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My $700 Car Repair & Skyrocketing Rent – 5 Frugal Things?

My $700 Car Repair & Skyrocketing Rent – 5 Frugal Things?

I mean that’s like 30% of my rent that
they want to increase and they’re giving me 20 days to figure out if I want to
take that deal or not hi friends I am Sarah also known as
budget girl here on the Internet and today I’m coming at you with another
five frugal things video where I break down some recent actions that I have
taken the heavy there positively or negatively affected my financial life in
the hopes that you will be inspired to learn from my mistakes mostly mostly
it’s the mistakes because I believe that it is the day-to-day things that we do
the small expenses that add up to either create the financial life that we want
or sink us if you’re new here I use this theory to get out of thirty three
thousand dollars worth of debt making mostly an income of twenty six thousand
dollars a year and I did it in just three years and three months I have a
whole long series of me in debt and post debt talking about little things that I
did that improve my finances and the fails you can take is cautionary tales
or just laugh at them because sometimes they’re funny if you enjoy accessible
finance advice for any income I’d love it if you joined me. Here I am on a goal
to hit 100,000 subscribers this year I also have some pretty big money moves
coming up which will hit on later in the video and if you want to see daily
content from me you can check me out on Instagram where I post all sorts so
let’s start at work so first thing is that I got an email from HR I have a day
job at Texas A&M where I do communications work and I do budget roll
channel and website and all associated things as my side hustle so my day job
which is wonderful emailed me and said if you do the following things you get a
$30 a month discount on your insurance and I have done that every year I’ve
been there they did add something this year not only do you have to get like a
wellness checkup by a certain date and then submit a form but this year you
also have to do a little online course where it teaches you how to like stress
less or eat better and it’s like a you have to sign it
most every day for two full weeks but by doing that you I’m saving three hundred
and sixty dollars a year which is not chump change you can do a lot of things
with three hundred and sixty dollars I can and I can think of a ton of things
that I would rather do with three hundred and sixty dollars then spend it
when I don’t want to imagine buying her dog treats for instance this is Maggie
she has a sweater now because I’m that person so I have to complete those two
things by June 30th and I will continue to get my $30 a month discount which
makes my insurance free which is fantastic my employer pays for all of it
as long as I do those things and I’m very thankful for it because I’ve had
jobs where either I couldn’t afford the insurance or they didn’t offer it at all
I’ve been there so if your employer offers any perks
like that or you need to get a certain exam by a certain time go ahead and try
to schedule it now so you’re not bumping up against any deadline for fiscal years
it’s good to get it out of the way at the beginning of the year I always do
just get it over with you don’t have to worry and also make sure to check your
employee benefits package and see if there’s anything like that that is
applicable to you that you might not be already using some insurances and
workplaces offer incentives for like health or wellness initiatives they
might subsidize a gym membership or do something like that that could benefit
your pocketbook and overall life my second frugal thing it was also at work
I looked back through all of my card statements and I realized I had not
eaten at the restaurant that exists in the building that I work in for an
entire year at least we have a restaurant in the building that I work
in and the food is delicious quite frankly but it’s also ridiculously
expensive it’s meant for students to use their like food credits at and so they
feel like they can get away for charging $9.00 for grilled cheese sandwich and I
pretty much sure that I would never eat there I mean there may be a handful of
times in the three years that I have worked where I do but I have not at all
recently I bring my lunch to work every single day and for days when I forget
I have some kind of like snacks and stuff like that that I store in an
office but I don’t spend money on lunch and that saves me so much money if
you’re currently dining out for lunch regularly that’s thousands of dollars a
year that you are spending that could potentially be going to a money priority
of yours that is more important to you than eating out I actually bring really
yummy food for lunch it’s usually either something that I prepare at the
beginning of the week and take throughout or it’s leftovers from the
previous night’s dinner either way it’s more nutritious it
tastes better and it’s a whole lot cheaper if you need some inspiration on
how to meal prep or plane or grocery shop on a budget I have a whole playlist
that I will link below and I have so many where I actually showed the meals
that I prepped for lunch for the week and how much they cost in the breakdown
and everything like that and I think you’ll enjoy it I also have a post on my
website budget girl comm on how to hack your sad desk lunch and it goes over
some of the things that you can keep at the office no matter how little space
you have or in your car that can elevate your lunch and not make you feel like
you are brown bagging it to kindergarten with PB&J I will link that down below as
well so my third frugal thing is that I actually spent almost $700 on four new
tires and brake pads for my car now historically in this series anytime I
had to spend out-of-pocket for car expenses I’ve always called that a fail
but this time I don’t feel like it is and I’ll tell you why first off prior to
the car that I’m driving now which I bought only a few months ago it is a
2014 Nissan Versa note in this real cute peacock blue color it’s actually a
salvage title car that was fixed up really really nicely and therefore a lot
cheaper then it would have been had it not been a salvage title or it only had
50,000 miles on it when I bought it any time that I purchase a new car I make
sure to get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection with a mechanic that is not
associated with the seller I think it’s absolutely one of the best
once you can make when car shopping for a used car because a real mechanic can
do a full top-to-bottom inspection of the car and tell you what is wrong with
it and what you might not be able to see just by test driving it and looking
under the hood it generally costs around 70 to 130 dollars and I have definitely
paid for a few of these I’ve even paid for them for cars that I didn’t buy and
the reason I didn’t buy them is because the mechanic was like there are some
things that are gonna cost you a lot of money so I did a pre-purchase vehicle
inspection before I bought the car that I’m driving now I actually spent fifty
seven hundred dollars on it cash and then I sold my old car for a thousand
dollars so I was hoping for my total budget for a new car to be five thousand
dollars and I did it now when I did the pre-purchase vehicle inspection the
mechanic did say that the tires were original to the car and that the brake
pads were a little bit low and also that the rotors were a little low or off or
something essentially he pointed out a few things and then gave me estimated
costs for a replacement or repair I then decided whether or not it was worth it
to me to purchase the car knowing that those issues were going to cost me money
a little while down the road for this car I felt like it was worth it so a few
months later Jacob and I just went on a little vacation to Houston for his 30th
birthday and we came out from the Airbnb to a big old nail in one of the tires we
took it to a local tire and service center and they reminded me again like
hey your tires are getting kind of low they had passed inspection fine but it
was one of those things where you’re gonna have to replace them eventually I
had them run a few cost analysis and I decided that it was worth it to go ahead
and pull the trigger on four new tires and replacing the brake pads in part
because they had a by three tires get one free deal and the total cost
