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My Customer Destroyed This Car By Not Changing the Oil

My Customer Destroyed This Car By Not Changing the Oil

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about a vehicle that has strange problems when you start it up and listen
under the hood you can hear that first metallic sound now I’m not talking about
the noise that’s as evil swine’s are making all day long in the background on
my video I’m talking about that metallic rattle you heard once the
starter engaging and the engine action start and the other odd thing is when
you corner fast on this sometimes the oil pressure light comes on even though
the oil level is perfectly normal at the full so it’s not low on oil so I got to pull it in the driveway and check it out and when you look under the hood you can see this
has a 1 AR FE engine here it is it’s a four-cylinder engine and if you do a
little research you’ll see that the engine has been known for reliability
but it has one main problem the variable valve timing system has a tendency to
make a knocking sound on cold start ups now you heard that first knock watch
what happens now that it’s already started up now the only thing you hear is a little
valve rattle it’s got a hundred and thirty thousand miles but you don’t get
that metallic on the first startup because the variable valve timing system
ready as oil pressure in it it only makes that noise when you start it up
cold but I do have to say the oil is really dirty so I’m going to change the
oil and filter run some quality oil on it see what happens so I can jack it up
in the air so he can change the oil and stick a jack stand for safety then
got an oil drain pan it’s often hard to get the oil drain bolt on and off I use
a long extension bar and a socket then it’s easier to pull them out and get
them tight without wrecking anything as you can see with the long bar when you
pull in a long bar it’s a lot easier to get them off then we can get the rest by
finger then out comes the oil it’s really dirty and if you don’t want to
have future problems get a new gasket for the oil drain plug these things only
last so many times they don’t cost much so buy them before you change your oil
then you’re not hunting around to find one if you only have one car you can’t
drive it so I package I buy these on Amazon I buy packages like 10 then I got
ten of them and I know I’m never gonna have to worry about having a problem
leaking or stripping because it’s got a nice new gasket each time and they don’t
cost much now when you do put it back on this is where the giant extension works
best because once you get it on you can easily at the other end push it so it’s
nice and snug it won’t be too tight but it’ll be tight and it won’t leak now you
got to change the filter too but unfortunately this is one of these swine
designed paper ones where there’s a plastic container it hides inside you
have to have one of these metal tools to get it off it fits on and gets it off do
not buy one of those plastic tools they’re crap they’ll break get a metal
one like this this particular one is a vim solid metal look at that this
is not cheap it will last as you can see your snaps right on nice and tight then
again look and here’s our extension bar because these things can be hellacious
pulling them off as you can see now it’s turning it’ll
come off and down comes a whole assembly which will take off then you get the new
filter and it just goes inside pushes right in and there’s an o-ring here you
replace the o-ring luckily the SDP oil filter the kit comes
with a new ring just go a little pick slide it under get the old one off and
then slide the new one on it goes on a last groove get a little better the all
going on push it around so it slides on nice and doesn’t stick now if your spins
on and get your socket keep turning took it snug now it’s tight and it won’t leak
oil it takes about four point six quarts of oil pour it in slowly because these
Toyota’s don’t take oil fast they have baffle plates and if you pour it too
fast you’re gonna get oil all over the exhaust and it’s gonna smolder now I
love these giant jugs cuz they got a little clear part and since we’re
putting in 4.6 it’ll be a little less than half a quart left so we’ll do it
till it gets down to here a little bit more then we’ll start it up and check it and whatever you do don’t forget to put the cap back on
I’ve had people leave the cap off oil gets everywhere can ruin stuff make sure
you put the cap back on and don’t forget to get rid of the jack stand cuz if you
drop it with a jack stand you might Bend something now we can let it down that’ll
start her up another one off of my five minutes and
if you notice compared to what it was doing before the overall engine is
somewhat quiet too you don’t hear the valves clacking as much it’s quieter than
it was this is why I have to keep beating people over the hat to change
your oil regularly you don’t want to ruin a great engine like this by having
