanna sell
it and make a bunch of money, so it’s to their advantage that the sales price for
them is really high, even though the actual value is much lower, and with
these car rental companies like I said they say one low price, you know what a
bunch of nonsense the money that they want to get and if you don’t want it hey
they won’t sell it to you, because in reality used cars are used, anything
that’s used as far as I’m concerned has whatever value anybody will pay for it,
there is no actual value set in stone and considering that you’d be buying a
used car that have been driven by hundreds of different people and the
price is really high, it’s not fair if you buy a car from one owner car, you
know he took care of it, he’s thinking well I’m gonna keep it for a while I’m
gonna sell it so I’m gonna take good care of it fine,
but if you’re buying a car that’s been driven by hundreds of different people,
at a really high price it’s just not a smart thing to do, the rental car
companies get a big deal I mean look at Hertz if they own over 400 thousand cars
that they’re renting out, they’re gonna cut a pretty tight deal on what they’re
gonna pay for these cars, so my friend who worked on the Chevy factory said hey
we all knew the next five thousand were going to rental car, so we didn’t have to
be that great on the fit and the finish because it wasn’t being bought by a
private individual who might look at the car examine it, make sure everything’s
okay it’s being sold in a fleet to a rental
car company, let’s face it even when you rent a car, when you bring it back
there’s usually a very cursory check of the car when you bring it back, specially
guys like me if I fly out early in the morning and it’s five o’clock in the
morning, and you drive it in, a guy just kind of looks around the car and checks
the mileage and sees it’s full of gas and that’s it, and personally I have to
vouch on this they seem to be cheaper made the ones that are sent on rental
car companies because I rented a car once in Wisconsin, well I got in the car
and closed the door on the inside one time and a couple of screws fell out on
my lap from the dash when I closed the door I guess they weren’t so prideful in
Indiana and when they made that rental car, if these rental car companies are
cutting the best deal that they can, for the companies making them thinking, well
they really cut us down we’re not making much profit so let’s whip these
things out as fast as we can, over the decades I’ve been renting cars I had
cars where the dashes weren’t even glued in right they were crooked, a lot of them
had much more rattles than normal cars that my customers had in them, even
though they were low mileage when I was renting them, and if you’re looking at
buying a used one say of a model that’s notorious for having transmission
problems, people who are renting them their driving the heck on them they
don’t care that the transmission is weak it’s not their car, a private individual
owns one, odds are they’re gonna take better care, they’re not gonna drive it
as fast, taking chances with the transmission by over revving it and
stuff, but when it’s a rental car hey that stuff happens all the time, so
if you got a relatively weak transmission to begin with and you’re
buying a rental car with that, hey I’ve had many customers have that happen and
the transmission went out within a couple years of them buying the vehicle,
and of course another reason I say not to buy them is the maintenance factor,
guys who are mechanics for the car rental companies, they don’t get paid
like regular mechanics do at a dealership, as an example last I checked
they were paying about $33,000 a year for the mechanics and Hertz,
well the Ford mechanics they’re getting paid on average about $47,000 a year, so
not only are the mechanics at the rental car places being paid less, they have to
work on all the different kinds of cars that the company buys, where say a guy is
working at a Ford dealership he’s only working on Fords, he has all
the specialized equipment at the Ford garage,
and of course he’s gonna do a better job he’s getting paid more, he has better
equipment, and people can say all they want, oh we have service records for it,
it’s paperwork it means nothing, I’ve been in many rental cars where the
maintenance light were on, when I checked the oil the oil was low because they
hadn’t changed it regularly enough, Hey paperwork doesn’t mean anything ,anybody
can fill out paperwork what’s actually done that can be another story entirely,
but let’s say you’re in a pinch you got to get a car fast, well let’s face it
they got a lot of late-model cars and yes you’re gonna overpay, they charge
too much for them, but let’s say your looking at a Toyota Corolla, you’re
looking at a really bulletproof car, I’ve got customers with them that have two-
300,000 miles and basically all they ever did in the cars was change the oil
and filter, and the brake pads when they wore out and they’re still running
strong, so they can take a lot of abuse before they fall apart, so if you’re
hard-pressed to find a decent car, maybe get a Toyota Corolla from one of these,
but please don’t go buy a Chrysler from one of these things, their bad enough new,
and you buy one that’s been driven by hundreds of people, I had a customer
do that once with a Sebring and that car just fell apart in the first year that
he owned it, and if you are going to buy a used car from a rental car company, you
pay a guy like me a professional mechanic to check it out before you buy,
because as I say as their self insured it might have been in a wreck you’re never
gonna be able to find out, but a good mechanic
we can find that stuff out, when I’m checking out a used-car, first thing I do
is go all around with a flashlight and look for mismatched paint where I can
see, hey this black parts got a little white on it and it’s a white car
obviously it’s been wreck and repainted, we can find that stuff pretty fast and
of course don’t listen to anything the salesman says, I’ve done that for
customers and showed them that, look this car was obviously in a wreck, and they
go back and they say oh your mechanic is crazy, oh look the paperwork shows it’s
never been in a wreck, well like I said paperwork anybody can make up paperwork
actually obvious that the cars been in a wreck, you don’t buy it
and you can’t trust anybody these days, so you have a mechanic check it out
before you buy, you can tell paint imperfections and if you see that this
fender is a little different color than the hood, you’ll know it’s
been wrecked, then you walk away from their car right away and start looking
at the other ones, a lot of times right before they sell them, they do all the
cosmetic stuff, so let’s say you’re looking to buy one
use your nose too, because if you smell fresh paint all over the place, you know
they’ve touched it all up and they painted it all over just to sell it to
you and then you might find a year later all that paint starts to fade off
because they didn’t do such a hot job, again there’s a great deal of difference
between a private individual that’s selling their own car that they knew, if
I take care of it I’ll get decent money when I sell it, versus a corporation that
has hundreds of thousands of cars, that when they sell them they just want to
get it to look as shiny as possible on the outside and unload them as fast as they
can because they have hundreds of thousands of them that they have to get
rid of, my advice is stay away from buying a used car from a rental car lot, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell

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100 thoughts on “Never Buy a Rental Car From This Place

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  2. Enterprise would do oil changes, but very little else.

    They sell off anything that gets close to needing other maintenance or tires.

  3. When I was at the dealer , people’s who rent them , steal parts electronics or anything in vehicles , they swapped parts out of rentals cars company too LOZl !!!!

  4. Scotty, I rent from Hertz and I never trash or dog out the car, I treat it just like my own car, I wash it, in some cases the car looked better when I returned it than it did when I rented it.
    I’m a little surprised 😲 to hear you say what you said about rental cars, I thought you of all people would never think of mistreating a rental.

  5. I've worked part time for a car rental company for over six years……. NEVER BUY ONE… the maintenance, the cleaning and the abuse is atrocious. Cars are beat down after 15-20k miles.

  6. I was told at a couple of companies by employees. They're beat on and got rid of at 50 grand. Not positive, but it does make sense.

  7. Hey there you mention the Corolla Scotty tell me what you think about the Scion xB in the Toyota Yaris with the 1.5 liter engine with the timing chain that you never have to replace? Thank you sir please do a video

  8. In 1986 I rented a Ford Escort. It had 16 miles showing on the odometer. When I turned on the heater a bunch of crud laying in the duct work blew into my face blinding me. I ended up in ER to get pieces of plastic out of my eyes. I did things to that car I'd never do to my own.

  9. I rented a car in dallas. It smelled like gas, was turning around and I got held up. I walked away because the car caught fire and scared the guy off.

  10. I LOVE Scotty! His energy is amazing and I have learned so much and I am not even a car person. Yet, I always watch his videos, they're addicting.

  11. I can vouch for the price of cars in England We've lived here for three years, MUCH cheaper! Don't get me started with cell phones at about 1/3 of the price compared to the US.

  12. Hey: how does Scotty know his Toyota's nota rental? He bought it from a. Woman ,it was wrecked in the front left quarter,and he's always got the hood up on it?? 🙂

  13. My last 2 cars have been purchased through Hertz. I got a 2013 Toyota Yaris LE with 32k miles for $11k, and a 2016 Nissan Rogue SV with 36k miles for $15K. The Yaris, which my retired parents drive now has 95k miles and has never had a single issue. My Rogue has 70k miles now and also not a single issue, even the CVT Scotty (cough). I do my own car repairs and I'm pretty good about checking out cars before buying them. I went over almost every bolt in the entire engine bay and chassis on the Rogue, and only found 1 loose that held the coolant reservoir in place. If you can check the car out well for structural or mechanical issue, and overlook minor paint chips ect. Not a bad way to go for the price, especially considering you can drive it for 3 days and return it.