included a warranty for the tires for 50,000 miles free alignments free
rotations balancing flats and even Rose hat road hazards for so many miles or so
many years on the vehicle now I’ve never purchased
these types of warranties for a car before because I’ve always drove
completely junker cars I even bought used tires more than once several times
actually and it was fine because I didn’t want to invest in a vehicle that
cost me twenty five hundred dollars and I was really only expecting it to get me
so far used tires actually aren’t that bad of a deal but this car I do plan to
keep for a long time I love it I was very careful in picking it out and this
is more of an investment car for me I do plan to drive it for at least several
years I paid cash it’s already past the point of depreciating that much so it’s
going to be a good deal for me for quite a while and it’s worth investing in the
warranties so that I don’t necessarily have to purchase another tire if I get a
flat or hit a nail or something also because I knew that these costs were
coming when I bought the car I was able to make sure that I was still funding my
car repair / well it used to be replaced I’m not planning on replacing it any
time soon now but my car repair fund and made sure that I had enough money in
that sinking fund to pay for these repairs when it happened so I was able
to take advantage of a buy three get one free deal go ahead and get the wheel
alignment the brake pads done and get everything I needed for my car at a good
price for six hundred and eighty six dollars and ninety two cents without
blinking an eye on it all I had to do was transfer the money
over from my sinking fund and it won’t even affect my budget and now I have
four new tires that are ready to take me for many many many more miles
so that was expensive but I still consider it a win so my final two frugal
things for this episode are fails which it’s not great I don’t like having
almost as many fails as I do wins the first is that I didn’t make the best
purchasing decisions while I was abroad in January
specifically with one thing I did really I did really well with most stuff but I
did make one decision with money that I regret and it was in the purchasing of a
really cute pink top that I tried on in a store in Barcelona so I normally would
not have bought this top but I thought that
would go really well with a skirt that I had at home and I and honestly it didn’t
fit that well but I was I was worried because I’d been looking for a top for
this skirt for a really long time and I and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go
back to the store and get it because it was in Barcelona and it just wasn’t a
good decision I knew it buying it it was $25 which is not cheap
I never really buy clothes that expensive this dress is $20 and but I
kind of got wrapped up in the time crunch and being abroad and shopping and
it didn’t bust my budget but I did come home with an article of clothing that
I’m now never going to wear because I tried it on with the skirt and it was
like no and also it was a little too tight in the arms why did why did I buy
that I did buy a dress at the same store that I love and have worn tons but I
definitely wasted 25 dollars who really was 25 euros on that shirt so a little
more expensive American but on that shirt that I now have in the pile to go
sell at my local clothing reseller store and I’m not gonna get twenty-five
dollars back for it I guarantee that I knew better I know better I really do
but we all we all mess up sometimes like if you’ve made money mistakes and we’ll
do better next time pretty please so the final frugal fail
is a decision that I have to make pretty pretty soon so I actually got this
letter from my apartment complex two days ago so if you don’t know the
history of me living in this wonderful apartment I was renting a 1-bedroom
1-bath on the other side of town for six hundred and sixty-five dollars a month
and it got rats and try as hard as they did they could not get rid of the rats
and so I convinced them to move me to another complex that the company owned
which is this one because they were transferring my lease I actually was
able to move into this really nice two bedroom one and a half baths almost a
thousand square foot unit for the same price that I was in the other one within
the first few months that I was here they were considering selling the
property and they offered me an additional two year
lease locked in at the same rate that I was in so I’ve lived here for two and a
half years for six hundred and sixty-five dollars a month which I split
with Jacob very cheap rent it’s two miles from where I work we love this
place so we figured when the lease ran out in July that they would try to raise
the rent a little and that was fine but the letter we got is raising the rent
from 665 a month to 895 a month now before anyone goes down to the comments
and screams like rent or protection laws there they don’t have those in Texas
there’s no rent control laws that say that they can’t change the rent to
whatever they want you you live there or you move
so either we sign a lease for another year at $250 almost 30% increase on
rents or we move out by July 31st now I have actually been planning to purchase
a duplex and I was hoping to be able to do that this year
and house Hacket so I’ve been saving money for a down payment
I’m in a good financial position I was hoping to be that for this to be the
kind of the next level of my money journey trying to diversify my assets I
think I would enjoy owning property and landlording and I would love to move
into one side of a duplex and ran out the other side in order to cover most or
all of the mortgage payment and build my wealth that way I’m very excited about
it I toured several homes I’ve been saving up for a good down payment but I
haven’t saved up as much as I’m comfortable with yet for a down payment
and I haven’t really been in a hurry so far to find the perfect place
I’ve looked I want to see what’s out there but I even told my real estate
agent like I’m not in any hurry I want to see what I can get for the money that
I’m willing to spend so duplexes in this area cost anywhere from 150 thousand
dollars to upwards of a million because some of them are in very nice swanky
areas near the University that’s not in my budget so I’m hoping to find one
around $200,000 that’s about what I can afford
and and I just don’t know if I’m ready yet
so here’s the icing on the cake they want to know by the end of this month
if we’re gonna re-up the lease or not they’ve made a lot of the units in the
apartment complex that I live in verbo or Airbnb units and they’re charging a
hundred and twenty dollars a night and they seem to be booked up a lot based on
the amount of traffic that’s around here so I don’t think I’m gonna be able to
negotiate with them on because 665 a month from me or potentially 120 dollars
a night from verbo I’m gonna try to talk to my landlady and see if maybe I could
sign a six-month lease or if there’s a way that I can take a little longer to
give her my decision because my options at this point are hey almost 30 percent
more for where I want to live also potentially be locked in here for
another year move to find another place move all of our crap and sign up at
least a year lease there or buy a house potentially sooner than I wanted or
sooner than I really plan to and with money I tend to be very cautious and I
tend to be very much like the turtle in the race because I don’t want to be sure
I don’t tend to rush into decisions like this and I’m not sure I’m ready so I
have that decision and it’s it’s pretty much a fail all around because either I
pay more or I am stuck for another year not owning or I am buying potentially
not the best valued property that I can so I’d love to hear your thoughts all of
that gonna have some some real thinking and researching and possibly real fast
saving to get do so that’s a quick update into my life and the money things
that I’ve been dealing with lately both wins and fails I would love to hear your
money wins and fails down below we can all learn from each other either to do
better or to avoid doing the same thing again
and I really hope you enjoyed this one so I subscribe if you would like to see
what happens with me in this apartment can you tell a little stress back and
like this video if you enjoyed watching me get real open about my money fears on
the Internet I will see you guys next time bye