dirty oil running low on oil I had a customer a few months ago bought me a
Toyota Camry had the same engine sounded like it was falling apart she only had
half a quart of oil left and she said well I had to change six months ago I
said did you ever check it and she said no her car at 140,000 miles it was burning
on a little oil she never checked it so please change it regularly, me on this
particular vehicle I change it every 5,000 miles with normal stop and go city
driving you don’t want to ruin this beautifully designed 2.7 liter
four-cylinder engine because the oil is either too dirty or gets low that once
you shut it off wait about a minute then pull off the dipstick and check it in this case it still needs a little bit more you can’t always go by the
specifications that a computer gives that’s why you check it so we’re gonna
put the rest of the total 5 quarts in then turn it off
and wait another minute for to drain and check it again and now it’s perfect it’s
on the second dot which is full between the top top the bottom dot is one quart
now it’s full and this is another reason you’ll want to double check your work
you can’t always believe the data I’ve seen them off sometimes as much as a
couple of quarts the dipstick works correctly always go by the dipstick
reading on level ground after you warm it up and then shut it off and let it
sit for a minute or two so the oil drains down you get the correct reading
now I’ll take it for a spin hey that’s running quite smoothly and
guess aht a lot of that noise that’s gone you can hear a tiny bit of valves
but hey that’s normal for a car with over a hundred thousand miles let’s look
under here we’re cornering the oil light is not
coming on like it was before fix and maintain a well-built engine happens to
be making some odd noises you didn’t hear before and here’s some bonus
questions and answers 18:08 saysScotty please help I got 2010 Nissan Pathfinder
v6 50,000 original miles I got the battery place now my car won’t start
doesn’t click or anything the battery terminals are clean I don’t see any
blown fuses help odds are your anti-theft system is locked itself in
and the reason I won’t do anything cuz you turn the key the anti-theft system
is stopping it from starting if you have a remote somewhere that works go get it
lock and unlock it lock it unlock it sometimes that’ll fix it here is a trick
that sometimes I’ve seen if you don’t have the remote anymore something’s
wrong with the system this will often work disconnect the battery for a couple
of minutes before you reconnect the battery put the key in the ignition and
put it to the on position not start but on where the lights would be on they
won’t come on because you got the battery disconnect with the key turned
on then connect the battery and sometimes that can fool those anti-theft
systems because it sees that while the ignition key is turned on so therefore
the key is in the car and not a little start the car and if that works great
live with it that way if neither of those things work find a mechanic like
me we get on our fancy scan tools we plug them in and we first check to unite
that system and sometimes something just breaks and it sounds nuts but sometimes
just replacing the battery in a car finishes off something in an anti-theft system and when you put the battery cables back on
in a system there could be a little power surge or a spark and it can finish
the anti-theft system off but trying my systems to fix it first because a lot of
times you got a remote that’ll fix it or disconnecting the battery for a couple
of minutes to turn the key on put it back on
then it’ll start again I seen that work many times curt says I’m looking to buy my son an 08 Lexus is250 has over two hundred thousand
miles the guy wants 4500 bucks it’s a one owner car severed man right next
well first I would want definitive proof that he’s the original owner of the car
that’s two hundred thousand miles and it’s an 08 that tells me it’s
probably a lot of highway mileage highway mileage as I told millions of
times its equivalent to 10 percent city miles so say that was all two hundred
thousand miles on a highway gotta be equivalent to 20 thousand miles stop and
go driving in the city the guy wants forty five hundred bucks but that’s
200,000 miles on it and is 12 years old I would try to pay less myself
regardless of it’s a one owner car two hundred thousand miles is two
hundred thousand miles most people don’t want to touch a car like that they’re
not gonna get any guarantee I would try to pay less for the vehicle if you have
a mechanic check it out and he says everything’s fine that’s okay and he
says yeah it must have been a lot of highway miles you know cuz it’s an
excellent shape go ahead and buy it you’re buying it for your son
forty five hundred bucks for a car that costs ten times that when it was new
what the heck you know for mechanic says it’s okay it still could be a good car
I’m just cheap I’d pay a lot less, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell

