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Mousetrap Cars

Mousetrap Cars

[Hard driving music] (Victoria)
We’re competing with our mousetrap cars to see which one
goes the furthest. (Hamid)
Go go go goooo, ahhh. (Soud)
We expect them to do at least 16 feet>>Ah ha!. How about it?
Go. (Soud)
You have three chances. We take the highest. (Soud)
This is introduction to engineering. (Hamid)
It is a class designed to bring um, mathematics, a little bit of physics,
a little bit of material science and principles of engineering,
as an intro for those students that will be moving on into
an engineering program. (Brian)
For our final project for the class we were asked to build a car
powered by mousetraps. We were given a list of supplies
we could use. (Soud)
Mousetraps, pencils, (Victoria) Wooden dowels,
a ton of hot glue (laughs)>>Paper
>>Cardboard>>Rubber Bands
>>CDs>>and pantyhose (Brian)
There was about a total
of maybe 20 items we were allowed to use. (Hamid)
Part of the physics aspect of it, that it had to have a load.
That load happens to be a golf ball.>>Are you just taping the golf ball
to it or are you having a>>That’s cheesing it, but OK
>>No it’s not, it’ll, hey. You fake it ’til you make it. (Hamid)
And they are developing a vehicle that is entirely driven
by mechanically stored energy.>>There you go
>>Go go go go go go go go (Soud)
We usually give them this project from the second week in the semester,
so they have the full semester to really work on it, and it shows,
the people who worked on it early it really shows of how much effort
they put in it, and actually develop it. (Brian)
So I actually made the wheels out of mousetraps. Each wheel combines 9 mousetraps
that were glued together, and once they were cured,
I cut them out, and actually turned them on a makeshift lathe.>>What I did is put zip ties
so the axel would still spin even with the mousetrap on it,
so once you pull the spring up it’ll go and it’ll wrap up tighter,
and then you let it go and the spring will just pull the rope
and the axel spins and just carries everything along with it. (Victoria)
Because safety is a big part of engineering and I talked
to our teacher about using eggs next year instead,
the pantyhose keeps it secure but it also if it does get impacted
it’s like a seatbelt. (Hamid)
20, oh gosh, what happened there, guys? (Soud)
The purpose of this is really design (Hamid)
He’s going to first gear, second gear and third gear (Soud)
So we are basically trying to have them
think outside the box, what can I do to put it together
and get 16, 20, 30 feet. (Golf ball bounces on table) (Brian)
You use the mousetrap,
you actually wind the string up on the axel, ah, the mousetrap then pulls
on the string and spins the axel, making the vehicle roll. (Soud)
So it’s really the idea of the thinking besides homework, besides papers,
they are thinking of how to develop this vehicle and how to test it,
and how to run it. (Victoria)
It gave us a hands on look at engineering, not just on paper,
not just on the computer. (Brian)
You may have an idea, and it’s not necessarily going
to work out. You’re going to have
to try an idea and adjust your plan based on the results,
which is how everything we use is designed. Very few things ever
work out on the first try.>>Go left, go left, go left
(mousetrap snaps closed) (multiple people)
Ohhhhh.>>I know the problem.>>My car broke this morning
so I had to reengineer the whole firing system, and a friend of mine
in class just gave me a spare mousetrap he had,
so hopefully I actually have some power. (Hamid)
Not only as a competition, but teamwork. They are helping each other out. All those aspects are what you would
hope to see in an all around well rounded engineer,
5 years down the road in the workforce. (Music ends) (Victoria)
Does anybody have a hammer?

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