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100 thoughts on “My $700 Car Repair & Skyrocketing Rent – 5 Frugal Things?

  1. Your rent increase can’t be a surprise. Your landlord has basically subsidized you for the last 32 months for a bigger place that you originally rented, plus Jacob moved in and you have pets.It’s only fair that you pay market rent. Consider all the costs associated with a move.You’ve said you aren’t in a hurry to purchase your duplex so don’t feel pressured. Extend your time frame and keep saving for a good income property. As for tires and brake pads those were inevitable and you were forewarned, had the money set aside and now you have a safe vehicle. Count your blessings and replace your stress with an attitude of gratitude.I was unexpectedly caught out yesterday when my car’s battery died with zero warning. My auto club membership covered the call out fee, my garage had a replacement battery in stock, it was installed immediately and I had saved the money to cover this expense. In 🇨🇦 in midwinter I cannot risk a dead battery in freezing, snowy weather. $263.36 CDN buys me safety and peace of mind.Thats my two cents worth.

  2. It’s understandable that they will need to increase as your cost monthly is really for a 1 bedroom. College station apartments aren’t dirt cheap unfortunately. That’s most likely why the college paid you high when you came to work for them. Best of luck !

  3. Half of the new rent split with Jacob is still less than paying for all of the old rent on your own. Definitely don't jump into the duplex due to this rent increase, and consider the stress of moving this year, just to move again next year when you do buy the duplex. I would 100% stay and give yourself time. Good luck!