  14. I bought a Hyundai accent from a rental company with only about 25k miles I now have 110 k and no issue just normal maintenance it's been really good to me.

  15. I just would like to know where in the world do u suggest people buy a used car. I watched videos and u said not dealership, and not rentals and I bought plenty of used car from private people and u have many issues also

  16. Buying rental cars is a crap-shoot, just like buying a car owned by a private individual. Most people take care of rentals because they don't want to pay for damages, but there will always be a small portion of people who will abuse them. The same goes for private owners. Some people who buy new cars know that they will trade it before the engine/drivetrain warranty expires. They know that if anything breaks, it will get fixed for free anyway. So guess what? They drive them hard and will not do any more maintenance than is absolutely required to maintain the warranty. That probably means oil changes only – at quick lube shops who employ "mechanics" who work for minimum age. It is well known that quick lube shops will sabotage cars in order to sell expensive repairs that a car didn't need (until they sabotaged it). These repairs are usually done very poorly, with cheap parts. Rental car agencies are not going to sabotage their own vehicles!
    With rental cars there is likely to be a mix of drivers, both good and bad. One owner cars may have been treated well (or badly) the entire length of their first ownership. You usually can't tell how a new car was treated regardless of being a former rental or not. If it doesn't have visible physical damage, you'll never know.
    One thing to watch out for when buying a former rental car is the mileage. This seems counter-intuitive, but buying higher mileage former rentals is usually better than a low mileage one! Why? Because rental companies want to get the most profit back out of a car as they can before it becomes a liability. If a rental car is trouble-free they will keep them until they have 45K to 50K miles on them. But if they are wrecked, damaged, or begin to have service issues, they will dump them much sooner. Beware of former rental cars with lower mileage! Check them over very carefully. They dumped them early for a reason.
    Many of the 1-2 year old cars I've bought were former rental/lease vehicles. The main thing to look for is evidence of having been in an accident. This really applies to any car though…

  17. How about a car from one of those back-alley bargain rental outfits that rents out cars they bought used? My parents bought a Chevette from some guy that did repairs and (questionable) body work, renting out the cars he probably got from customers who couldn't pay for repairs. The first one had a repair that didn't quite fix the damage that the accident did to the fuel tank, so they threatened to sue him and got a second Chevette which also had visible body damage under the clean new fenders. It was reliable enough, but one day, it started ticking and rolled down the street into a fire hydrant; probably from too many renters who used the parking pawl as a brake.

  18. The GM dealership used to buy rental cars clean them up and resell them most of them had about 25 to 30,000 miles on them never had an oil change or brake service from new. Don’t remember any of them ever having an engine failure or other issues after being sold.

  19. Same could be said about repo’s. Someone who doesn’t make payments isn’t exactly worried about maintenance.

  20. You made some good points, however I have worked for the largest rental car company in the US and I have a few points to bring up. 1 rental cars are not more abused than others, while it would be true that renters don't think about how they treat the car as much as others, statistically you will behave the same way in your rental as you do in your own car. What you have proved to me is that I should never buy a car from you, not that rentals are bad. Second, rental cars are maintained by the dealers not the agencies. Any mechanic employed by the agency only does minor jobs like changing the oil. Anything else requires the work of professional body shops or dealerships. Rentals also have more consistent maintenance schedules and have been more reliably taken care of. So your opinion is a little I'll formed and overly anecdotal.

  21. What do you think about buying a low flood car to fix? What are the pros and cons of doing that?

  22. I had a buddy in the army and he walked in one day said man I got to be at fort Campbell KY in 3 hours or I’m a-wall. He had a dodge neon rentel car and he wasn’t a very good driver but knew I was so we where In the eastern part of the state 4 hours away. I hop on the toll road and it had concrete walls on both sides and you could see for miles so I held that little car to the floor till it would over heat them o would run the heater a minute and slow up and get right back In it. Long story short we made it with few minutes to spare almost 300 miles in 2 hours and 48 minutes. That poor car had the trans smoking and smelling the breaks was cherry red and smoking the tires where super sticky and greasy and smoking and the engine was red hot and smoking 😂. Hell of a trip.