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100 thoughts on “My Customer Destroyed This Car By Not Changing the Oil

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  2. Scotty: when you jack up a car as you did in this video, doesn't it affect the drainage of the oil? I always go out of my way to try and keep the car level. Am I wrong?

  3. 04:30 remembered oil cap, remembered jack stand, forgets dipstick.

    Did that once and oil started spraying out the dipstick. 😂

  4. Always go by the dipstick, unless you have a VW and the orange plastic dipstick holder is brittle and rotten away 🙂

  5. I have a 1994 37500 mile Toyota Land Cruiser and have never changed the oil…only added oil as needed….I guess older is better..

  6. Hey idol scotty can you make video how change this suv changing trans fluid I really appreciate thank u sir✌️

  7. Most toyota engines had a recall for that start clatter… It is the locking pin in the vvt cam assembly and of course bad maintenance

  8. That's why you don't buy a car a used car from a woman!!
    They're literally like children and they want equal rights and equal pay, without earning it.

    Watch Coach Greg Adams channel and Donavan Sharpe's.

  9. Heyy scotty! I love your videos. I get to learn more about my vehicle. So i got the 2019 honda accord , and i was just concerned about how often should i have my oil changed? Your support will be highly appreciated. Thanks 👌👌

  10. 2:54 to whom it may concern, Scottie, I bought one of those filter wrenches when I started changing the oil on my girlfriends’s Scion tC. It has the same engine in the video, and you don’t actually need this wrench to get it off! 1/2 drive fits right into the plastic oil filter cap and can be used as a substitute for people who don’t want to buy the stupid filter wrench 🔧 😁

  11. Scotty Sir, you mounted the O-Ring for the oil filter incorrectly, it’s not the last groove, its supposed to be on the second last groove.

  12. I check my oil once a week and before long drives, the engine is quiet with 226,000 miles on it. Yes, it is a Chrysler 2.7L people slam all the time. I have changed oil and filter every 3 to 4 thousand miles since new.

  13. A Friend of mine had the same problem with not being able to get his anti-theft system to work. thus not being able to start his car. I said "When is the last time you replaced your the battery in your fob?" His response was 'Theres a battery in it?' — Replaced fob battery and whala problem solved.

  14. I just don't understand people. They have all this money to buy cars but they don't have money to just do simple maintenance.

  15. My pet Nissan get treated every 3000. @ 200.156. it's a happy little critter. It is wise to find a low mileage wreck to have a backup motor.(that is to say) rebuild the spare engine at my leisure to be ready for use?

  16. Hey scotty I m buying a 2014 kia optima hybrid with 103000 kms safety passed in Ontario and regular maintenance on record for 7500 cad dollars.. Do you think it's a good buy? I have checked Carfax and it's clean?

  17. My car has an oil life indicator, how accurate are those? I usually change it when it reads around 30% life remaining. I believe it's usually around 6000-7000 miles when it reaches that point though. I run full synthetic.

  18. Hi Scotty I changed the oil in my 2009 corolla 1.8 and it still makes the cam gear rattle at startup "sometimes" should i replace the cam gear or live with the noise. Will the cam gear cause catastrophic engine failure?

  19. 1988 I bought a 1984 VW Rabbit. Few days after purchase, the oil light would come on going around corners and low idol.
    I drop the oil pan and plastic gaged my bearings.
    The guy gave me some money back.
    I slipped new bearings in crank shaft, connecting rods.
    75,000 miles later, I slip more bearings in again.
    Things don’t work like that anymore these days.
    Overall it was a darn good car..

  20. I have recently acquired a 2010 Venza 4 cyl. that makes the same noise on cold start up. There is a TSB on this problem that refers to replacing the VVT components. Sounds expensive. My question is can I safely ignore this or will the cam drive prematurely self destruct if I don't address it?

  21. Thought according to Scotty Toyota's were indestructible no matter if the oil was ever changed, or even if it had no oil in the engine at all!

  22. BOY, I'm sure glad I don't make car repair videos. Because if I did I might just forget that 1 time to replace the dipstick, …… then you have about a MILLION PEOPLE who will catch it and write you a note in the comments section ! ! ! ! !

  23. My 08 Lexus is250 makes that noise sometimes (rarely) I change the oil all the time possibly idiots that had it before me didn’t take care of it?

  24. Ive always been pretty responsible about my oil changes, it is after all the “blood of an engine”
    BUT! I recently bought a 2019 Toyota Tundra and the manufacturer (toyota) recommends 10,000 mile intervals.. why so high?
    I’m to understand its full synthetic. … what’s the difference? Oil is oil and it gets dirty. … I’d appreciate your opinion.. thanks!