  4. Rent one more year; the less morgage you have, the easier your future money goals will be to reach. As someone with a slightly too high morgage, everything is just a little bit more difficult. Paying extra, saving for repairs and upgrades, investing for retirement… A morgage lasts for a long time, even when house hacking.
    Also keep in mind that even with the higher rent, you'll still pay less a month than you did living by yourself in the one bed room apartment.

  5. I say, take the place for another year…. or work with landlord for a 6 month option? Omg…. where I live….. that rent is a steal! Even my son, splitting, and rent, two blocks from his university,…… well his housing is no where near as nice! You have already made it a home, and must factor in the moving cost and extra cost for pets elsewhere. Take your time with buying and deciding on investment and future home purchase….. you can both save while dealing with the higher cost…. lol I believe in you my dear!

  6. When we bought our house we were neither looking nor felt particularly ready. But our landlord had to sell and the finances worked out. It isn't the house I would have bought in other circumstances but we have held it for 10 years now and it is worth more than double what we paid for it and is a huge boost to our networth. So with that said, I would put some serious effort into looking into buying now, if the timing isn't super bad and you can swing the finances close to what you had in mind.

  7. Do not rush into purchasing a property until you are financially prepared. As many have pointed out even though the landlord is asking for a steep increase, what would the same or similar unit in same proximity to the university with pets allowed and roomate cost? I'm guessing the new rent is still under market. Also, if you move to another rental, consider ALL moving costs, pet deposits, utility hookups, parking issues, gas and commute time. If you are really within a year of purchasing anyway WHY would you move twice? I say try to get a six months lease with an option to go month to month for another six months. If they won't do that figure out the cost of breaking a new lease. Just please don't take on a mortgage until you are ready and find the right property.

  8. I rushed into buying a house, I had just gotten married and was living with my husband in a flat behind my parents house. We were so desperate to get out we only spent one day looking at houses before making an offer. I like my house but I wish I had taken a bit more time to find something I really loved. Maybe see if you can do a month to month arrangement with the landlord whilst you find your perfect home 🙂

  9. When you own rental property you will understand why rents have to go up. I own lots of rentals in Texas. Taxes and insurance goes up almost every year. Your rent is actually cheap even in the $800 range.

  10. I know the extra rent stinks. But, knowing you, I feel like it's the lesser evil of all of the sucky options you have to choose from. Because moving to a different apartment is going to cost you a lot, financially and within your overall happiness.

    You LOVE your apartment. Don't give it up before you're ready to do the move to the duplex. Take another year to get your money in order and find the right duplex for you. You're going to feel better in the long run.

    Also, I love sinking funds for all the reasons you mentioned! 💜💜💜 They truly help me maintain my financial composure through all of the chaos that I have absolutely zero control over.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you decide with your apartment!

  11. I can only agree with others, I would stay too. The increase sucks but isn't THAT bad all things considered. Both moving and rushing into buying a house when you don't feel ready are too big risks and can end badly. I'm sure you can adjust your budget to your new rent to still be able to save enough for a great down payment.
    I didn't know you went to Europe! I hope you liked it 🙂

  12. 2 bedrooms 1 1=2 bathrooms for $450.00 split and your happy there are yoi kidding?!? I'ld sign it no brainer and knowing how easy it is for them to jack it up i'ld be ready for nxt year.
    You paid more for less when you lived alone.
    Lastly you pets have a sAfe haven not all landlords are as generous to pet owners.
    One year will be here b4 you know it giving you time to plan things by then. Ild stay put at least for now

  13. It's ok to stay put until you find the right property. If anything look at it as a good reason to get more serious about buying the right place.

    That being said, I am so grateful that I am no longer renting. My house is mine. They can't raise my rent or sell it out from under me. Tax increases and eminent domain are the only two things remotely close to that. If you are in the financial position to buy and you find something that feels good then go for it!

  14. I wouldn’t “rush” into buying a house and making a bad decision, but I’d definitely look more seriously at buying soon. You’ll get a few tax benefits, which will make the purchase a little less painful. Haha.

  15. I have been taking my lunch to work every day. REALLY saves a ton of money. And better eating. And I am watching this as I pay off 3 little debts which have been hanging out there and 3 debts off my list!

  16. You are the second person I have watched where their rent went up 30%. We bought our home back in 2015, we have expenses that go up too but certainly not by 30%. That’s crazy. 30% is a lot. That would be what you could save for your duplex. I guess if it were me I would find another cheaper apartment and save like mad for the duplex.

  17. I'd sign the lease, suck it up for a year, really save, research and ultimately decide what you want to do regarding house or duplex. Packing, moving, switching over utilities, etc… is a feat in itself. Doing that for a place youre not happy to be going to, or wishing it were better and second guessing your decision… will just make you hate the whole process more. Kinda went through a similar thing myself. Sucked it up for a year and just signed a lease at the most perfect spot! Good luck!