  23. So true. No gonna lie… when I’ve had rental cars I would really run it just cause I wanted to know what these cars could do. Some are pretty damn fast XD

  24. Hey SCOTTY….gotta LOVE your PASSION. Thanks for being HONESTY and CARING for A LOT of the FOLKS not really in the know when it comes to CARS! Especially looking out for the Senior citizens too!! Semper Fi…my friend 🙂

  25. I have had 2 ex rental cars. A 2002 Mazda 626 with 5000 miles when we bought it. Drive it for 17 years and finally donated it a few weeks ago. Good car. Next 2010 Dodge caravan with 40,000 miles. Now have 95,000 miles and its been good. So far lucky.

  26. Another point on rental cars.
    They are on the high list of places to commit suicide outside of the house #1, ones own car #2, hotel rooms are 3rd rental cars is 4th.

    You never know?

  27. I bought a Passat from Hertz. But I drove a bunch and some were obviously not right.. So far so good but only have drove about 17k.

  28. Forget buying from them or renting unless you photograph the car very carefully upon getting the rental. They are notorious for scams trying to nail you for damages.

  29. Buying a rental Mazda ? 😂 Omg id want my money back and they would have to take it back. If you get a rental car with just 6900 miles it’s 6900 miles a 1/4 mile at a time with several hundred neutral drops by 23 yr old guys.

  30. Any car you buy from a franchise that sells used ??? Every one of them is a rental. They will use the term “demo” or “ executive corporate car “ or “ short term lease car “ or “diamond plan purchase “ or “ corporate trade “ …” residual off term vehicle 🚗 they tell the sales man anything to tell you but Don’t SAY a Hertz or Alamo rental lmao 😂 they buy them 50 at a time from on line auctions from rental agencies 😂 Never buy repossessions from a bank either when somebody lets a car repo they don’t do any maintenance on it for 50,000 miles and drive it like they stole it.
    Luckily for all these companies 90% won’t remember any of this and they end up with one.

  31. Love your videos. Bought my Dodge Charger 2007 in 2007 ,21000 miles, I am now at 198,300. Paid $8000 below bluebook because Enterprise had too many on the books.
    That being said, I do believe I am the exception to the rule. Only had shocks and struts changd…oh and thermostat issue once. But I caught it in time.
    Religious with the fluids and tune-up and she has never failed me. O2 sensor went bad after I went to Firestone. They denied any responsibility My-bad. Never make that mistake again. Runs great, no need to fix it in the last 70000 miles so who really cares?

  32. What I've learned looking at used cars if you find a newer cars(within. 2 years) with alot of miles usually 40,000 or more on it even if its at a dealship chances are it was a rental car or a Courtesy car for services so you end up paying more at a dealer for a rental than just buying it from hertz/enterprise.
    And it was still driven by who the heck knows. Alot of people don't take care of their own cars in general maybe the rental place at least serviced the car and would charge for obsessive damage making you think about how you should beat the car up.

  33. I must be one of the lucky few. Not to be disagreeable, but Scotty, you may be slightly off with your opinion. Over the years I have purchased at least four cars that were previously rental vehicles. One Oldsmobile, two Dodge and one Chrysler. Every one of them had no major issues. Just the normal wear and tear stuff like brakes, tires, occasional fuse or switch here and there. Each one of these vehicles have lasted over the 200,000 mile range. I agree that it's a crap shoot when buying one of these ex-rental cars but then again, that can be said of any used car purchase, from anybody. I'm currently driving a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country (ex-rental from Hawaii) that has 293,567 miles on it, it had 54,167 on it when I bought it, still running strong. The only"major" problem I've ever had with it was the AC compressor. Went through four of them in a year, that had nothing to do with the actual vehicle, but because of a remanufacturers shoddy workmanship. (NAPA needs to find a new supplier). That's my two cents…

  34. The CONSUMER sure get HOSED no matter what they buy. Prices for everything is so inflated because of all the middlemen. Plus, uncle same loves to get involved.

  35. My dad bought a 2000 Chev Impala from a rental company that had 11,000miles on it and sold it in 2015 with 280,000 trouble free miles on it. That car was wasn't just his daily commuter, it was also his truck that he used to pull his 4×8 utility trailer around with that had loads sometimes so heavy that we couldn't get the hitch ball insert out because it was bent so bad.