  25. I love scotty because he's straight to the point "dont buy the plastic ones there crap they break" 😅 good honest advice

  26. Oil should be in between the dots or to the top dot? I have always got taught it should be in between ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  27. Scotty, I have a 2015 RAV 4 and my vehicle does the thing, thought it was because all the oil drains to the bottom since I use 0w 20. I use full synthetic oil, and change it every 6,000 to 7,000. Gonna have to double check that. It has 209,000 miles. I travel to and from Pennsylvania to New York and back….. Every day, 90 miles each way 🙄

  28. Hey Scotty, when I change the oil on cars with those cartridge oil filters, I always soak the oil filter and will the filter can with oil. It reduces oil starvation after oil change by as much as 60%. That's 2 seconds of noisy valve lifters vs. 7 seconds.

  29. Scotty, I have a 2AR-FE engine that makes that noise during startup. I believe there is a TSB on it too. I’ve changed the oil according to Scion’s specified intervals, and only use full synthetic oil. 138k miles. Sound doesn’t go away, even after a brand new oil change. According to the TSB, fixing the issue requires replacing the VVT-i cam sprockets (intake and exhaust). I don’t have a low oil pressure light ever turning on. Should I just live with the issue? I plan on driving the car for as long as possible, never selling it. I could try to replace the sprockets myself…but not sure if worth the effort. Bought brand new on January 2011.

  30. Shame shame some marvel mystery oil might help clean it out some lol. They probably do should make cars they get to low in oil or never changed just stops running lol before you blow it up

  31. You dont need an oil filter socket on those engines, that square hole fits a half inch extension and comes off easily with that and a wrench.

  32. Scotty, You are so right. My girlfriend's truck was making an awful lifter noise. I asked her how long since you changed the oil? She said, I can't remember!! Geez!! I pulled the plug and chunks of oil came out. It was ugly. I did an complete engine flush and then put in some high quality oil. Problem solved. Then I gave her a mild scolding. Cars are just too dang expensive to not, at the minimum, change the oil every 5K. And don't be cheap!! Use good oil and filters!!

  33. Scotty I have a 2012 86/brz I usually change the oil every 3months or 5000kms if I'm driving the car hard most of the time should I be changing the oil more regularly then 5000kms ?

  34. My fiancé has a 2010 RAV4 with the same 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. I have one of those oil-filter cup sockets made of metal too, HOWEVER, if you noticed on the filter cup there is a metal top with a half-inch drive insert on both the cup socket and the filter cup. You can use any half-inch drive ratchet or breaker bar by itself, no need for that tool. 3:11

    Edit – Also Scotty, you changed the outer o-ring seal but not the smaller inner seal that goes around the base of the paper filter on the inside of the filter-cup, hence the reason for a smaller o-ring in that filter kit. Just sayin! 3:33

  35. I have a real strong disdain for car owners who don't even bother to change their oil to the point where they just damage the car needlessly. To me, their apathy is real telling, wouldn't trust them, wouldn't want to do business with them.

  36. Hey scotty, i have a 1990 Toyota celica is is good to not change the oil and just replace whats gone? To keep the engine in good/better condition.

  37. I drive a flatbed tow truck and I had two different jobs cancel due to subjects covered in this video. First was the battery deal. Guy replaced his battery in the driveway and car wouldn't start. Toyota, BTW. I couldn't get my truck within 50 feet due to overhanging trees. I walked up to the car and that's when I found out what had transpired. Took his remote and did the lock-unlock a few times. Jumped in the car and started it right up. He was a bit upset that the dealer service advisor didn't tell him to try it.
    Next one (not sequential) was a late evening job listed as "NO OIL" in the page. I get to the apartment complex and look for the trail of oil on the ground. Nothing to see. I start thinking she ran out before getting home, picturing a locked up engine. When I find her, it turns out that the oil change monkey set the cap on top of the engine instead of twisting over the fill hole. It fell off as she came into the parking lot and a neighbor saw it happen. He brought it to her and put it on the filler where it belongs. He also checked the oil and told her it was empty. I could see that the oil slung out of the hole amounted to no more than a couple tablespoons worth, if that. I checked the dipstick and the actual oil level was at the top notch on the stick. I put the light on it to show her the actual level and then showed her how quickly the oil light would go out when the car is started. She didn't need to have it towed, but needed to get it back to the dealer to have the engine cleaned, at their expense. Hope it went well for her.

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