  18. Do not buy until you have found the one. I panic purchased my duplex and have regretted it ever since. I paid cash and it has lost over 50% value, and needs more financial input than I paid for it, and now I am stuck. I would sign the lease and push forward on the purchase during that year. Have owned it for 12 years now and have regretted it since moving in.

  19. The wellness check isn’t necessarily to help you as much as it is for your insurance company to collect aggregated data. Your employer repays you for the information and potential changes to coverage that are gleaned from that data. Personally, I am happy to take the money considering Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. don’t give me anything for the information I willingly supply to them. But some people don’t realize what is happening when they sign the wellness paperwork.

  20. I would rent it for another year while you start looking for properties, see what you can buy for the money you have. Don't jump in a house purchase, you'll live there for a long time, and you want the property of your dreams, not a nightmare. Do you have a new dog? Did I miss something? What happened to your adorable black dog? Good luck.

  21. I don't know that I agree with everyone saying that the landlord was doing you a "favor" by not increasing your rent before now. You lived with rats and had to move unexpectedly. Then, when they were looking to sell, the higher the occupancy and longer the leases the better for their selling the property. If they did you a favor by keeping your rent the same, you did them a favor by living there.

    That being said, I agree that the new rent is probably fine in the short term. It might be slightly more than normal in your area, but even budget moving costs a few hundred dollars. Plus, furniture placement is different, and you end up having to buy new things for the new place. (AND MOVING SUCKS!) That plus pet rent or pet deposits probably make moving to a place with cheaper rent not the best option, knowing you want to move in one year. I would obviously ask for a six month lease and see what they say (the worst thing they can do is say no), but worse case scenario paying that rent for a year seems doable. If you and Jacob were not together anymore though, you need to make sure you can swing it on your own. This recently happened to me and my rent DOUBLED overnight.

    As a person who purchased her first house as a 25 year old, do not purchase before you are ready (with the 20% down payment)! I LOVED owning a home, and I rented out a room always to a roommate to help with the mortgage. That being said, there are so many things that go wrong, and it gets expensive. That plus painting and decorating and just general living makes it a big, expensive decision. You never know when you will have a tree fall on your house, the deck will rot, or you will get bats in the chimney (yes, these all happened to me within 2 years). I know you know this, but just a fellow thirty-something female offering her experience.

  22. If it were me, just my opinion, I would stay where you are for another year – yeah, the rent is higher, but split between the 2 of you, it's not drastic, and it's probably a good rate considering how nice it is. What does Jacob think – can he handle the extra monthly increase? If you stay there, you have another full year to find a place to buy. When you're in a hurry to buy, sometimes you have to settle for something that you normally wouldn't purchase.  

    Buying a house is a process that can take awhile – there are inspections, waiting for the home to be repaired (by the seller), then making updates to the home yourselves, to make sure its just how you want it – plus, remember there are TWO homes in a duplex that will need things done, which takes twice the amount of time…and there's always the chance that the seller may be going through the process of buying another property and thus you have the contingency problem and waiting for the closing date etc.  

    Also, remember that you will be paying for both sides of the duplex until you find the right renter – and that may take some time (another decision you don't want to rush into.). If you have a problem with a renter not paying rent, it could take months to evict them, and you'd be paying the full mortgage yourself. And God forbid, tenants can be a pain and do some major damage that the security deposit won't cover, so you'll need extra cash for that.

    Most of all, I would wait until you have more of a down payment like you prefer – that in itself is one reason to stay where you are. I think Dave Ramsey would agree. Good luck, Sarah, I know you will make the decision that's right for you.

  23. Every time we move it costs us $2000 dollars….. Yes we will re coupe some of that with a security deposit being returned…. But it always costs us $.

  24. I would pay the rent increase so I wouldn't have to move ( a lot of work). It gives you more time to find the property you really want to purchase, and besides, you said you really like living there 🙂

  25. Definitely talk to them and counter offer. Have a definite amount that you can spend. Factor in cost of moving as well. 😊

  26. 👍 Housing issues are no joke. Moving twice is an added expenses and a huge added stress. When do you think you would have what you ate comfortable with for the house (remember you are going to need a few thousand extra for closing, and basic fixes when you move in. If you only need a few months, I would ask for a six month leases or can you go month to month with the rent increase with a 30 or sixty day exit? Sorry this got put on the express train.

  27. Stay Sarah, try and get a six month lease (sounds like that will suit you both) save like the very D, know that you have to have purchased and moved by early 2021. It looks by far the least stress way of doing it which is important when you are trying to buy a house – and in the end probably won't cost more than moving.

  28. How much does that apartment usually go for is that the normal rent for that size and quality apartment? The fact that you and Jacob split that that seems like that would be a good deal. Even to have the case of mine also see what the penalties are if you would have to break the lease early. Definitely don't rush into a house purchase. You may end up losing a lot more than a couple hundred a month for a year.