  36. My dad told me back in the 1960’s he and his buddies in Kentucky would rent a car and drive to Miami Florida for vacation. Of course they disconnected the odometer cable because mileage was not free back then. He said it was the best $18 he ever spent.

  37. My gf works at enterprise as a car prep..she often talks abt wanting to get a used car from them…One thing is indisputable: any rental is driven by hundreds of Different drivers, most of who dont really give a damn abt it, cuz its not Theirs…That alone ,is reason to be cautious abt rental purchase

  38. The Enterprise Car Rental Employees in a Georgia location uses handicap parking at their location because it is closer to the door.

    Hey Enterprise, Handicap parking does not mean it is convenience parking for your employees! I don't use Enterprise anymore. I have several friends and family that always have really hard times parking because people are always using handicap spaces because they always claim they're just going to be in & out. In most cases they end up having to return home because they NEED handicap parking.

  39. Scotty…Come on….you don't really believe the car manufacturers actually build rental cars any different than any of the other same vehicles down the assembly line. To think that Ford would instruct the manufacturing line the following 300 cars are rentals therefore don't tighten down the screws is ludicrous. It's called an assembly line because every vehicle is coming down that line is treated the same. It would cost more money to deviate in an attempt to lessen the "quality" of the vehicle to do that.

  40. I bought a 2015 Chevy Impala from Hertz. The price was a little less then the KBB value. I didn't have the car a year and spent $3,000 for a new front end. Lesson learned.

  41. Well, I thought I would disagree with you. But the points you made about being self-insured (to avoid Carfax reporting) and the manufacturer being less careful on fleet sales were things I hadn't thought of. You have won me over!

  42. One thing I do want to point out that you mentioned was the salary difference in dealership mchanics and rental car mechanics. I've worked for both Avis and Enterprise and would like to note that ghe mechanics at those places make so much less because they only do lube tech jobs. Oil changes, tires, and inspections. Anything major they send to the dealership to get fixed.

  43. I used to have a job where I picked up rental cars when they hit a year old and took them to auction, they were usually bought by main dealers and sold as “single owner nearly new” cars. The previous owner on the log book was an alias for the rental company, something like XYZ corporate or similar. The rental companies could buy large numbers of new cars from manufacturers, get a huge discount, keep them a year and sell them to dealerships for the same amount they paid for them new. Everyone was happy, even the private individual who bought a nearly new car, although they were of course oblivious to its real history.

  44. I bought a cheap Corolla at auction that had Enterprise stickers still on. Ran for years. But, yeah, not the best idea.

  45. Good thing my dads a mechanic with 30 or 40 years of experience so when I go out and buy a used car or truck he comes with me

  46. I've sold a thousand rental cars in my time and can count on one hand the number of them that have had problems, and when they did, they were usually trade-ins, not rentals. You're wrong on this one, Scotty.

  47. The poor, shoddy body repair info was news to me. As far as price goes my local Enterprise sold 2 yr old rentals for thousands less than the dealer had 2 yr old lease vehicles for. Both with similar mileage. Still the best thing to do is keep your credit score high & buy new after checking Consumer Reports.

  48. In a way, it doesn't make sense that a manufacturer would skimp on quality for sales to rental companies. I mean, the quality of the car represents the of the quality of the manufacturer. It would be like bad advertising, but that's corruption for you.

  49. I can't understand how rental companies can find buyers stupid enough to pay prices that exceed private one-owner prices. Some myth they are professionally maintained. Bunk!

  50. I bought a Malibu for my business from Hertz. About 2 years later, it has been awesome and my sales guy has driven the wheels off of it. And I got a great deal on it.

  51. My family bought 3 USED HYUNDAI SONATAS from Enterprise. The mileage 30-40,000 miles on each auto. The autos were EXCELLENT,each one has over 110,000 miles and still going strong . Scotty isn’t always full -proof!

  52. I'm sure the rental car companies are getting the cars for far less than retail and the manufacturers know what cars will be sold to rental companies. That means those cars are rushed through the manufacturing process. (Rental=junk).

  53. Check the carfax on any used car. They show rentals. Many many new car dealers sell former rentals on their lots. BEWARE

  54. I had a lot of troubles with automatic transmissions I would never buy one again. But , if i loved the car , would you recommend switch it to manual?

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