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My New Tesla Model 3 Performance!

My New Tesla Model 3 Performance!

– What’s up, guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and say hello to Precious. (upbeat electronic music) So this is my brand new
Tesla Model 3 Performance. Now in this video, I’m going
to be showing you around, showing you the options that I went for, why I went with this instead
of the Standard Range Plus, some of the differences with that as well, and let’s have a closer look. So if you have a look at the color, you can see that I’ve gone with
the midnight silver metallic which realistically
speaking is more of a gray, but I really do like this color. You do have to pay about a 1,000
pounds extra for this color instead of the white multi-coat
which does look pretty good, but of course I had to
go with the darker color, and you can get the black which is also a 1,000 pounds extra, but as far as I’m aware it
doesn’t have the multi-coat. This has a metallic coating
which I think looks really nice, and I am most likely going
to be getting this wrapped. So that’s going to be
covered in a future video. Going for a darker color
with the darker wrap will just mean that I
don’t have to also wrap the door shorts and everything. Now another really good reason to go with the midnight silver metallic
is because of these alloys which I think look really really good. They are in a gray color which goes really nicely with
this midnight silver metallic, and these are the 20-inch
performance alloys which is one of the reasons why I went with the Performance model. If you go for the Standard
Range or even the longer range, then you get the 18-inch Aero wheels which do look pretty good, but I mean, these performance wheels
look so so much better. When I was buying it, you
couldn’t really upgrade the wheels on the Standard Range, but you can now. You can get 19-inch alloys
which do look a little bit like this, but they are silver. So that is an option. I think it’s about 1,500 pounds more. So you can look into that. The other thing that you also
get with the Performance model are these performance brakes. So you can see the red
there, looks so so good. I really like this color combination. Really really digging it. Now let’s go ahead and have
a look around the back. So the first thing you’ll see here is this carbon fiber spoiler. Now this is something that you only get on the Performance
model, looks really nice. Another thing you’ll notice here is that it does say dual motor, and that’s because this
is the Performance model. So you’ve got dual motors,
it’s all-wheel drive, and that’s going to mean
some very very fast pickup, but also it’s going to handle really well in sort of icy situations. I did actually drive a Tesla
Model 3 on the ice in Finland, and it handled like a champ, and that was one of the
reasons why I went for this. The Standard Range Plus, obviously, you’re not going to be getting
that all wheel dual motor drive. Having a look inside the boot,
so you can open it up here. You got quite a bit of space. There’s plenty room in here, and there’s also this bottom compartment, and in here you do get a few cables. So you get, I haven’t even used it yet. So there’s the type-2 cables. So this you’re going to be able to plug in if you’re in service stations
and things like that. I am most likely going to be
going for a home charging solution which we’ll be covering in a future video. So make sure you subscribe if
you want to see that first, and you also do get a
standard home charger. This is a 3-pin charger on here. Now, obviously, depending on your region, it might be slightly different, but you see a close-up of that. This charges pretty slow. So it’s up around about I’d
say nine to 10 miles an hour, but useful for emergency situations if you’re, you know, maybe
you’re going to a friend’s place or you’re going to see some
family over the weekend, you can just plug this in overnight. It’s still going to give you
somewhat of a decent charge, but the home charger, I think it’s roughly about 30 miles an hour which
is a lot more practical. Now for charging, there
is a charging port, and with this you can
just open it up here. So you can see that we’ve
got this little light here. Now that’s a type-2 connector, but you also have this bottom part. Now the bottom part is if you are going to be on a super charger. So the super charger’s
actually take up all of this, and those charge very very fast. Now let’s go ahead and have
a look at the front trunk. Once again, the front trunk, you can open that using
your smartphone app or there’s a button here on
the screen which we can use. There we go. Now because this is an electric vehicle, there’s not so much going
on here at the front which means you do get
some extra storage space. Now it’s not massive, but this is great for
things like your shopping, maybe if you’re picking up some takeaway, you don’t want to stink up
the main part of the car, then you can do that as well, and it also comes with a standard first-aid kit that’s included. So that is the outside. Now let’s go ahead and
have a look on the inside. Right, to unlock the car,
it’s pretty straightforward. You just have to wave
the key card around here, and it is unlocked, but ideally
you just want to use the app which is a lot easier. A lot of people ask me about this as well. The door handle, so you just push in here, and they come out, and there we go so now
you can see the interior. You can see that I have
gone with the all-black because you know SuperSafStyle. You can pay about a 1,000 pounds extra and go with the black and white which actually does look really good, but this just kind of
goes more with my style. The Performance model
does come with these mats. They’re just carpet mats. I’m most likely going to get
these replaced with rubber mats, but I do like the black leather. It just look really really slick. Now just quickly showing
you at the back as well. And here we’ve got the back seats. Again, look really good, there’s no, I’m not sure we call it, that middle hump, there is not that there because,
again, electric vehicle, which means people are generally a little bit more comfortable, especially somebody
who’s got a middle seat. You’ve got some USB ports
