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My Car Broke Down Situational Vocabulary

My Car Broke Down Situational Vocabulary

Hey guys, I’m here getting my car fixed. Don’t
you hate when your car breaks down? So I figured what better time to make a video to teach
you a couple signs. So we have the sign CAR like you’re grabbing a steering, CAR, like
you’re driving, CAR. Okay, then we have the sign FIX so it’s like the squished Os and
you’re going like this to fix it. So this can be used for anything, but I’m using it
to fix my car. Okay, this one is the sign ENGINE, engine, okay, so that way when you
notice this, you can say your car *makes ppp sound* brokedown and you go *ppp* with your
mouth so BROKEDOWN. Okay, then we have, this is the sign STORE. It has the squished Os
going forward. Same handshape as MONEY. STORE, okay so this will be the SHOP to fix it. And
last but not least we have RENTAL CAR. So you have RENTAL CAR with an R, RENTAL, or
some people do it without like MONTHLY. Okay, RENTALCAR. CAR BROKEDOWN *sigh*. Bye!

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