  29. I don’t think renewing a lease means you’re “stuck” for another year. A lot of awesome money milestones can be met in that time, even with increased rent that you’re splitting. Can share more about any negotiations you have done? Have you considered negotiating your new rent? (I too live in TX) and looking ahead on this subject. I just started listening to a podcast and they just happened to post recent episode about negotiating rent. (Savings Angel episode 272 just in case if curious)

  30. Please be careful in your car! I had a Nissan Note and I barely tapped a lady and totaled my car!!! 🙁 But, my car was paid off and I ended up getting a better car for the same price as the check they cut!! I lucked out!

  31. The increased rent wouldn't be a fail on your end, but it's also not unfair of the landlord to raise the price to market value, especially since you scored such a sweet deal on the last 2 years in a situation where you got moved to a much better unit than what you had initially been renting. I get that the initial increase is a sticker shock, but I'd consider myself lucky knowing that unit has been worth much more than you have been paying for the last few years.

    I think the question is, if you were to move, would you want a similar sized apartment, or go back to a 1-bedroom around the price you are currently paying to save $240/month ($120/person) and is that worth the effort of moving, a smaller apartment, potentially a further commute and saving an additional $1440? If that value is worth it to you, maybe you could find a unit with the same rental company where they could transfer your deposit and not have to pay any other initial fees or pet deposits.

    Ultimately, it comes down to do you want to buy a house sooner than planned to save $1400 of increased rent over 12 months? I think you might be clinging a little too tight to your frugal ways and scorched earth budgeting (not that this is a bad thing, but girl you are debt free, have an emergency fund and a solid handle of your budget and finances. You have so many options. Consider giving yourself some wiggle room and don't sweat it!)

    Sorry, super long comment! Do what's right for you and thanks for being so open with us

  32. U got good deal last two years and u have room mate if your rent increases Jacob would split it u r getting lot for your money that apartment

  33. You did get a REALLY great deal on your current place. I like your idea of seeing if you can rent for 6 months, but if you do that, they may want you to pay even more for rent. But it would give you a little more time to look for a place and save some more money.

  34. Moving is such a pain in the butt: the whole reason I bought my house was because of the constant raising of rent at the end of every lease and so I wanted the fixed mortgage I could budget around. Then reality hit: property maintenance costs. When you own you have to start a savings fund for that. Something breaks or an asteroid hits your roof (just kidding) and it is all on YOU. Mowing the grass, painting, staining a deck is all on you. Extremely expensive pest control (termites, bed bugs, rats, roaches) is all on you. If this seems scary, maybe consider going Condo living. I wish I had. Not sure how the condos are handled where you are, tho.

  35. Keep renting, you have known all along that your unit was undervalued and you were getting a bargain and coming to the end of your locked in rental agreement.

  36. You are very smart with your money I’m sure you will make the right decision after you speak to the landlord 😊

    I have a question maybe you or your viewers could help me with…
    On baby step# 2
    I just started a part time job.
    I would like to payoff the remaining $10G’s with that extra money as I continue to work on my regular baby step 2. So what are your thoughts?

    Also I have $3G’s that I saved up for my daughter in case she needed a newer car. Should I use that to jump start paying off my car and replenish the $3G later?

    My monthly car payment is almost 1/2 of one of my checks it would free up so much to tackle my baby step once I get rid of car payment. Tried to sell car last year but no takers.
    Thank you 😊

  37. I will still try and negotiate the price. She knows you wont trash the place vs air bnb people who occasionally do. Worst case scenario she says no. Also I would ask for a shorter lease. Or.. how much to break the lease if you find your dream home? Or negotiate month to month lease. In philly if you dont sign a new lease(no rent increase) most land lords go to month to month. You or landlord only require 30 days to vacate.

  38. I’m in a bit of an apartment snag myself. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I received a notice that my rent was increasing as well. I went from paying $850 in one apartment to where I am now. I now pay $1500 a month and really can’t stand the thought of giving more than that amount. I’ve been looking to purchase a home for the past year and a half and I have not had much luck. My lease is up at the end of March and I just don’t know what to do. Affordable units seem to not exist here in the city unless you qualify for a special program or share an apartment with a bunch of roommates.

  39. Stay where you are. Do not consider buying because of the rent hike. Take your time to buy. It's way too big a deal to buy somewhere in a hurry. The rent increase is doable between you. Give yourself breathing space and another 12 months to prepare yourself to buy. Good luck 😊

  40. I’d stay especially if you are planning on buying within a year. No need to move then move again. That’s a lot of moving. See if you can add a clause into your lease where you can break your lease without penalty if you purchase a property or find a new tenant. Or just take the time to save a larger down payment 😀

  41. You have a lot on your plate. This could be a blessing in disguise. Go look at places to buy. You never know… you may find a great duplex. Banks will work with you….they want your business. A rent increase of $250 is outrageous. Plus you'll have moving expenses if you choose to rent again somewhere else. You can't really make a decision until you search whole heartedly for a duplex. If you find one that meets all your requirements then you'll know to buy it. If you find nothing then you'll know to sign the new rate hike lease. I don't think you'll be happy moving into a less expensive, smaller apartment. It'll all work out. All the best. Looking forward to hearing about your duplex searches and your decision.