here as well if you can see, and the back seats here are also heated. This is something that is something that you only get on
the Performance model. You don’t get that on
the Standard Range Plus. You only get front heated seats
on the Standard Range Plus. Whereas on the Performance,
they are all heated. Now let’s go ahead and have a look at some of the main features. So we’ll sit down inside, and you can see that we’ve
got the main display here. So everything is controlled here. Something a lot of people ask me is when you’re sitting, driving
is a little like distracting because you don’t have
anything here at the front, and honestly speaking, it’s not too bad. You can just have a quick glance. All your main information is here. So things like your speed, and all of your controls are here too. So you can even open your
glove box through this control. You can open the front
trunk, the back trunk, and because this is the Performance model, you do get a one-year of
connectivity for free. So that includes all traffic
information, Spotify Premium, and then you do have to pay, I’m not sure exactly how much it is, but you do have to pay afterwards to get some of those features. Now we do have autopilot. So autopilot comes as standard. So this is something that all Tesla’s will
come with as standard. I did not go with the full self-drive. Now the reason I didn’t go with that. I had a good chat with my
buddy Oliur from UltraLinx. I’ll link his channel in
the description below. He’s also bought one of these, and we’ve been going back
and forth with lots of ideas, and one of the things is
currently at this point in time, I don’t think full self-drive
is at a stage right now in the UK anyway, where it’s
really worth going for it. So what I decided to do is
just not go with that for now. Maybe I can get it later
on with an upgrade, but I’m only planning to keep
this car for about two years, after which, I am most
likely going to be going for the Cybertruck. So hopefully when the Cybertruck’s here, then I will be replacing this, but, yeah, the display, all
your controls are on here, and you’ve got the rear camera which actually is really good. Dynamic range on there, as
well, is really really good. Here on the center console,
you’ve got some storage here, some cup holders. Now this is quite glossy,
which I’m not a fan of. So I’m most likely going to be getting some sort of a matte-finish skin which we’re going to be looking at, again, in that future video. So this, you just have
a bit of hole in here. Now here is a section
for your smartphones. So you can put two smartphones in here, and then there are some USB ports. Now once again, I think I’m
going to be upgrading this. I’m going to be getting
some wireless charging. So right now, these are
not wireless-charge, They’re not wireless-charge compatible, Qi wireless-charge compatible. So I am going to be replacing this, and that will be covered
in that future video. Now another thing that I missed out, by the way, these, you know, you have to kind of be very
gentle when you close these, is these pedals. So you do actually get these
alloy performance pedals on the Performance model, not something that you
get on the Standard Range. All of the controls, like
if you want to mess around with a steering wheel, you
want to change that around, you can have some different
user profiles as well which is really nice, so
your seat adjustments, all of that’s going to be remembered, and then when you do jump in, then everything’s going to be set for you which is really really good. So that was a quick tour around the Tesla Model 3 Performance. I’m super super excited about this. I have never bought a
brand new car before. So this is something quite new, and a few of the reasons why I went with the Performance model instead of the Standard Range Plus. Firstly, you do have more range. So you can have up to 329 miles on a full charge on this
Tesla Model 3 Performance. On the Stand Range Plus,
it’s around 254 miles or something like that. Top speed on this, as well, is high. It’s around 162 miles an hour. Whereas on the Standard Range, it is around 140 miles an hour. Now honestly speaking, I don’t
think I can legally drive any of those speed limits here in the UK, but regardless, it’s just nice to have knowing that you can
really get to that speed, but I think one of the
most important things is zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds
on this Performance model, and it’s so so crazy. Whenever I’ve got somebody in the car and I put my foot down,
people are like whoa, like it’s almost like
being on a roller coaster. It’s so so insane. On the Standard Range Plus,
it’s around 5.3 seconds, zero to 60, which actually
is pretty fast as well, but zero to 60 in 3.2
seconds, absolutely insane. Now another reason why
I went for this as well is there’s actually a government
incentive here in the UK. So from April, the new tax year, it’s going to be 0% benefit in kind. So you’re going to be paying minimal tax if this is a business vehicle. So if you don’t understand that, then speak to your accountant,
and they will explain that. If you do want to pick up a Tesla Model 3, whether it’s a standard or a
performance or a long range, then if you use my referral code, then that will give you 1,000
free super-charging miles. It will also give me one 1,000
three super-charging miles. So I’ll leave that link. If you want to use it, you don’t have to, but you can use that link
in the description below, and now that I’ve got it, there’s going to be lots more
content coming up with it. So if you want to see all of that first, then be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell icon. So you don’t miss any of that content, and also let me know in the comments below what kind of content that
you’d like me to cover. Of course, I’m going to be doing updates on all the customizations, on how I get on with
this on a daily basis. So that’s all going to be coming, but if you have any
suggestions for content, do drop that in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did, then do hit
that thumbs up for me. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV. I’ll see you next time.

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