  42. They are doing you a favor, so move along. Buying a property will at least give you tax advantages and possibly rental income. AirBandBs? Move away from them as soon as possible unless you want to set up and manage constant turnovers and deal with local laws. For peace and quiet, I would focus every dollar on a private house as your first purchase. If you're looking for memorable experiences, get another dog not a bunch of tenants.

  43. I’m retired and moving into my Van to travel and live, for at least the next year, or two. No more rent, No more utilities!

  44. I think it would be a good idea to reup the lease and take that year to kick it into high gear saving/looking for your next home. I think you'd feel better about not rushing. On top of the deposit, keep in mind that it's smart to have 20% of the home's value set aside for maintenance, repairs, and unforeseen emergencies. The loss you'll take with the rent increase will be worth the peace of mind to really look around and to be confident in your next move. Good luck!!

  45. I would consider the rent thing a total win! I mean you lived there for 2.5 30% less than you would anywhere else. You got super lucky! The increase isn’t all that much considering what you make and your situation. I would sign a lease and continue looking for something to purchase. Moving is a pain and is expensive. Not worth it if you plan on purchasing soon.

  46. So jealous of your rent costs!!! Where is this area? I live in South Florida and minimum of 1350 to 1700 a month for a 1BR! I need to move!
    Sorry to say but I don't get the "sooner than you wanted to buy", as awareness of the end of the lease was in plain writing and you got an awesome deal for a couple of years and know that. Sounds like there should of been talk about this long before lease end!

  47. Sounds like you might get a side hustle for extra money for a year and look for a wonderful condo you LOVE. Don't make a quick purchase. Been there and done that and not happy.

  48. We live just a three to four hour drive south from College Station. A one bedroom apt in our town of 60,000 runs $1000 to $1200 per month. Extend the lease and count your blessings.

  49. I know the BCS rent is outrageous in many places. I think 2 weeks is a bit quick to make a decision. I agree with you about seeing if they will give you more time to decide. But if you don't want to be locked in for another year. I would start looking at duplexes to see what is out there. With you being more conservative with making that decision, there may not be the absolute perfect time(and you know that). You are a smart girl! P.S. Let's not talk about game day traffic.

  50. 30% increase is a lot however, I agree with two people, two dogs, and in a university town rents will be high. With you and your boyfriend splitting it and with your new budgeting plans it won't be so bad. By looking @ the comments it appears the landlord had given you an awesome deal for a while.

    WOW FREE Insurance ! Good for you ! See, the price increases on one item but decreases on another – what a blessing

  51. Don't you live with your boyfriend? Then it's still less expensive than living alone (with or without a rent increase). Thought you had all this emergency fund saved up? Then use it for the car repair and rent vs. whining. No one really cares about someone else's finances.

  52. Stay there one more year. You lived there for 2+ years at below market price already. Now you have an extra person using more water and elctricity. It all evens out. And it gives your turtle thinking more time to find a place of your dreams.

  53. I understand the rent is a big increase. To me, it still sounds like a bargain. Lol. I live in Southern California. The rent where I am is $2,150 for a 2 bedroom/2 bath. 😕

  54. Don't rush into purchasing a property due to this. Also take into consideration moving expenses and also what the ACTUAL market rate is for an apartment of that size and also factor that in to make sure moving into a different apartment would even be worth it (let's say, first/last/security/moving expenses = 2k, and lets say the market rate for an apartment of that size and location is actually 765); you would actually be at a net loss if you moved).

  55. We save $2,600 a year on our health insurance, by a wellness check up, blood work and 10 minute health questions on line.

  56. What about the plan to buy a tiny house. I'd live in a tiny house no problem. They aren't the best investment wise unless you got land to put it on.

  57. $895 wouldn't get you a bachelor suite in Greater Vancouver BC. It sounds like still a very cheap rent. Two bedrooms here are about $1800/month. Your rent doesn't sound too bad to me.

  58. I would try and negotiate the percentage. Tell them the rate they offered is 30% more and you would feel more comfortable at 20%. Don't come at them with a dollar amount but focus on the percentage and 'maybe' they will be swayed. It's worth a shot.

  59. Since you are going to buy your own apartment anyway, I think it is a waste of time and energy trying to find new apartment for a short period of time. You've been very lucky to have this nice apartment for two years for far bellow the market rent value. In your place I would've tried to sign for 6 months at this new rent (I don't think they would mind because they profit more from B&B) and invest all of my time and energy into finding a good home to buy. Good luck!

  60. I was in this situation once. I was able to lease by the month for an extra $100. It only took a few months to find a condo that was perfect for me.

  61. Don't rush into buying a house. I have a house and I love the buying a duplex idea you have. I know someone here in Mpls who did buy a duplex and he has loves it. But that duplex and even my house, needs repairs, more than I thought it did. He has has had tenents and has had to paint and do kitchen, bath upgrades. Save more for duplex and repair fund.

  62. I just found your channel. I agree with everyone else that the raise in rent just puts you in a more normal rent range. Take another year there to really find what you want. You might find someone to take over your lease if you find a property to buy. Your rent will still be under $1000.00 and that is actually really good. That is just my opinion, though. Happy Valentine's Day.

  63. Everything is negotiable!! If you decide that you would really like to stay, so as not to rush on duplex hunting, see if they would possibly take a lump sum payment for a discount! If you could pay for an entire year up front, they may take a huge discount!

  64. OMG! You don't know how cheap that sounds to someone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area! I say sign the lease and give yourself the year to save more down payment. You've had a super deal for two years. I don't see this as a fail at all, especially since you didn't cause the situation.

  65. $895 for rent seems pretty cheap to me, especially half of that! I would pay that over moving every time. Don’t rush to buy a house. Rushing into real estate investing is always a bad decision

  66. Since you asked, I'll give you my opinion. You may not like it, and can delete if you choose. No worries. Continue to rent. if you have not done so, start a home maintenance fund, for your eventual home. Learn more about how to get rid of a bad tenant, because some are pros at being bad tenants and can mess you up. You have a boyfriend and things could get messy if you both move to a house and, if the unfortunate happens and you go separate ways, he can have a legal claim to your home. So renting while cohabitating is safer for you. Since AirB and B is an issue, sell yourself to the landlord as someone who is a stable renter and won't cost in clean up and repair costs that some Air B and B renters may. Again, feel free to delete if my post is not to your liking. The advice is based on what I have seen my cohabitating friends have bone through. Hoping the best for your future… A Canuck fan.

  67. My mechanic didn't charge me at all for the vehicle inspection, since I've been dealing with them for years. I also recommend them to my friends.

    On the rent, if it's within the 25% of your income (20% ideally, because you need cushion to save), I'd stay. But do some touring around for other apartments and see if you can find something cheaper that's still nice. I hate moving, but if you can find something good, you might consider it. I wouldn't rush to buy the house. And I wouldn't count on tenants to help with the mortgage, in case you have problems with that. The payment should be 25% of your take home pay, no tenants, no boyfriend – just in case.

  68. Clancy Burke has a video like this recently, and they negotiated the price for the rent increase. Maybe try that! Also, keep the good videos coming.

    Love ya

  69. I have been following your videos since your debt free scream. Your journey was initially inspiring. This video marks the turning point from your honest and inspiring journey out of debt and into YouTube celebrity. So long.

  70. I would sign the lease for another year, that way you have plenty of time to search for your dream home and to save every pennie you can. That is not bad amount for rent. If you decide to move you have rent, deposit, last month's rent, transfer of utilities, maybe paying for dog deposit or fees, credit check, the truck or gas in cars to move everything… nay.. I would sign for 1 more year and buckle down on saving and searching..

  71. Take the rent and take your time buying a home. $800 for a 2 bedroom is a steal. I pay $1200 for a two bedroom under 900 sq. ft.

  72. Rent for a two bedroom where I live starts at $2700+. Stay where you are. Hang in there until you find the right property. You’ll do well. I remember you knowing you had gotten a deal with the rent when you originally moved in. I know it’s a tough hike at one time but it’s doable between the two of you. Redo your budget and it’ll work out.

  73. Stay there girl. It’s not a big deal. You and Jacob split it anyway. Not a big deal. Stick with it for another year. Less headache.

  74. I'd say.. stay put for one more year,, during that time do some SERIOUS scouting for your perfect home… never buy in haste..I have every confidence in you to come out on top.

  75. Hey Sarah! Everything is going to work out for you re: rent. I know you mentioned there isn’t rent control where you live, and I apologize that I’m not up to snuff on rental/tenancy laws in Texas…BUT… where I live, it is super common (actually, it is the law) that leases become month-to-month after he fixed term (1 year or whatever) is up. It is only in super rare circumstances that this rule does not apply. Perhaps this is something you could negotiate? Like you mentioned, maybe a 6 month lease, or maybe you can sign a month to month lease. To incentivize it for the landlord, perhaps put into the lease that you need to give 2 or 3 months notice to end the tenancy, instead of the standard (for us) 1 month notice. Good luck!

  76. If I were you, I would stay in your current place. You can afford the rent, it's less than the one bedroom by yourself ! And buying a place seems to always take longer than you think it will.

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